Before the Christmas Parade

These pictures were taken before the Pinecraft Christmas Parade. The actual Christmas Parade pictures were posted on Googles+ because it was easier to download on Googles+.

Keeping the little one safe from the creek.

Racing in the sand.

Pinecraft Transportation

At the Basket Ball Court

Exercising the dog

Getting settled in for the parade

Piggy Back riding

Marvin Bontragers from Kalona

Relaxing before the parade

"Wiggling like a Fish", as one little girl put it.

Three year old taking a photo of his parents.


Tucking in...

Waiting on the parade with his candy bag.

Hay Stack Supper

This is the first group I met on my way into the park. No further comment.

Wrapping the plastic silverware with napkins.

This Hay Stack meal goes for the Haiti Benefit Auction and so they are advertising a scooter and a tractor that will be auctioned off at the sale.

It looks like Mose Yoder listens carefully when someone speaks.

Pouring the cracker crumbs into a big bowl.

Going through the food line.

Ervin Raber

Dave & Ida, Fritz & Clara, Mel & his wife - I honestly can't remember what Fritz' name is. I guess he is just Fritz.

This little guy is locking up his bike. He must have been taking his responsibility seriously about not letting his bike on the loose for fear it would get stolen. After he finally had the bike locked, he was gone for about two minutes until he came back, unlocked the bike and left again.

The First Time for Everything in Season

The first Bocca Ball game at the park for this season.

My first time for seeing dogie slings with real doggies. I never noticed that the dark haired girl has the black dog and the blond has the blond dog.
The first Checker game for the season. While these two were playing another guy came in and asked a man if he wants to also play checkers? Yes, he will play. "Okay," replied the first man, "I will go home and take a head-ache pill before we start playing." So off he biked. I don't know if he already had a head-ache or if loosing the checker game will give him a head-ache. I didn't wait around to find out.   

Grand Opening for Birky Square

Tonight was Grand Opening for another winter of music at Birky Square. Two women in the crowd.

Standing around two-by-two.

Lee Swartzentruber literally down on his knees.

I couldn't get a good shot of all three at one time. Here Lee's face is hidden... 

and here Dave's face is hidden. Darren's face is hidden too but it normally is. The crowd was good sized but not maxed out. The maxing out will come later when more people are down here. I am glad that corner of Davies County people opened up Birky Square for singing and music. 

Pinecraft Announcements

This is Wednesday evening which is tomorrow.

This is for next week. 

And this is the Hay Stack Supper at the Park on Friday. It doesn't say anything about music but Hay Stack, with fresh baked pie and homemade will be well worth biking over there, or walking or driving in with a car.

The Pinecraft Christmas Parade is on Christmas Day, starting at 3 PM, unless we get rained out.

I also found this on the bulletin board at the Post Office.

Miller Auction on Hines St

This morning I biked across Bahia Vista to see what or who is at the auction on Hines Street. So here is part of the crowd.

Two women examining a treasure, a good sized box of old quilt patterns or stencils.

A peep through the bike or tree or furniture or whatever. The man on the sofa has a big white beard but because the sun shines on it, it is almost not visible.

Time to sell the sofa with a Hide-a-Bed and so it is opened and closely examined.

Adrian or Amanda bought mattress and there is more than one mode of transportation to get it home, just tie it down on the back of the bike.

This is a very dark picture but I love the looks of the people and palm trees.

Dan Stutzman was able to be at the sale.

Both ladies us a cane, at least when they are out and about. I tried to imagine them 50-60 years ago. But they were little girls and then young teenagers and time kept moving on. Each birthday makes us a year older.

This is what you do at a sale...
(Click on photos to enlarge)

Misc Shots of the Day

This looks like two men standing in the corner for misbehaving

but they are actually working on a door.

I think Ervin Mullet gets younger by the year instead of older. He looks much better than he did a year ago.

Charlie, Andy and John

Sometimes we have to take our oxygen with us.

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