Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Children

 This little guy on a leash caught my eye from across the street.

 So I biked closer and found two little boys each on a leash, a double stroller and two caretakers.

 One Pioneer Bus loaded this afternoon. When this man biked up these two children came running for him. Wanting to know the connections I asked him if he is their Daddy? "No," he said, they rode the same bus down and he made friends with these children. 

 Is it just natural for all little girls to play with dolls? It is very common for little Amish girl to play with dolls and pretend they are mothers. When most every man was a farmer, the little boys wanted toy farm animals.

 Kinsley running in circles around her Daddy. I think women start running in circles at a very young age.
And here is the bigger picture. Either her Momma has her pacifier or Daddy stuck it in his pocket for she came with one.

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 Pie Contest

Today was the fourth annual Pie Contest at the Everence FCU. In my opinion it gets better every year and it only makes sense. A person learns from one time to the next what worked and what needs to be changed. Today was very much a local down home atmosphere among the crowd. Most of the older women who were winners in previous Pie Contests sat back and didn't enter the contest. Bless their hearts for this gave other pie bakers a chance to win first, second or third place in the three categories.

 Getting ready. Last year was the coldest windiest day. Today it was windy with a 26 mph wind, but it was just right temperature wise. 

 Everence workers.

 Ina looking up and Brian looking down. I think Brian's wife is a niece to Ina's husband.

 Standing neat and straight in the backside.

 I can almost see Anna's mind spinning over a pie.

 And some more...

 This photo pretty well describes the feel of the day.

 Freeman Byler has been a cancer survivor for twenty years more or less. 

 Some more pies arriving.

The men who were judges. Sam Peachey from Big Olaf, later he dishes out Big Olaf ice cream to eat with the pies. Tim Miller from Miller's Furniture Store and Todd Emrich from Yoder's Restaurant. Todd's mother-in-law Amanda Yoder was the founder of the famous pies at the restaurant.

I was born and raised on pie, for we could eat pie twice a day. Baking pie was Mom's way of stretching fruit. One year I kept record of how many pies she baked and what kind of pies. That specific year there were thirteen of under one roof and so she ended up baking 600 pies. The two main pies were pumpkin pie made with Butternut Squash. She liked the texture of the Butternut better than that of pumpkin. All it took to make a squash pie into a pumpkin was add the right spices. We always raised our own squash and stored them in the Root Cellar and late in the winter she would can them, less they rot. Raisin pie came in second, because a 20 pound box of raisins were cheap. 

 It is eleven o'clock and time to get started. The pie are all in and numbered and ready to be tasted. Pat Staley is the other judge.

 Steve Marner's wife (Can't think of her name) and Chris Betty are the pie cutters. Kjell is opening the whatever...

 The backside of cutting the pie. Each judge got only a small sliver of pie. After all many slivers add up.

 Hanging over the rail is always a good spot to observe because you've got a "Bird's Eye View".

 Ina and Vernon Beachy from up home.

 There simply wasn't enough seating, there never is at the Pie Contest.

  Ada Lambright claiming her prizes. 

 Fannie Kay Yoder was a winner.

 Sister-in-laws. Sarah married Carol's brother Tim, who was one of the judges.

 I was mostly in the backside shooting photos from both ends, left and right.

 Sarah was talked into baking a pie and entering it, although she almost never bakes a pie. Imagine her surprise when she was a winner.

 Verna Esh won a prize or two. 

Laura Miller Beiler won first place in the cream pies with her Coconut Cream pie. 

Esther Overholt was a winner.

 Praying the blessing over the food. I figured if anyone saw me take this shot was peeping.

 Lining up for the pie and ice cream. Another line had formed for the Chili. This way the food lines moved fast.

 Sam Peachey dished out the Big Olaf ice cream.

 Amanda Hostetler from Martinsburg won the bike from the raffle. Her Grandma Clara congratulates her win.

 Samuel won the lunch bag.

 Simon Lengacher's name was drawn for Sherry Gore's pie book. I doubt Simon will bake pies, but he has a wife, daughters, grand daughters and great-grand-daughters.

I got to eat a piece of Ground Cherry pie. It tasted just like my Grandmother used to make. Grandma would carry her extra Ground Cherries to our home and Mom would bake these pies too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Yesterday

 Siesta Beach Bus waits on its passengers. It is not that these passengers were late, the bus came in a bit early.

 Both Scat bus drivers. On the right goes to the beach while the other goes east to Cattlemen where his passengers can connect with another bus going north or south.

 Taking her clean laundry home from the Laundromat.

 Tightening the nuts and bolts and greasing my bike at Lapp's Bike shop.

There is something in the back of this vehicle that needs to be examined.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Evening Photos

 Tonight I sat on the corner of Kaufman and Bahia Vista in front of Yoder's Deli. It is a busy corner with people going every direction. Going east on Bahia Vista. The group on foot is the Dale Schlabach tribe. They turned in at Yoder's Restaurant.

 The man used the ATM machine while the women waited patiently.

 Getting or giving directions. I think he is a Kline.

 Katie Miller, Andy's wife from Geauga County. 

 John Hochstetler, his wife Esther is on the other side of him.

 Al Miller from Geauga County. 

 Talking on the phone.

Omar & Laura's place.