Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday's Shuffleboard Tournament

 Right side...

Left side... I never stay long enough too see who wins. When it is too dark to take pictures I head for home. Most every time there are a few new or different people playing, plus the regulars. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Boiled Peanuts and Pizza

 Today from 4-6 PM Stephen Borntrager served Boiled Peanuts and various samples of pizza, using his spices. These kettles are the peanuts and Emma made the pizza.

 A group of five stopped in for the samplings.

 A sampling of three spices. One piece was Emma's pizza and the other three each had different spice combination.I had a hard time deciding which one I like the best because I just like spicy foods.

The different spices lines up in a row.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Evening Musings

This is my Sunday evening photos when I bike where ever I want to bike. These are the times when nobody is on the streets. 

 Be ye fruitful and multiply... 

 The Grass is always greener on the other side... but I would hate to jump this fence.

 These two sheds have an issue between themselves.

 A Cover-up

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pinecraft Florida - 2015 Calendar

 The 2015 Pinecraft Calendar theme for the coming year is "Children". I chose this picture for the cover, because without young parents visiting Pinecraft, there would be no little children. There would be no children to play in the park, whether it is playing basketball, or taking her baby doll for a walk. The March picture is Daddy taking a walk with his two little children on the banks of the Phillippi Creek. 

The February, September, October and December months children with their parents are fixing to return home. Vacation is over and it is time to return to normal.  
Both Yoder's Amish Village and Der Dutchman's in Sarasota carry the calendar in their gift shops. I also have them on the back of my bike. 

Mail order is $18 each. This price covers the shipping. 
Make your check payable to:
Katie Troyer
3422 Schrock St
Sarasota FL 34239

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday's Bike Ride

 I went biking to see what is in the backside of homes, buildings and streets. For some reason I love the backside of life. Maybe it is because I am dyslexic. I don't know if I still am a dyslexia because there is nobody around to correct me when I see and say things  from right to left.  Anyway this is what I found.

 The Spanish Moss swinging high and swinging low. They just twisted and turned with the wind. 

 Just a storage shed.

 Two storage sheds among the Elephant Ears.

 The Backside of Pinecraft. This is the place where flowers look over the fence and chats with the vines crawling up the wall. This is the place where the fox trots and the Bobcat travels from east to west and back aagain.

 Miniture Elephant Ears in straight rows along the steep creek bank.

The canal in the backside of my house.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A New Season

 Herbert painting new murals.

 A new waterfall behind the buggy shed. 

 These two are new murals painted on the garage doors facing Bahia Vista.

 The New Season...
 and the other half of the New Season on the East wall.

This is a photo of the old mural. 

The previous mural painter got too old and feeble to continue. Each time I saw the paint chips chipping off, I wondered what is going to happen to this wall for it is so much a part of Yoder's Village in Pinecraft.  I was pleasantly surprised when I returned from my visit to Ohio to see this New Season on the east wall.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pinecraft Shoe and Repair

 Less than a week ago a new shop opened in the neighborhood, Pinecraft Shoe & Repair. It is located on Bahia Vista, next door to The Village Cupboard

 The owners are Lee & Linda Keim. It has been their dream for years to open up a Shoe Shop in Pinecraft.

 They sell more than just shoes. They have a selection of ice cream freezers and the Berlin Flyer Wagons. I assume the chair is to sit down and try on the new cowboy boots or good sturdy waterproof work shoe.


A display of their boots and shoes. They are working on getting a line of women's shoes and sandals in the near future.

I took a peep into the back room where the leather sewing machine is, to do repairs.

 In another section of the store they have a display of real leather goods, made by Coblentz Leather from Holmes County Ohio.

Genuine leather belts. I am just showing a small portion of what they have on hand.