Tuesday, April 19, 2016

From the Old to the New

 This was yesterday's photo, on Estrada Street.

 This is the first photo I got this morning. 

 The next door neighbor. Changes are hard even if it is the house next door.

 This swivel rocker did lots of rocking in its better days.

 Going after the bigger storage shed.

 Getting the smaller storage shed. 

 Picking up the laundry drier, maybe it is the washer.

 The crowd of onlookers was small today in comparison to the middle of winter.

 Martha, Mattie, Katie, Joe
 Time for a break.

Tonight's shot. 

It is hard to see these old houses go, but this ha always been a part of life, the coming and going from the new to the old. The new owner was going to remodel but it was too far gone.

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  1. It looked like such a nice house from the outside.