Cleaning the Park

 On Sunday the Offender Work Program came out and cleaned up the wooded areas of the park. Today their garbage was picked up. 

 My view from the foot bridge at the north end of the park.

 I hope the north end of the park stays as it is. There are hardly any people in this part and so it is left to the birds and the squirrels. The ferns grow on the trees.

This morning I went for another bike ride, for the simple reason I wanted to get out and about before the rains come again. I got to the park just as these men were backing down the ramp to get into the water.
 I was hoping they would go upstream so it would give me more time to figure out what they are going to do. They were using a Sarasota County Work truck, so surely they were not out for just a ride. But maybe they were as the only things they took with them was a few water bottles and the Phillippi Creek is federal waterways.

 Anyway when they started the motor, they made the dust, no water fly. I don't know what the alligators did but the ducks flew out of their way.

 The Yard Workers were just finishing up their share of making the park beautiful.

These weeds look like Caster Beans like we had in Tennessee.

 It rained for water to collect in this bowl. It is not deep enough for water fowl to swim, so it is basically unoccupied.

 The sun set in the park tonight.

 My neighbor's bell in the sunset.

And the moon...

Saturday's Game

 Just the locals playing Shuffleboard this summer almost didn't happen. Maybe they did while I wasn't around, but so be it. Every Wednesday evening if it doesn't rain the Shuffleboard Tournament is played but that is for the pros'. 
Yesterday afternoon I decided I had better go outside while the sun shines. If I don't I might not get my evening bike ride due to all the rains we are having. So I biked to the park and these men were playing. Homer Lambright and Henry Wagler

 Chet Stoltzfus and Sam Fisher. 

 Bill is making sure the disk touches or doesn't touch.

The other side of the games, Andy Byler, Mike, Bill and I didn't know the last person.

A Ride with Grandpa

 Riding up Fry Street...

 Into a group of strangers...

Let's Go, Grandpa! I have had enough.

The 17 Year Locust

Today while biking home from Yoder's Deli I came upon this dead Locust. I am sure it has a better name but we always called it "The Seventeen Year Locust". I looked at it for the longest time as memories returned of our first encounter with their seventeen year cycle, which was the summer of 1965. Mom did not like this locust and it's noisy sound  at all for it brought back a flood of painful memories, as seventeen years previously her Dad died of cancer.

But we children enjoyed going into the woods and looking for their empty shells and wings. We took them home and made all kinds of flower designs. We glued the wings on paper to create different flowers. 

Saturday Night

 Tonight when I started out biking I was fascinated at this blue parking lot. Normally it is not blue, but I think it was a reflection from the sky.
David has help in putting new tile into this apartment, getting it ready for winter residents.

 I biked to the park and immediately sensed something happened, although everything appeared peaceful. It simply looked like somebody got kicked out of some place and then moved to the park. The bedding is soaking wet.

 No one around. The crocs on the creek bank and the hat on another picnic table. I left the park.

The Best of Life at the Park

 The best of life at the Park is: 
Visiting at the pavilion.

 Karl at work getting the apartments ready for winter residents.
 A fat necked Great Blue Heron. Looks like he got dinner stuck in his throat. He looked at the peanut I offered him but he didn't want it so he walked off.

 Good table manners.

 Tonight was the Shuffleboard Tournament. There were only two teams. 
 The other side of the boards.

2015 Pinecraft Calendar

The Pioneer bus came in today. In the luggage compartment were five boxes of these calendars stowed. So now I am ready to advertise the new 2015 Pinecraft Calendar. The theme is children. If you are the parent of any of these children, please send me your name and address and receive a free calendar. 

The price is $18. This price includes shipping and handling. Please make check payable to Katie Troyer and send it to my mailing address, which is 3422 Schrock Street, Sarasota FL 34239. A few asked me to send them a calendar and then they will pay, but I don't want to fill charge orders. 

These calendars are also available at Yoder's Amish Village and at Der Dutchman's in Sarasota. I also sell them from the back of my bike for $17 each.

Blooms and People

 Tonight I took my camera and went outside, not knowing what I am going to shoot but something, anything... The empty streets are starting to wear on me. It is time for Snow Birds to come back and it will be only about 4-6 weeks until the first ones arrive to stay. 

All summer we have been having the right amount of rain to keep the lawns green and blooming and I have been seeing various shades of red flowers. 

 I never know how long I will be outside for it all depends who else you just happen to meet. I was at the park when Enos came in and right behind Leroy pulled up. It didn't take long before the group doubled in size. And the next thing I knew it was dark, so we all went home.
For the last couple of summers quite a number of people were here to doctor. But this summer not many came. This is only the second couple I remember coming down to doctor. 

A Few Sunday Shots

 Darrel, the painter. I haven't seen him in a long time, that is until today.

 Have a seat.

Five wall flowers.

My Evening.

 I was out biking tonight. I had a dinner invitation with Eli and Bonnie, but I took a rain check for tomorrow. I needed to bike, and bike fast and furious. I had been at my computer almost all day and knew what I had to do tonight. 

So I biked down to the park. Two squirrels met me almost as soon as I turned in. One of them took the peanut from my fingers and the other didn't. They both like me, they just don't like each other. 

I noticed these Trumpet flowers trumpeting  over the vines that tangle and strangle them.
 Then it started thundering in the distance and the skies became yellow.

 And turned a different shade behind Erma's house.

It became dark and foreboding, enough so to bring people out of the house. Then it thundered a bit, and lightened a bit and rained a bit. That is it... 

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