Going North

 Four Pioneer Trails buses left this afternoon. David Stoltzfus and Paul Marner are packing luggage good and tight.

Ready for home.

Reading the passenger list.

Great niece Maddie went home today,
along with her parents and brother Thomas.

 Visiting with John Troyer

Reading the passenger list.

Maudie is out and about again.

And the final "Good-Bye".

Life, Today in Pinecraft

This morning the CrossRoad bus from Indiana loaded and left to go north.

My neighbor children, Heidi is learning to roller blade with her two youngest siblings. 

One more Bocce Ball game. There may still be enough people around to play again tomorrow.

Seeing Grandpa. Their smiles are beautiful.

Wayne Yoder greeting Atlee with a wave of the hand.

The little boy on the right gave Maddie the sweetest look. 

Lester Weaver's seat while visiting at the park tonight. 

Homeward Bound

 This afternoon Pioneer Trails left with one bus.

Journey Tours also left for Daviess County Indiana.

Maddie in Pinecraft

It is so much fun to have nieces and nephews and their children stop in for a visit in Pinecraft. Today Maddie and her Mother came for a visit. Their first stop was at my house.

We stopped off at Big Olaf for ice cream.

Maddie is a talker, at least she was today. After she finished her ice cream she walked around a bit and found Lydia Mae Schwartz and climbed on her lap for a visit. Maddie knows enough English that she could keep up her end of the conversation.

Their friend Miriam was coming in on the Pioneer Bus and so while we waited she sat with Anne Erb on the her golf cart for a visit.

They met Miriam and headed back to their rental. 


 This picture was taken March 18th at the Pinecraft Park. I didn't write any post as I was flying out very early the next morning and I needed to do some packing yet. Anyway this is my niece Katie and their two young children, Thomas and Maddie. Thomas is already a basketball player.
After returning from my stay in Ohio I saw them at the park, Katie and Dannie.  

A Slice of Today

Five Pioneer Buses left today. Most of the passengers Ohioans returning home. 

Gone fishing at the Philippi Creek.

Watching at the Shuffleboard.

And the sun set

Sewer Problems

For a couple of weeks some of the toilets in the area flushed very slowly and unwillingly. Today the sewer decided to act up and so it did a back flow into the landlord's house, much to the renter's distress. The county was notified and they came out and found the cause. In the mainline, where a few elbows meet was something that resembled a pamper or something similar that should never have made it into the sewer line.   


Warming up in the sun, although there wasn't much heat due to the cold north wind. 

Bus Day

Tuesday is the day when  five or more buses come rolling into Pinecraft during the winter months. There are exceptions like over the holidays.

So today, early this morning the CrossRoads bus from northern Indiana came in. I never see them coming as it is like six o'clock in the morning and I have no intentions of getting out of bed that early.

A few hours later the Elite from Lancaster County normally arrives and on the heals of Elite Journey Tours from Arthur IL and Daviess County Indiana comes in. 

Then between 12-1:00 pm the Pioneer Trails come in with 2-3 buses. They have passengers from Ohio and Indiana. Sometimes they pick up in Kentucky or anywhere close to I-75.

 Yesterday the Melard bus from Lancaster County was scheduled to load up and go north, but they decided to wait until today because of the snow storm in Pennsylvania. 

 They loaded and left just shortly before the Pioneer buses came in to unload. 

Rolling luggage across Bahia Vista and getting settled in for vacation. 

Joe and Sherry's Family

 The Beauty Salon moved outside this morning. 

This afternoon the children helped Grandma with yard work.


Going after the acorns.

Hard working little guy.

Exhausted, backache, Grandma finishes up.

Saturday Night Doings

I remember when we only got one bath a week and that was on Saturday evening. Looks like the Sea Gulls still keep that tradition. 

Saturday evening is also the traditional music on Gardenia Street, so these people are off and going.

Today's Happenings

I guess Elmer and Anna were quite surprised this morning.

Trying to get information out of him. Such is life in Pinecraft.

This afternoon four Pioneer buses went north. 

Watching the buses load is better than the circus. 

Cat Fish Dinner and Song Fest

 I love these old colorful folding chairs.

The Organizers 

The ladies baked enough cakes to feed 1200 each a piece of cake. 

Levi Lee, The cat Fish man from Mississippi. 

Breading the fish.

The crowd is coming in.

The deep, hot, fat fried fish. They are delicious.

Wayne Mast helping with the kitchen work.

This is about half of the line when they started serving food.

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