Relaxing by Still Waters

 Nancy and I were looking for a certain spot somewhere close to Mote Marine and Save Our Sea Birds. I had been in that park a few times but I couldn't remember how to get there and so we turned off at the wrong drive and found this beautiful spot. We set up our chairs and enjoyed the evening after being greeted by Mr Male Bird. He was guarding his mate who is nesting in the next picture. She doesn't show up well but if you look closely she is touching their eggs.

 And the Turtle Dove was doing what they normally do, enjoy pecking for food.
 We sat facing the eastern sky and so we got the beautiful reflections from the setting sun, although the sun set behind a bank of clouds.

 These trees obviously were the roosting perches of a number of Pelicans, plus some other wading birds.

 Nancy is shooting with her iPhone.

 There was one lone person out on the water.

 The changing of the clouds.

 A Brown Pelican.

 The darkness deepens...

until the ghost of a bird comes looking for bedtime snacks. He had no fear of us.

Pinecraft in the News

'Amish Las Vegas': What happens in Pinecraft stays in Pinecraft is now on Today Show.

Also shortly afterward a newspaper article from posted about Pinecraft. Click on the link below.

Just wanted to give you a heads up that the story has gone live. 

And there is more coming as I was interviewed tonight by New York Daily News.

Crowley Museum and Nature Center

 I think I had posted about my previous visit to Crowley Museum last Fall. Today was my second visit.
 They were celebrating Earth Day with life music.
 I am hand feeding the biggest pig I remember ever seeing.
But it was very gentle and I almost smooched

 The Pot Belly Pig. I think some people have these for house pets.
 The huge pig was told to "Sit" and so she did.
 There were classes in teaching children how to make "Mud Pies" and then they went back into the woods with their instructor to find berries to bake in the pie.
 This little guy had his very own camera. He is probably a photographer in the making.
 This brought back memories, although I haven't used one in years. It used to be a good place to relax in a busy household. One time I was greeted by a Blacksnake and then no more relaxing in that specific out house.

Here is a bit of a display of the pottery this lady makes. She flattens leaves from plants and trees into the wet clay. When she bakes the clay the foliage burns off but the impressions stay. It makes for beautiful pieces of art.

Horses and a donkey.
 Strolling around
 Taking in the music
 Shy little fellow
And the old mountaineer. 

Holmes County - Part 3

 All of the following pictures were taken west of Maysville and down through Mt Hope and ending up at my sister's place where I was staying.

 It was a beautiful day to work in the garden. This woman had a pointed object and so I am assuming she was poking holes into the black plastic to plant seedlings or drop seeds into the poked hole.

 This woman's homestead and who knows how many generations live here.

 For Sale) Robes and Blankets, when I was a little girl in Holmes County Robes and Blankets were connected with buggy rides in the winter time.

 I didn't know people use plastic bags instead of sap buckets, but here is the evidence. Makes me wonder who was the first to come up with plastic bags to gather sap?

A few trees had buckets. I guess the sap was still flowing as there was evidence in the plastic bags.

 According to the shade of the red barn paint this is a Swartzentruber Amish Homestead.
 And their houses with the picket fences and the windmill. I remember when Grandma and Uncle Levi still had their picket fence.

 A vineyard on the hill.

Is this a three-generation home? 

 We met up with more than one rig going home from work, or men walking with dinner buckets.

 An old corn crib

 Somewhere west of Mt Hope.

The water trough where water continues to flow...

 Chickens have free range

 Working in the flower bed

 The family in this buggy likes ex-Amish tourist. It was a man, wife and a cute little Swartzentruber Amish boy.

Working in the fields

 Finally met up with family, my great-niece Rhoda walking the dog.

Sydni and I at my sister's place. It was a good day and "Thank you, Lena."

(Click to enlarge pictures.)

Touring Holmes County - Part 2

 Lena and Allen's son Quinton. He was told previously my heights comes about to his belly button.
(Please chick pictures to enlarge.)

 One of the few phone booth in the Amish country that is still in use.

 Children at play.

 The lines of fresh laundry flapping in the wind.

 Somehow this photo brings back memories of the many Amish church services in the barn I attended my twenty-four years living in Holmes County. Straw was spread on the barn floor and we had to watch out for sparrows and pigeons droppings coming from the rafters.

 This is a stone boat which works best in snow since it lacks wheels.

 Outside a Hickory Rocker shop. These are cut Hickory saplings waiting to be bend out of shape or into shape for the priced rockers.

 This was one of the most beautiful homesteads we came across.

 We went to the Lakeville School to pick up Sydni, Lena and Allen's daughter.

 The elevator, the buggy and the old shed...

 An Amish tractor, which is only allowed for belt power.

 This man buys old farm machinery and fixes them or saves used parts for future fixing.

Milk cans waiting for the next milking.

 Weary horses and a weary farmer. It was getting close to quitting time.

 A friendly wave.

 Homeward bound

 Older students heading home.

I love this, the old barn, the brier patch and the Hay Loader.

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