After the Rain

 I don't know how much it rained this evening and there is more rain coming tonight, but as soon as it quit I headed outside for fresh air and to take some photo shots of the puddles and clouds. It was a beautiful evening, one of a kind. 
Someone once told me that these white strange clouds are rain. I don't know if it is true or not. 

 The puddle at the north end of the park. 

 The mini pond that collects water during storms is going to be a breakfast bar for the wading birds.

After dark from my porch. Peeping through these dark rain clouds is a colorful sunset.

Pioneer Trails

 Yesterday the Pioneer Trails came in with passengers from the north. Today it left with other passengers going north.

Elizabeth Schlabach is planning to visiting family. Ed & Sadie Yoder spent about ten days down here. They came to visit with her sister-in-law. Her husband was married to Sadie's Brother Moses, who passed away about a year ago of cancer.

 Clara Raber and her husband Ervin are going home.

 This may look like a coffin, but instead it is a grandfather's clock going to Indiana.

Mary & John Troyer.

Returning From the North

The Pioneer Trails came in today. For the next seven months the Pioneer Trails will come in every week. That means more people will be coming on a regular basis. It is the beginning of the 2016-2017 Snowbird Season. I am looking forward to this season.
Maybe a few Snowbirds came in today but a number of residents returned after spending time with family in the north.

 Daniel Yoder went to see his Mother for two weeks.

 Carl and Gertie returned after a two month stay with family members.
 Gertie McClure

Fannie Miller was gone for two weeks to be with family. She looks just as spry as ever. 

An Evening at the Park

 I intentionally went out tonight even though it looked like rain, probably a storm. I debated where I want to be when it rains and decided the park is the best place, for the pavilion is big enough for us all. 

 The shuffleboard players got rained out. 

These four sort of waited a bit thinking it might clear up, but they all departed. 

The Yoga class also went for the pavilion for shelter and  had their exercise in one end. They were okay until the storm was right upon us and the thunder & lightening was frightening. We adults braced ourselves for each lightening strike while the children cried in fear. In no time at all the parents of the Yoga class had their children gathered and all left in a hurry. 

And then three homeless came in for they needed shelter, a roof over their heads. The homeless along with some of the local neighbors had good conversation. 

For me it was a very good evening with rain, severe lightening and conversation. But it wouldn't quit raining, although it slowed down. I had a plastic bag with me which I wrapped my camera in, put my iPhone in a safe place where it wouldn't get wet, and I headed home. I had the streets to myself and I took advantage of my bike's speed. It was my fastest ride ever.    

National Public Lands Day

 The entrance of the Pinecraft Park

 I counted about 30 vehicles. 


 The lady on the right was in charge of the food and drink, so she worked close by in case  other workers had questions. 

 Ray, the park ranger took care of the garbage bags as they came out of the woods. Their job today was cleaning up the wooded area, especially going after the invasive Air Potato vines, and other dead branches etc.

All told they bagged about 500 pounds of vines and whatever else they picked up. 

Good Food in Sarasota

The last four years or so I have a keen interest in food, in tasting food and in vegetarian/vegan food. Today I realized it was Nancy Ebersol Good that introduced me to good, tasty food and Janet Oberholter to vegetarian food that tastes  good and is also nourishing. 

With Nancy here all summer I have been eating out quite a bit, simply for the sake of tasting food, of feeling the atmosphere, getting to personally know the owners. 

(Photo credit goes to Nancy.)
Today was my second time at Goodfellas Cafe & Winery on Clark Road. I think about two weeks ago I was in here with my brother Eli and his wife Bonnie. That time we talked wine and fine Italian Food with the owner and I promised to bring him a sampling of  my wine, especially the Amish Red Beet wine. Today was that day. We traded wine. Tonight after hours, he is dining on my wine. 

 Nancy and I ordered food like we normally do, each one of chooses what we want and then we share and take the left-overs home for later. Nancy chose a personal pizza and a pasta dish.

 I chose a Roast Beef sandwich,
 Which I soaked in gravy with lots of garlic and other Italian seasonings. 

This photo from Nancy's camera pretty well shows the whole spread. 

We also stopped at the Buttermilk Handcrafted Foods to get some dessert we split up at home. 

The Love Scratch

Goldie get the Head Scratch tonight. It is basically a love scratch between the two. Erma is dog sitting and I will miss Goldie when she goes back to her owners. This is the first time around that she comes to me for a bit of petting, She doesn't want much but just enough to know I take notice of her.  

Fast Food by Glen Yoder and Family

 Get Breakfast and Lunch at the corner of Bahia Vista and Beneva at the Marathon Gas Station. Their first day was September 13, 2016. 

The girls putting up the lunch menu.

 Take your pick of mustard and whatever else.

Glen and Nancy visiting.

A Taste of Snowbird Season

  Lapp's Bike Shop is adding an addition to their storage shed out back.

 Olan bought a bigger motorized bike. It is called a Hefty Hauler. 

All four of these men have Geauga County roots, although three of them live local.

Barbara & Eli Smucker

They came in today to get their Florida home ready for this coming Snowbird season. I counted four couples and two sisters that came in today,because they wanted to come. Some of the couples are cleaning up and others have their own reasons to be here this week. It is that time of the year. I look forward to this coming season.

Sunday People

 This guy is cutting Wayne Weiler' grass. I think it is his second cutting for this season. He also trimmed the shrubs. 

Out for a Sunday evening stroll. The man and woman on the right are from Ontario, an off shoot  from Norwich. Abe Troyer Amish. Abe Troyer was a first cousin to my Grandma Susanna. This man is also a relative to Abe Troyer. He was born near Kidron Ohio. I think his last is Gingrich. The woman on the left is a cousin. She is from a Lancaster type settlement in New York. They are here to doctor.  

Weeding the Pinecraft Post Office

I took these last evening before the cleanup.

 This morning busy at work, cutting off the weeds, sweeping up all the debris and then spraying between the cement cracks to kill the root of the weeds.
 Cleaned up 

Enjoying ourselves at Big Olaf with ice cream or Root Beer to cool off. 
Broy and Isobel Castellano from Tampa. They offered to clean up around the post office. Thank you ever so much. 

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