Out of the Fog

 During normal daylight hours it is hard to find a slot to do laundry at the Laundromat without bumping into everyone else. I discovered that early in the morning, before 7am is a good time to get it done. I don't do laundry until I absolutely have to, but there always is a time when it has to be done. This morning was such a time. So I got up early to do my washing at home for I have a washer but not a dryer. I made it over to the Laundromat while there were plenty of dryers not in use. After getting the dryer spinning I took off for the park for it was a beautiful morning shrouded in fog.

East on Bimini

 Great Blue Herons down by the creek.

 A group of six walked out of the fog into the park.

 On Fry heading back to the Laundromat. Levi Jones is at a distance.

 Getting closer...

 and closer. I think he is 99 years old.

The last foggy shot at the Laundromat.

Public Meeting in Pinecraft

 Leon Moyer with Niles Graber Miller

 Emma Ruth

 Paying attention


And by two's and three's.

This were the topics today. 

In a couple of weeks there is going to be a bus run from Pinecraft to Siesta Key. The Pinecraft pick up place will be at the Amish Church. Bus tickets will be bought at the Post Office. This will eliminate all those bikes tied up at the corner of Tuttle and Bahia Vista. Another asset will be most people will be able to walk to the Amish Church to board the bus, which will eliminate the bikes.

It was a good meeting and very orderly. I guess what I mean is everybody had the opportunity to talk, instead of just one or two people who had the floor.

Every Monday afternoon at 2 PM is another Public Meeting at the park.

The Pie Contest

Yesterday was the third annual Pie Contest at Everence Open House. In spite of the cold North wind the contest was a huge success.

 This is the early morning view from across Bahia Vista at Yoder's Deli.

 The two men did their best to put colorful table cloth, but the wind was stronger and ripped it off the table.

 Finally they gave up with one last wild fling at the wind.

 Ina, wearing gloves. It simply wasn't fit to be outside.

It was this cold...

 and this cold...

and this cold.

 But the pies came in. Two sisters, Clara Miller and Ada Troyer.

 Maudie Raber tagging her pies.

 Esther Overholt entered her famous Orange Pie.
 Esther Overholt's pie.

These men looked wistfully at the pies. 

 The pies were all beautiful. It was the women's best efforts.

 A Red Raspberry Pie

 Time to begin, making some announcements.

 Getting the best shot...

 Entering their names for various drawings.

Letting John in through the flags.

 The five judges.

 Tasting pie

 Todd Emrich

Bill Yoder

 Praying a blessing for the food. Dave and Toni Kauffman provided the chili. The dessert was the pie.

 The food line. Other years we waited to eat until after the contest, whereas this time we ate during the pie tasting. 

Carefully cutting the very last pie that was entered.

 The board came out with the backside exposed.

 And then flipped over.

 Maudie Raber with a 2nd prize for Coconut Oatmeal.

 And the wind whipped the board off the stand.

So Ina Hostetler stood guard.

 Anna Short won first prize on the fruit pies.

 Ada Troyer won 3rd prize with a Triple Berry Pie.

 Clara Miller got two ribbons.

 Esther Overholt for her famous Orange Pie.

Lou Emswiler one of the winners. 

 Then it was time for the Bike drawing. While the bucket was up in the air the wind came and took out a number of names.

 and threw them on the ground. It took some picking up of papers.

 The winner for the bike was a Swartzentruber. I can't remember his first name.
There were more drawings etc.

And Corn Hole Games came last before clean up time.

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