Pinecraft Park Activities

The younger boys playing Corn Hole. 

Five teenage boys playing Bocce Ball with three older men. 

Volleyball games

Sitting on the sideline at the basketball court.

Taking down his hammock. 

Benefit Dinner

Tonight was a fund raiser for the expense of the upcoming Haiti Benefit Auction. Being this is still Christmas Vacation, the turnout was very good. At least there were a lot of people taking out food.  


A take out of seven boxes on the back of the bike.

And the sun set.


Alfred who is within biking distance of Pinecraft had an audience this afternoon of mostly young boys and a few girls. He loves to play his instruments and do a little bit of preaching or teaching in with his songs.  

A Slice of Today

The eleven o'clock Scat bus run to Siesta Beach from the Amish church on Hines Street in Pinecraft. The people were packed in like sardines, with Sam being the last one on.  

Hair of Gold


One Pioneer bus came in loaded. Christmas Vacation continues.  

Gospel Express was at the Pinecraft Park tonight.

Growing Old

Old women, still spry and able to be out and about.

Ray and Esther
Older couple, needing assistance. 

The Best and Worse

The best of Christmas in Florida, cousins and brothers from Kentucky.

The worse of Christmas in Pinecraft.
This notice is on the bulletin board at the former post office.

Mass Exodus to Sarasota

Today Pinecraft gained more than a thousand people, via chartered buses from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana &Illinois. After all it is Christmas vacation and family time.

Grandmotherly Good-Byes

The parting conversation before the two girls in green board the bus for home in Indiana. 

Two Bus Loads Arrive

We are all just waiting around for two Pioneer bus loads come in.

Glen Wagler and children

Plumber Dan with the cane. Yesterday he was in the hospital and today he is out and about again.

The second bus arrived with some Ohio and many more Indiana people.

Saying "Good-Bye"

A tender moment in making their good-bye.

Preparing to leave for the north.

Brothers and Sisters

These two sisters each have eight brothers. (providing I have counted right) In our family my four brothers each had eight sisters. 

This little brother is going to be just like his Daddy, giving the baby stroller rides. 

Pioneer Bus Departs

David Stoltzfus, Noah Chupp and David Jones. Waiting for more passengers to arrive, to load their luggage and head back north into the cold.

Visiting after the bus left. 

A Slice of Thursday

The Bike Shop on Kruppa Street is open for business, selling Lady Finger Popcorn from Indiana and renting out bikes.

Pouring cement from the street to the front door.

I don't know the story behind this, except a man took off his shoes, coat and hat. 

Working on a gutter.

Crossing Bahia Vista.
Grandma holds on to the older girl, while the younger one holds onto Mother.

Here and There in Pinecraft

Ben Lapp cutting chains for bicycle locks.

Overholt men trimming palm trees.

This is the first day of Bocce Ball game for the season. (At least I think it is the first one.) Six were playing and two watching the game.

Doing some fixing on the Benji Smoker lot.

The second generation is missing. From right to left, daughter, daddy, granddaddy. Granddaddy to the young Daddy and great-granddaddy to the little girl. 

Together, facing the evening sun. 

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