Christmas at Grace - Light Show

I saw this on the bulletin board at the post office. Click to enlarge. We always have Christmas down here without snow and ice. I guess it is not the snow and ice that makes Christmas, but we remember Christ who was born as a baby on this earth to save us from our sins.

Waiting for the Mistress

Elmo impatiently waiting on the Mistress to finish her shopping.

Finally Tena emerged out of the Deli,

and off we go.

Celebrating a 65th Wedding Anniversity

Today we celebrated Reuben & Mary Smucker's 65th wedding anniversity at the park. The children planned a surprise open house for theior parents.

Elias Beiler meeting the couple

Some more well wishers...

Photo Shots of the Day

Of course my favorite subject to photograph is people, their expressions and actions. We just can't hide our emotions, at least not for any length of time. So take a look at these people.

Sisters: Elsie Mullet with one twin sister and the other one just like her is in the background.

Even if you can't see Freeman Byler's eyes, it is still obvious he is happy.

A jolly group doing some last minute visiting.

Mother & daughter. It doesn't matter how old we are, we still need our Mom as long as possible...

The twins

Probably the oldest man watching the Pioneer Bus pack up and leave.

Three generations

The last hug from Grandpa before he boards the bus. I feel privileged to get this shot. 

Book Signing at Troyer's

Since there wasn't much going on at the park and the pavilion had a birthday party in the making I decided to bike up to the corner of Bahia Vista & Kaufman and see what is going on there. As I rounded the corner at the post office I met up with this man, trying to find a spot big enough to tack up an announcement.

I observed a while then I asked his some questions. This is Orpha Jake's Rob from Holmes County or in that surrounding area. I remember being at his Mother's home years ago in Walnut Creek. And he knew of my sister Edna who rides a Harley.

Today, tomorrow and Thursday he is signing his book at Troyer's  or Dutch Heritage. (Click on the print to enlarge.) This is his first book and it has been selling well.

Working at the Park

This morning I saw this van and trailer at the park and evidence of work being done but no workers. They were back in the woods.

Later this afternoon I biked to the park again and I am assuming they were getting ready to leave. I think they have two more days of work scheduled at the park this week. 

A Leisure Sunday

Today we had one of those beautiful leisure Sundays. I was out early afternoon and almost nobody was around but then Pinecraft came alive around 5 PM.

Emanuel & Clara Miller visiting with Eli & Lydia Yoder

Pedaling past was this couple. right now theior names slipped my mind.

Leon Musser visiting with Floyd Petersheim

Amos and Margaret Yoder visiting with a couple

I don't know who these children but they were skipping stones on the slow, lazy creek.

And th spoonbills came back to the park. This means the mating season and raising their young is finished and done and they are also ready to vacation.

Pinecraft Days

These were beautiful Christmas decorations all handmade.

Amish woven rugs from Indiana.

A sample of more items.

Here are a few pictures of "Pinecraft Days" at the Troyer Market Place. Already yesterday they had a good turnout and this morning when I was there, the day had only begun. The next Pinecraft Days is scheduled for March 9-10, 2012. The person to contact if you want a table for the March event is Susan Yoder or Sarah Miller. Susan can be reached at sarasotastitchers@hotmail.

The bottom picture is a young mother with their two children taking a stroll around the displays and purchasing a few items.

Park Pictures #2

I hope I am alive and well after Wilma sees these pictures of herself. I honestly love shooting pictures of her as she is just Wilma, without any pretense.

The game had to stop while she received a phone call and the game resumed again after they finished talking.

I think this is a Holmes County and I sort of used to know his name but not today.

Visiting admist the Shuffleboard games. It is a part opf Pinecraft life.

Orie Yoder and Sam Hostetler meet again. Sam is a year round residence whereas Orie is a Snow Bird. And he and his wife Edith and their daughter Beth flew down on Friday. Beth stayed for a week to get her parents setled in and plans to fly home again tomorrow.

This is the opposite end of the shuffleboard. This side doesn't take the best pictures in the late afternoon because of the sun's position.

Two brothers sitting on the frog.

Various Shots of Today

This morning the Crossroad bus headed back north with six passengers. More came down yesterday morning, but I don't know how many as the bus comes in too early in the day for me to be there unless I set my alarm.

A load of firewood coming out of the park. This is a good way to clean up and also get some benefit from their work, have a hot dog roast.

Daddy and is girls.

People In Pinecraft

Bob Bender is talking, licking an ice cream cone and going home to Indiana on the the bus to celebrate his 70th birthday. Happy Birthday, Bob.

Mary Ellen Mullet facing the sun...

I don't know who this couple is but they were mostly visiting with Ohio people.

Neal Johnny's Atlee. He is my second cousin. Our grandmothers were sisters and they looked so much alike that my brother Jonas went for Atlee's grandma instead of our grandmother. Then Jonas asked her, "Are you grandma or are you not?"

This season Atlee, his wife  Arie and daughter decided to see how Pinecraft is in November instead of March.

Leanna and Atlee

Leanna more or less plays shuffleboard just as careful or careless as the people around her. Here she takes the most careful aim...

because Atlee Miller on her left shoots carefully. And I think she and her partner won this game.

Pinecraft Street Shots

Ervin Helmuth visiting with Milt Yoder. If my understanding is correct Ervin got Milt on a healthy diet of sorts. I am impressed for Milt has lost a lot of pounds a few years ago and has kept it off. And Ervin looks like a very healthy man. Something must be working right.

This is a shot at the park. I love the unassuming ways of each person.

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