Minor Changes/Big Impact

 Minor changes took place this past week that very few people notice, most people don't care but it will make a difference this coming winter when Pinecraft is full of people.

All the benches are gone in front of CVS and Dollar Tree. There is no place anymore where old people who can hardly walk lock up their bikes outside the store. This is also a place where people "Sit and Spit" and wait for each other while one goes inside the store to do a bit of shopping. 
 I asked the cashier what happened to the benches? The police came and removed them because of what other did, whoever the others are.

The school bus goes through Pinecraft. I hope the people will get out of the way when the bus comes and goes instead of asking the driver why he has to go through the back streets of Pinecraft?

Beauty after Rain

 Still surviving in the front yard. I love how they change color and shape day by day.

 I knew it rained at lot at our scheduled four-o-clock rain. It came down in sheets and obviously Pinecraft is more than soaking wet.

 This is on File Avenue. One more heavy rain and the water will be in on the porch.

 But I did find the boat next door, so there is an escape route if the need arises. 

 This pond is on Tice.

The sunset and the pond in the Pinecraft park. Tonight there were no water fowl using the pond but at times there are. Earlier this summer there were some Sandhill Cranes looking for frogs etc. 

Ed and Les Detweiler

 Tonight I was doing most of my photo shooting on the north side of Bahia Vista. When I thought I was finished I biked down to the light to cross over and head back home. I saw Les looking across Bahia Vista. 
 Les' cousin Ed was waiting to cross Bahia Vista. I knew they were cousins and so I waited to see what happens.

 Ed stops, they talk. Les crawls in.

 As they turn around, Ed looks back...

 sees me...

laughs and crosses Bahia Vista again, going on a joy ride with Les. This is Pinecraft in the summer.

The Oak Tree

 A week ago this tree across the street was struck by lightening.

 It took bark off here and there and threw a few pieces on my porch, plus everywhere else between the tree and my house. 

 It also broke up bricks and cement and put an end to Erma's car unless it can be fixed. 

 After the car was towed Erma noticed the black soot under each tire. 

Some people tell Erma this tree will die. So we keep looking for evidence of dying. I don't know what wildlife is going to do if this tree dies. It has been home for generations of squirrels and numerous birds. And of course it gives lots of shade and has a cooling effect under the hot Florida sun.

The 2014 Pinecraft Calendar

 The front side...

and the backside. 

These twelve pictures are in the calendar, one for each month. If you come down or are in Pinecraft, they are available at Yoder's Gift Shop for $17.98 each.

Or I will ship them for $18.00 each postpaid. I don't have paypal, so send a check of the correct amount and I will send them directly to your address. 
My address is: 
Katie Troyer
3422 Schrock St
Sarasota FL 34239.


Marie Beachy

 Marie moved to Sarasota in October 1989, living with her daughter Mary Lou for fourteen years and the last nine years she lived in Pinecraft, in an apartment spanning Graber & Yoder Ave. She was in the hub of Pinecraft and loved every minute of it. Across the street from her apartment the buses from the north unloaded and reloaded their passengers.

I learned to know her the first winter I was in Pinecraft, in 2002. One Sunday evening I had gone to Sunnyside with Vera Overholt to hear a speaker from Poland. Marie and Desmond also came to Sunnyside because of the Polish speaker. Marie took a seat next to me on the women's side of the church, beings men and women sit separate. Desmond sat with the men. After services we both felt a bit lost among the huge crowd of people, so we looked at each other beings we were seated side by side and started visiting. She was a Troyer, I am a Troyer. Later we found out we are 7th cousin if there is such a thing. Anyway she came to see me later in the week and so our friendship continued down through the years.

Marie was a Godsend during my first years here as I knew nobody and I was still in my shell, sticking my neck out now and then to feeling my way around. Half of the time she was like a mom. A few times I was her mom, depending on circumstances.

 But life has changed and Marie is no longer able to care for herself. about six years ago Mary Lou passed away and so she has no family in Sarasota. After a broken hip, a broken pelvic and a few more falls, the family decided they will care for their mother up north. These shots are her last day in Pinecraft and of her Yard Sale. Abigail Overholt, married to Desmond bought Marie's vehicle. On this day they did the paperwork and finished the transaction.

 Treva Yoder was Marie's maid after her release from the rehab until she left for Chicago about a week later.
 Kelly her granddaughter went with Marie to Chicago. On the right is Lois, Marie's youngest daughter.
 Julie Hertz, Marie's neighbor for eight years kept her hawk's eye on Marie, doing whatever needed to be done while Marie was recovering from her tumbles. The two became very dear and close friends to the point that Julie is a part of the family.

 Susan another neighbor saying her good-byes.

 Marie getting in the car to get to the Sarasota/Bradenton Airport to fly with Kelly.

 Now, what? After twenty-five plus years in Sarasota it feels empty after Marie left for the airport.

 Two weeks later Lois and her brother Nelson flew down to pack up Marie's things she wants and needs in her new home in Chicago. We are never too old to act silly.

 Magdalena browsing at the Yard Sale.

 And Wilma doing the same. Everything that didn't get sold was given away or taken to Goodwill.

 Treva unearthed some treasures among Marie's things. It looks like some anklet bells. I can well imagine Marie dancing with those in her younger years.

 Loading up a few pieces of treasured furniture Shannon bought from Marie.
Lois is repacking her bag in preparation to fly home to South Carolina. Last week was a long week, a hard week and yet times change and we moves on. Marie will make new friends. We will too.

One Less Hawk

 Yesterday when I came home from being out and about, I saw this hawk on the ground under the hydro pole on the property line between Fred Gingerich and Amos Fisher. I couldn't see any reason of why it would be dead, but it was dead. The bird stank a little bit, but that might be their natural smell. After all they eat alive stuff like snakes, birds and squirrels etc. 

A couple of hours later Erma came for a call and I mentioned this hawk. She remembered watching this graceful bird come flying in over the tree tops, whistling between his teeth and land on that hydro pole. But now it was dead and stank even more, plus a number of flies were devouring it. We didn't know what to do but we knew we had to do something or breath in that stink for ages to come. Nor did we know if this is a protected specie and should we report it and let the Animal Service deal with the bird? I decided to find out and so I called in. I gave them the information and was told they will call me back later.

About half an hour later I got the call and the conversation went something like this: "Did you say the dead hog got electrocuted because he fell off the hydro pole?"

"No," I said, "This is a bir-r-r-rd. It is a H-A-W-K! The other end of the phone line suppressed a giggle. She further asked if it is dead and is it in my yard? I said, "Yes. What are we supposed to do with it?" By this time we were both laughing. She asked me again if the bird is dead and in my yard? And I said yes. Then she told me to throw it in the brier patch or else the Animal Control people will come out, pick it up and charge me $50. I couldn't believe my ears that I am told to throw it in the brier patch. We are not allowed to kill a pesky coon, so why should they not come out to make sure I didn't kill that graceful hawk, that hawk that eats snakes and eye-balls me after the snake is down in his stomach? Anyway I made sure I am hearing right and had her repeat the instructions of throwing it in the brier patch. Just as I made sure she is hearing me right, that it is not a dead hog but a hawk. We had our giggle fit and hung up.
I called Erma and she came with her shovel. We decided to give it a decent burial instead of throwing it in the brier patch.

We chose a soft spot on the bank of the creek.

Then she went after the dead hawk...

put him in the hole...

covered him up.

The first thing I did this morning was open the shades to see if no other beast uncovered and consumed the hawk. But it is still as we left it. It sadden me a bit to bury this beautiful hawk. I love to watch them soar and whistle through their teeth and land on a hydro pole, waiting for a slight movement to pounce upon. All the squirrels and lizards and little birds freeze... It is all a part of nature.

Poneer Bus + Rain = ___________

 There are two things that don't mesh in Pinecraft: Rain and the buses loading or unloading. Yesterday we had hard rains when the Pioneer bus came in and today was a repeat. The rain started in slowly today and then let it loose.

The drivers are sitting in the luggage compartment to get out of the rain and also to wait for more passengers to arrive. 

 The man got on the bus while the lady biked off before she got any wetter.

And the rain quit before the bus left.

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