My Sunday Mode

These are some of the shots I took today, my Sunday Mode.

 Even dying weeds are beautiful. They have decided to go to seed to keep their descendants going strong on this earth.

 This weed is standing strong against the wall.

 This afternoon the creek sparkled like silver and gold. It was almost too much for the eye to behold.

 I have watched this young lady grow for the last five-six years. Tonight they are taking one last bike ride before heading home to Pennsylvania.

 Playing Chess

 It takes balance to eat a peanut on the post.

 The Wilderness Gate

 This one specific squirrel comes right up and begs for a peanut, then hangs head first on the trunk, so it can enjoy its peanut plus keep an eye on me.

 Out on a stroll this beautiful evening.
It looks like the next eight days we are scheduled to have 73-81 degree weather. Probably making up for the cold spells we had.
 The Amish in the Mural wish us a Happy Holiday. 

Yoder's Pie Day

Thanksgiving is the biggest Pie Day in Sarasota, maybe elsewhere too. Yoder's Restaurant made 7,000 pies for Thanksgiving. After the rains in the morning I spent some time hanging around and getting some photos of all the activities. 

 Waiting in line.

 Nelson & Steve

 There is always a monkey in the group.

 Creme Pies made on demand. This is the assembly line. 

 Chocolate Creme Pies

 Nelson with food to be stuck in the oven.

 Morris & Katie Gingerich and another lady biking in for a meal in the restaurant.

 Joe Troyer & Amber Hershberger are employees at Yoder's.
 Pumpkin Pie ear rings made by Amber.

 Waiting for something or coming up for some fresh air.

 Katie with red shirt walked miles in carrying fruit pies to be sold and then returning the empty crates to be refilled with more pie.

 I love this caring for the elderly when they are out and about.

 A bit of a slow-down just befoore the 5 o'clock rush hour.

 Todd and Mary Lou Emrich, the second generation of the founders of Yoder's Restaurant.

 Something is funny. Laughter is good for the soul.

 Going for supper.

 The dog came up and said Hi!

The End 
of the day
except for clean 

Pre-Pie Day

 This afternoon I biked to Yoder's Restaurant just to see what is going on. I knew they were baking pies but don't remember being around when most of the pies are baked. This was the first person I met. I asked him what is in the buckets? He said Coconut Creme and Chocolate pie filling. He stopped long enough for me to take a photo.
My second stop was at the kitchen door. These girls were putting the finishing touched on the double crusted fruit pies. 
I turned looked about and met up with Mr Bender from the Herold Tribune Newspaper. He had to wear a hairnet to keep his hair out of the pie. It is just part of the regulations. Nobody wants hair in their food.

Pies galore.

Steve was managing the bake ovens. Here is a table full of pies ready to be baked.

Janet and Carol between customer breaks at the Gift Shop. 

Ready for another empty pie cart.

These two ladies are finished for the day. They capped strawberries all day long in preparation for fresh strawberry pies tomorrow.

Joe is the all around handyman.

Abner & Leora Oberholtzer

Abner and Leora Oberholtzer from Wisconsin. They were married ten days ago and are on their Honeymoon, at least what we call a Honeymoon. Leora was a Graber from Davies County Indiana. Her cousins are the Homer Graber clan. She was first married to John Kilmer who was a young widower and moved to Missouri. Later John & Leora moved to Withee Wisconsin. Abner was and is a Bishop from the same area. Both partners died within the last year or two and now these two are husband and wife. I am glad for them and wish them many years together. 

The Parrots have Returned

 These are the descendants of the convicts who escaped their prison in 1928 when a Hurricane hurried through Jungle Gardens. They are populating Sarasota. They are beautiful birds, even if they are destructive. Feasting at the Beiler's front yard.

 Sitting in line, three-deep for their turn at the feeder.

 They are beautiful birds.

 They love their native fruit and it doesn't take flock long to strip a tree or even just damage every Orange.

These two decided to share this Orange. They really did as both were sucking on it at the same time.

Church Bugs

 Yesterday I noticed the Tourist Mennonite Church is tented for bugs and such things. I guess bugs do get into the church.
 Tonight just before dark these men worked hard and furiously to get the church uncovered before dark.
 Team work in folding the tarps.

 Team work in bringing the ends together.

 Team work in rolling up the tarps.

 Team work in carrying the tarps.

And team work in throwing the tarps into the truck. The smaller man had to be in front to hoist that tarp, give it a mighty shove and let it fly. It shot like a bullet into the truck. These men work hard.

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