The Elite Coach Goes Home

Today was the Elite Coach's last run for their 2016 Florida Season.

 Coming in with loaded bikes...

 Barbara from Iowa climbed on the bus to try out their seats. 

 That last minute visiting and saying their "Good-Byes".

There were about sixteen passengers going up and probably about that many people stayed to see them off. 

The Mood of the Evening

 I don't know why the Shuffleboard Tournament was so quiet and serious tonight. Maybe the full moon has something to do about it... 

 Tim in front is playing. The other two are watching from the backside.

 Watching the game from a short distance.

Lining the fence.

Mass Exodus Out of Pinecraft

  Vacation is over. Spring is here and it is time to go home. Today five Pioneer Trails loaded and left for the north. This brought the total number of buses going north this week to twelve. 

"Which bus are you going to drive?" Don on the right didn't know which bus was assigned to him at this given time.

 Lots of visiting and chatting while the luggage gets stowed away.

 Mosie's John visiting with his cousin Pete's daughter which happens to be my sister Barbara.

 The bus on the right going to Wooster and Berlin Ohio was the first to toot his horn and leave. 

 And another horn tooted and followed the first bus. And the third and fourth bus followed.

 The last bus usually waits for the last passengers. It is just the way it is. Today it was Geauga County girls. The taxi driver was still in motion when the doors flew open and the luggage workers rushed to grab their baggage to get them tagged and stowed in he luggage compartments. 

 The girls found their assigned seats.

 Double check to see if all passengers are on.

And the last bus left. All told it took about an hour and a half from start to finish to get more than 200 passengers loaded and out of Pinecraft. 

Trip to Cortez Florida

A year ago in May Nancy Ebersol Good and I explored Cortez. The south end of the village is very similar to Pinecraft, the old part of the village with small houses and people walk and bike the streets. after seeing my photos, four of my sisters decided they want to see the village too and eat at the fish dock and so we made the drive this afternoon.  

 Edna and I shared a meal, while Anna, Clara and Mary Ann each had their plate. Then we shared a piece of Key Lime Pie. 

 The passing of the pie around sort of reminded me of communion in a way. We all ate from the common plate. Clara took the first bite.

 Clara on the right wasn't impressed with the taste while Anna is taking her serving.

 Mary Ann takes her share.

 I have my bite.

 Edna is taking her second bite and she loves it.

Clara tried it again and her second time around was better than the first round of pie. 

After we returned to Pinecraft we finished the day with Big Olaf ice cream. It was a good day, a very good day with sisters.

Waiting on the Bus

 We wait on golf carts.

 We wait for the bus on truck beds.

 We wait standing on a stool.

 We wait and visit.

 Here comes the bus, the second bus, the one we are waiting on.

 Most people move closer.

Some stay in the distance.

Sister Mary Ann was on the second bus. 

Security in a Father Figure

 Grandpa with two grandchildren on his lap. 

 Hold My Hand

 Lift me up and carry me.

One last touch before the grandchild boards the bus, while Grandpa stays for another three weeks. 

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