Cleaning and Fixing Up Pinecraft

 The Sarasota County public workers or whatever you call them have been busy in Pinecraft this week, trimming trees in the park and along all the streets where ever branches and electric lines meet each other.

 And putting in new playground equipment at the park. The plans were to have it finished in two week's time but it is going to take more time. It is slow and precise work to get all the pieces to fit together.

Tonight I noticed the opposite banks of the Phillippi Creek got a good clean mowing.

Wednesday Shots

 This is the best way to load the Pioneer Bus for their trip back up to Ohio/Indiana, just sit back and let it happen.

 It appears like these two grinning men stuck the beautiful sunset into their buggy.

 "I've got my eye on you."

 The clouds in the east over Pinecraft. I was admiring these clouds and mentioned it to a someone else and the normal I hear is, "It is just thunder clouds". It doesn't matter to me, for thunder clouds are beautiful.

 Yoder's Fresh Market has lots of watermelons.

The Garden of Eden is finished. And let there be light and all the trees lid up at 8:30, the moment I stopped to admire them tonight.

Misc shots of the Day

 In the evenings before the sun sets in the west my camera just loves to shoot the backsides of the flowers planted at Yoder's Deli. Here are three shots of tonight.

 I found this little building full of stories if it could talk in one of the trailer parks.

It seems every law under the sun has a legal loophole. The painted part of this wall is a part of the old wall from the former house. So basically they are just remodeling the old house, which is not against the law.

The World Turned Upside Down

Black is white and white is black. 
What looks right is wrong and what looks wrong is right.

This has been my life these last two days. 

Yesterday Chris and I went down to Venice to hunt up and find Jimmy, which we did. We had some very good visits. In between our visits we stopped off at a church which is known for helping the homeless. Rather, they want to be known as reaching out to the homeless. We went inside the foyer and were met by two well dressed, good looking older women, but they were cold as ice. They kept their distance except for their eye-balling. I guess we made quite a show,  Jimmy with his long hair, Chris is a skin head and I a Little Person. So the two looked us over from head to toe in every which way, while Jimmy asked for a certain person which wasn't in so they couldn't help him. Then as we turned to leave Chris asked for a glass of water. They said they don't have water, so they couldn't help him. Those women were volunteering to be at the church because they were Christians, but they wouldn't even give a glass of water to quench the thirsty. So are they there to help people? By appearance they are, for they sat at a desk right inside the double doors, waiting for people to walk in and ask for their help. But they wouldn't even give a glass of water.

Tonight I biked to the park. down at the far end was a white truck with loud Country Music pouring out and floating down the creek. It was beautiful and I biked closer and closer bit by bit. I didn't know the people. First person I saw was the woman standing on top of the picnic table reaching up toward the rafters. I thought, "Ha, trying to hide something." For a reason I was compelled to bike down there. I didn't know the people and by their appearance I didn't expect a welcome but I still biked down and stopped a short distance away from them. The two men were drinking. My eyes popped when I saw Owen was one of them and he was downing bottle after bottle of beer. But the woman came toward me and we started visiting. She sat down on the pavement and opened her heart. 

She knew Owen way back in her growing up years for the two families had been friends. There was a time when they parted ways because of schooling, marriage or whatever reason. But then they resumed their friendship. Tonight Owen wanted to go out to eat and so this couple took him in their truck. She gets so embarrassed by his eating manners because they are barely human, but she is his friend and remains his friend. No apologies. They came to the park and turned up the music as high as possible because Owen loves music. They had beer because the men love beer. Owen drank too much, which he does for days on end, but they remain friends. Sometimes Owen just wants to be with people, so he goes over to her house. She always takes him in, lets him lay on her couch. Lets him vomit, because they are childhood friends. 

I left the park marveling at this woman. All evening I have been mulling over the contrast of yesterday's women who profess to be of Christ, to this lady tonight who actually has a heart of Christ. I don't know if she professes to be a Christian or not. It doesn't matter what we profess to be for by our fruit we are known.

A New Bulletin Board

 Nine days ago I biked to the Post Office to see if there is anything new posted on the bulletin board. I bulletin board was totally gone. It was high time for a new bulletin board as the old one was pinched and poked so many times that the tacks just fell out and some of the notes flew with the wind.

 This explanation was taped to the door.

Tonight I biked to the bulletin board again and the new ones are up and already in use.

A Picnic at the Park

 If you want an explanation of this exploratory shot, ask one of the sisters in the back row of the group shot. All evening I have been giggling at this episode.

 The group picture. I was biking down by the bike trail where one of the ladies met me and invited me to come up under the pavilion and join them for a cookout. I turned around and went after a hamburger, beans and pasta salad. 

The photographer when I was in the group picture, so I shot from my perspective.

A Hole in the Wall Day

 Everything has its own beauty, even a hole in the wall. 

 Or this object attached to the wall.

 Or this web of dead flies and little insects where two walls come together. The former cleaning lady would be horrified if she knew I posted this or even saw this crap.

 These flowers show off their own beauty too, with bright colors and green leaves.

 All of these pictures were taken while I was drying laundry at the Laundromat. I took the first three shots at the Laundromat and the flowers up at Yoder's Deli. I admire them daily and practice picture shooting on them.

It looks like these have almost reached the roof but truth be told I shoot from the bottom up.

Good Bye to Big Olaf (retail)

Today I biked to CVS and the natural food store. Going from CVS to the natural food store I had to past the former Big Olaf. This is the way it looked today. Menno Bortrager the former shop keeper sat on the outside like he normally did when he had no customers. I stopped to visit a bit and it is a sad time for him, as he is totally bored for he has nothing to keep him occupied. This is just the retail outlet. There is still plenty of good ice cream around.

There are some changes coming into this mini mall with a Dollar Tree store coming in where Mom's Cooking used to be.

Suffer the Little Children...

 and forbid them not to push me on my bike. Tonight they were in bare feet so they were a bit more careful how fast they went. But when they are in sandals, well I love the sound of them clip-clopping up and down the street as loud as the flip-flop with clip-clop.

 forbid them not to learn to bat the sponge ball with a sponge bat. Daddy had been gone a few days on a business trip and came home with a new toy. I love how Daddy's hands are stretched out to catch the ball while Momma is the backstop.

forbid them not to go fishing with the supervision of his parents who were sitting on a picnic table close by.

Summer Hats

This morning I made Leila & Kylie each a hat to take with them to Ohio when they leave next week.

Who is at my Door?

He was ready to start a fight with his own image reflecting in my window. I watched him for a bit from the inside and just as he was ready to deal with that other buck invading his territory, along came an ant happy and unaware. The ant never realized the lightening speed of his tongue and so in a split second the ant was no more.


 I wonder how much of our time we spend in waiting? We wait to go to bed. We wait to get up if we feel like getting up. We wait to eat and then eat too much. So we wait to loose weight. 

Anyway here is the security night watchman waiting until all the people are finished with last minute produce shopping at Yoder's Fresh Market before he closes the over-hang door and locks it.

And I look across the street and hers sits Ernie and Carl & Gertie waiting for the light to turn green so they can cross Bahia Vista. 

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