The Love of Music

Allen Fisher is the lead singer. This group is fairly new and I should have asked for more information of where to order their cd. 

 The crowd got bigger whenever they had the stage. 

 Examining Daddy's head.

 Gospel Express's music.

 Because today is Sunday, most of the Lancaster people were dressed in their Sunday best.

Little Boys

He reminds me of a deep thinker and is good at figuring things out.

 This is a bit hard to see what is going on, but his Daddy told me he is trying to catch one of these birds and put him in his Zipple Cop. (Stocking Cap) Joshua thought he can catch one of these birds. His Daddy knew he won't catch any, but he encouraged him to keep trying. The end result was Joshua got lots of exercise, fresh air and sunshine. 

This is Malachi. He is a good story teller and a "People Person". 

All three of these little boys are born to be the adults of the next generation of men.  

Benefit Dinner at the Park

 Tonight's Benefit Dinner was for Gator Camp. The crowd was huge and the people stayed around as the weather was warm and the music was good, very good.

 Staying with Mama

 Sitting on the fence

 The Backside of the backside

 Titus Yutzy cleaning up their twins.

 A group of people with the birds.

 Wilma Yutzy Wagler

Rachel Wagler Yutzy 

When the music ended after dark, the Pinecraft Exodus went into gear. This mass Exodus should have been video taped but it was too dark. Most everybody went one way and that was out of the park. They were on foot, on bikes, on motor scooters. Finally toward the last the vehicles came and then more on foot. And then to top the evening off a younger old man tried to do a wheelie on his three-wheeled bike but the bike did a flip and landed on him. He got up laughing, brushed himself off and left the park.  

Rich Stevick

Here is a picture of Richard Stevick. He is a longtime professor friend and author. His most recent book is "Growing Up Amish: The Rumspringa Years".  He is now involved in a very important genetics study. He and his colleagues are trying to bring about earlier diagnosis and better treatment for bi-polar and /or schizophrenic disorders. I believe this is a very important study. If any of your relations, church members or community from the Amish or Mennonites might be willing to provide a simple blood sample and answer questions in their situation, they will receive $50.00 for their involvement. Most of all they could provide information that may change the course of the history of mental health treatment. 

Contact Rich at 330-231-0373 or message him. His email address is:
 I can also be reached via email at: 

The Joys of Childhood (and young adults)

 Strain siblings

 Little Princess

 Mother walking the children and the children walking the dog.

Faces with Expressions

 Sometimes faces are blank but not these faces.

 Grandma with grandchild.

Herschberger and Family from Arthur IL. The two youngest children are singing.

Crafty Yard Sales

My neighbor lady Arlene buys gourds and makes crafts. This winter she brought a number of her smaller gourds to sell at her Yard Sale, which was today.

 These are bird houses. 

 The ones on the left are lamps with a light bulb. 

These sound like "Thunder" when you shake their tail. 

Then I came upon another crafty Yard Sale
This one was on Yoder Street.

 Pinecraft Express airplane

 A Lancaster Amish or Old Order Mennonite buggy.

 A crate of oranges

 A pile of skids

 A truck load of apples.

 A pile of Pot Holders the wife made.

And another truck, plus many more things of fine details.

The Beach Bus

Today was the first time this season I watched the Scat bus pick up passengers heading for Siesta Beach. 

 First Randall Horst came. He was the first one to wait on the bus. so he found a place to sit and we visited a bit.

 Then the next small group came and this one found a spot on the grass to sit.

 Then this couple came and sat on the pavement. 

 And this one from Arthur Illinois was dropped off and she sat down.
She knows my nephew Roger Mast.

 And the bus came...
It was the 12 noon bus and it appears like most of the beach goers already went. 

And they were off to the beach.

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