At The Pinecraft Park

These two, cute and adorable are the only words I can think of to best describe them. 

Tonight, a crack in the clouds. We had lots of rain today. The ditches still have water and the Phillippi Creek is high. But tonight the clouds cracked and the sun came out, at least for a short time.


I am not sure where in Ohio we were. We passed Stark Wilderness Center and ended up in Mt Eaton. 

An Amish Schoolhouse

A closer look at the woodpile. Each piece of wood has its own personal design.

The door,
The window,
The water pump. 

Letting the cows out after the evening milking.

Beautiful rolling hills. I want to return in the fall when the leaves are changing color.

Working the Field

The Goat
The Gate is closed on Sundays. 

Out and About

There is one thing about rain in Sarasota, as soon as the rains almost quits we are out and about. 
Tonight was such a night. We didn't get the sunshine but we got the fresh air and the rainbow.
These two are sisters, Susie and Katie. 

Here comes the third sister. I simply can't remember her name. They have another sister.

This sweet couple is here in Pinecraft to do doctoring. 

The Happenings of Today

I am finally updating this blog after being gone for nine days. Last evening and today I did some biking around looking for changes the week I was gone. The most noticeable change is the green grass, everything is green as it rained almost every day for a week.

The huge Banyan tree is partly cut down. But even so it is still standing strong. 

The Pioneer bus loaded and left for the north with a loaded full bus of passengers and luggage.

Freeman and Sarah Byler left for their summer home in Geauga County Ohio

Milling around before the bus left.

Young Samuel Schlabach from Illinois. I met him a year ago for the first time. 

Surveying the former post office. 

Early this morning the Melard Coach arrived with a loaded bus of teachers, students and parents for a ten day vacation.

The sunset tonight.

Gone, for a short time

I am not going to be on this Blogs for a week, because I won't be in Pinecraft. It is vacation time.

Saturday Photos

Out by the street, which means free for the taking. I carefully opened the lid, thinking it might be full of gold it was empty. This sits on the former Amos Zook place on Good Street. I don't know who the present owner is.

I watched him eat his breakfast. I didn't know what he caught until I saw tiny fluffy feathers floating around. He must hunt every day for his food. 

Two of these hawks were going after the Purple Martins tonight. The Purple Martins got them chased off, but just previous of these two hawks coming around, a crow took off with a young Purple Martin. 

This Great Blue Heron fluffing his feathers. There is obviously a nest across the creek as I have seen one parent stand guard at the same place day by day. 

It is a busy life for these birds. After hatching their babies, they have to feed them, train them, keep protect and watch over them. 

Golden edge 

"For Rent" on Good Street. 

Business Talk

Jake and Charity want landscaping done and Nathan Overholt looks at the job. 

Pinecraft Park Life

Landon patiently waiting for a squirrel to come and get his peanut.

These first two photos were last evening. The playground was teaming with children and their parents.

Tonight there were few people around, except for the shuffleboard.
This was the first time Blue Jays carried off a few peanuts. Maybe some day they will take them out of my hand. 

This is the one with the short tail. 

After the short tail squirrel finished her peanut this one came and ate the crumbs left on the corner post. 

The Makings of a Sandwich Shop

While I was out biking this morning I saw a truck with nobody in it parked at the post office. So I went to see if there is anybody around and this is what greeted me. 

The door was open and so I took a look inside. 
Heart breaking, looks just like abandoned buildings do.  

I kept returning, watching their progress or whatever you call it. And then we started visiting and they were saddened a bit that nobody wants to continue with the post office.  

They did say it will only be boarded up for a couple of weeks, that is until the transaction is complete. And then Pinecraft will have a Sandwich Shop.  

The Rabbits

A year ago I was watching these two. The tame one was rebel and so he was excommunicated from the fold. so he went Rumspringa with his wild cousins and nobody knows what else he did. Later in the season he did repent and was restored into the safety of the fold.  

Lately I have been thinking of him and wondering where he is and how he is taking life? So tonight I went looking for him and of course saw no trace of him, but I did come upon these two. I could get very close to these two and wondered if they are off springs of the former couple? I guess a DNA test might be in order.

Banyan Tree in Pinecraft

This Banyan Tree was going to be cut down this week to make room for new housing, but it didn't happen yet. It saddened me to see it go but so be it...

Today while out biking I suddenly saw another Banyan Tree at the edge of the Pinecraft Park. I am sure it had been there for a number of years but just never saw it, that is until today. I am quite pleased to say the least. 

Tree Trimming

Trimming Esther Beachy's tree on Bahia Vista. They didn't touch the one branch that is resting on the wires.

After cleaning the debris, they packed up and left. 

Pinecraft Park Life

Life in Pinecraft has slowed down to a comfortable pace but it is not dull or boring. It is now vacation time for Amish school age children, especially from Ohio. 

This is the second morning this week I have seen an alligator at the same place in the Phillippi Creek. This morning he has been eye-balling his surroundings carefully.

Gator Eggs

Twins and they each have three brothers. 
But I took a good look at this box of Gator Eggs. They are very chewable. 

Life Within

This is one creative weed, finally figured out how to save himself from the lawn mower and the weed eater. It seems everything that has life within tries to save itself, be it weeds, bugs, animals, humans. 

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