Trash or Treasures

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."
As a child in the 1950-60's there was no trash pick-up at curb sides. Everybody took their trash to a gully or deep in the woods and dumped it. Amish trash piles were not worth the time to dig around and find treasures. All the Amish trash piles had was tin cans and broken dishes. But when we found an "Englisher" trash pile we were sure to find treasures. Our best trash pile was on the Mt Hope Kidron Road in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood. A man named Dale from Mt Hope would dump his trash close to a little barn in the gully. We, as children kept our eyes on that gully and whenever there was evidence of new trash and we spent hours digging around finding treasures.

We also had eyes on the back of our heads, as there supposedly was a naked man hiding in the little barn. We never got a glimpse of him but other people did, although we didn't know who those other people were.  We dug for treasures and watched for glimpses of the naked man at the same time.
So today when I saw this loaded bike on Graber Avenue, I automatically stopped for a good look and asked permission to take photos. He gave me the "Okay" and visited a bit.

After a bit I crossed Bahia Vista and watched from Big Olaf.
Soon Fannie walked up and helped him look for something to tie down the load. 

Turning around and ready to roll.

My guess is he does "Yard Sales" to earn a bit of extra money. 

Thanksgiving Dinner

Tonight was the annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Tourist Mennonite Church. Their church people invite the elderly, widows, widowers, singles within the Pinecraft area. About eighty people were present. And so we enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner and those that wanted to stayed for a hymn singing. Others cleaned up and, well basically we did whatever we wanted to do.

For Sale

 John Raber watches as Phil Graber, a Realtor is doing his work in order to sell the former post office. Price is $239,000.

Omar Beiler is making a cash offer.

Come Home, Laura

 Laura, your man needs you. 
Time to come home.
I don't know what the conversation was,
but by the time Marvin was finished pointing his finger,
Omar dropped his Pepsi can.

And then later this afternoon,
I am not sure what is going on.
They did mention a deer.

The Meeting Place

The happy meeting place is when a bus load of people arrive at the Tourist Mennonite Church's parking lot.  

The Daviess County Bus Leaves

 This afternoon the Daviess County Bus left for Indiana and one passenger for Arthur Illinois.

The two youngest passengers are brothers.

 The parents of the brothers.

 Siblings watching the bus leave.

Say "Good Bye" to Mother. 

Tuesday Work

 I was so surprised to see an Osprey taking a bath in the Phillippi Creek this morning. 

 Pouring the cement for the addition to the Gingerich's House on the corner of Miller & Fry.

Also on Fry Street cat-a-corner from the Gingerich House Robert Bender's home is getting a new roof.

And the pavilion at the park was getting a pressure washing by the county government men.
We are all getting ready for the busy winter season. 

A Place to Sleep

I noticed this sleeping arrangement at the Pinecraft Park tonight,
a good warm blanket, a stick and insect repellent under the table. 

Trash or Treasures

"One man's trash is another man's treasure." As a child in the 1950-60's there was no trash pick-up at curb sides. ...