Katie & Anna Graber

 It did me good to watch these two women greet each other today. Both married Graber men but I have no clue how they are related to each other. Katie was married to Joe and Anna is married to John. Katie lives in Illinois and Anna in Indiana.

 Looking at The Budget.

Obviously looking for something.


 Jenna is getting her degree being a  photo/journalist. One of her assignments is finding a person, follow them around, shoot photos, ask questions and write about it. Well, just doing what a photo journalist does. So last week she asked if I will be that person. I am willing to help her, so she spend the day with me, following me around.

I needed fresh produce so our first stop was Yoder's Fresh Market. If she is not in school she works in this market, so she knows many of the workers.

 I just did what I normally do and Jenna followed me on foot. The following pictures are what I shot during that time. We went to the park.

 Martha Stutzman with her puppy.

 We watched the bus load to leave for the north again. Dave Stoltzfus visiting with Ivan Miller from Charm Ohio.

 Dave helps Ivan onto the bus. 

 Micah, Martha Stutzman's grandson. Micah and I are good friends.

 Another cute little fellow who left on the bus with his parents.

 What you do in Pinecraft - visit.

 The backside of people is every bit as interesting as the front.

Yoder's Pie Day

 Taylor - I think I have more shots of her than anybody else but she is one of those workers that was everywhere.

 All the red shirts were workers, providing the trademark was on the back.

 Free popcorn for the taking and a cup of cider. 

 From ABC

 A Musser couple on the right.

 Traffic directors

 Waiting in line for their pie.

 From Fox News

 I would have loved to listen in to the conversation between the little girl and the news reporter.

 Joe the handyman.

 Taylor with her hands on her hips and an apron on her waist.

 Strange looking turkeys.

 Giving out pie samples. I actually got two samples, a chocolate and a strawberry.

 I returned this afternoon and the crowd was still going strong and the waiting lines were long.

 Louie Sarah is giving out the pie samples. Nobody turned down her samples for it was 4pm and everyone was tired and hungry.

Traffic directors

You can also direct traffic sitting down.

Vera Overholt's Grandchildren

 Vera has some of the cutest grandchildren.

 I just met up with them playing at the park. Of course I visited with Sarah during this time.

Pinecraft Shots

 Bob Bender with his invention. Pretty neat.

 While doing laundry at the Laundromat I watched this man sit on the steps and tie his shoes, then get up and clean the flower bed. I decided to really zoom him in and in the process lost some pixels.

 Wayne and Mark, my neighbors. 

 Waiting on the Pioneer bus to come in. They were three hours late due to come upon an accident in Kentucky. There was nothing to do except wait until the interstate was cleared.

 I wanted this picture and I didn't know how to do it except face them and shoot it. None of them rebuked me, so that means it is okay.

Hairy hair

Yard Sales and Puppy Love

 I am assuming every Saturday starting today until the end of March there will be Yard Sales in Pinecraft. It is just a Pinecraft thing in more ways than one. One reason is every year some people don't return to Pinecraft, either due to health reasons or have passed into eternity. Then there is always a yard sale for the small things the family doesn't want. I also think Yard Sales are more than that, they get into your bloodstream. Some people just have to go browse and buy, while others just have to make a Yard Sale. The buyers and sellers love it. 

Today there was a multifamily Yard Sale right outside my window. I watched them set up and sell while eating breakfast. By the time I got out there the early birds had come and gone, but John & Mary Troyer were browsing books. Mary was telling John that she wants to but certain books and then pass them on and John gave her a certain look. The look was so quick I could not capture it on camera, so the two gave me this look that was even better. Thanks John & Mary.

 Fishing at the Yard Sale.

Katie Beiler visiting at this Yard Sale.

There was another multifamily Yard Sale on Clarinda Street...

 With lots of Puppy Love...

 This puppy is spoiled...

and was seeking attention from everyone. The truth is he is a lovable dog. He is one of those ice cream lovers that gets spoon fed...

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