Pioneer Bus Ride to Ohio

Loading the bus, with intentions of heading up north as soon as all the passengers were on board. We left a little bit after 3:30 and headed up north with approximately 30 passengers and made a few more stops to pick up more along the way.

One of the passengers picked up further north was a 91 year old lady. Donny kept referring to her as a “Young Lady” which of course makes an old lady feel young. She wasn’t much more on the bus and settled in when I over-heard her saying to another passenger, “The reason I like riding on this bus is because there is no cussing.” I chewed on that one for a while, giving me an appreciation for my cultural upbringing, where there seldom is heard a cuss word.
 Looks like a coffee truck. I am assuming it is liquid coffee he is transporting to a Pilot Truck Stop.

 June 21st at Cracker Barrel in Lexington KY, after breakfast reloading the bus to continue our ride. The only reason I snapped this shot is to inform Menno I took his picture before I quickly got back on the bus again.
 Almost ready to cross the River. According to Donny we will meet Jacob on the other side of the River. Jacob is not with Esau as he verified that much on the cell phone. 
 Crossing the River to meet up with Jacob.

You’d think since Jacob crossed the River before Donny, he would be giving Donny instructions. But according to this photo Donny is giving an account of our travels, after splitting the passengers and their luggage with Jacob. At this point there was an oversight which went unnoticed until we were in Columbus Ohio when Donny got a phone call that gave all of us reason to cuss, but nobody did.

This 91 year old lady that likes riding the Pioneer Trails because nobody cusses was still on our bus blissfully unaware that she was supposed to be on Jacob’s bus. Her luggage got transferred but she didn’t. After the drivers Donny and Marvin talked, the driver which was Marvin at the time did what had to be done, he headed west to meet the lady’s driver who was heading east. Somewhere off the beaten path we met her driver and she was transferred without her knowing or having a clue she was on the wrong bus. She just rejoices at how well she does on this trip. She is truly a remarkable 91 year old lady.

A Change of Mind

 I decided to climb, 

 but changed my mind. Stretching my leg and coming back down again.

Time to go elsewhere...

The Weeds Must Go...

Marie's weeds must go. This morning she hoed and pulled weeds for two hours. And then she did nothing for the rest of the day until this evening when it cooled off a bit she went back to work. I am glad she has a chair with her to rest a bit now and then. after all she is 85+ years old or young, which ever...

Writings in the Sky

 I went out for a bike ride this afternoon and as I turned the corner onto Kaufman, I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't believe my eyes but this is what I saw. I looked a few times and wondered if I am seeing things. But this is what I saw.

 Finally I left this spot and turned onto Fry and lo, way off I saw this tiny silver speck and I watched as it formed the rest of the letters.

 Finally I had to have a witness of what I am seeing and called Marie. 

By the time the last letters were written the first were disappearing. As soon as the U was finished, the little silver speck left and the clouds started moving in.

I didn't check the news yet to see what they say.

How to Make Wine

How to make wine, one gallon at a time:
One quart of fruit, any kind. My favorite is Blackberry because it is feels the best in my stomach. Mash the fruit and put it in a container similar to the jar on the left. Cover fruit with one-half of water and put a wet paper towel on top or anything will do that keeps the fruit flies or gnats out of the fruit. Let the fruit set for one week, mashing and stirring the fermenting fruit with your hand once or twice a day. Cover it with the went towel each time. About the third day you can smell the fruit turning sour or whatever. 
On the seventh day drain the fruit through a few layers of cheese cloth and pour into the gallon jug on the right. Dissolve and make a syrup of six cups of white sugar and cool the syrup and pour into the jug and add enough water to fill almost to the brim. Cap the jug with an airlock and keep in a warm place for however long it takes to turn into wine, up to 3-9 months. It is finished when there are no more tiny little bubbles making their way to the neck of the jug. I buy my airlocks at German Village in Berlin Ohio in the hardware department for $2.00. They have everything a person needs to make wine.

After the wine is finished, siphon it out into a pitcher and pour into bottles and cap. I cap mine with corks, because if there is still some fermenting going on the corks will fly to the ceiling instead of the pressure breaking the bottles. Store in a cool dark place until time to drink a little bit for stomach's sake. I also bought the hose at the same place I use to siphon the wine, plus the corks. I got my bottles free from a friend in the neighborhood.

Anymore questions, feel free to ask. 

And before you comment with condemnation concerning wine, remember that Jesus was accused of being a winebibber by the religious people of His time.

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