Taxi Work

This afternoon the Pioneer Bus came in with some passengers and lots of luggage. This is the time of the year when more luggage than passengers ride the bus. The lady on the left has two separate parties to take to their destination. 

There were about 4-6 of these ladies on the bus that needed a ride. These ladies dress sort of like Allen County Indiana but live in Michigan. 

I think this family is from Crab Orchard Kentucky. They have with them four beautiful girls and one boy. And they needed a ride to their destination.

If you look closely, there is a nose on the left side of this photo and also on the right upper corner. I didn't try and get them in the frame but I like it. 

The Green Summer

Summertime is rainy season.

All grass greens up. 
Everything green, gets greener.

The former Dena Troyer home on Estrada is getting a face lift both inside and outside.

I biked down Seaview and found a few homes "For Sale". 

The middle sign is bearing its own burden of green.

This green plant is letting its roots grow deep. 


The couple on the bikes are the parents of the cute little boy that sometimes helps me feed the squirrels. Tonight I asked them who their guests are? Their answer took me totally by surprise, for the answer was "We found them at the Dollar Tree." So I asked how much they cost? Anyway the are from New Wilmington Pennsylvania and just arrived in Pinecraft today.   

Sunday Post

So far this summer we have not had an overabundance of rain but just enough to keep everything green and flourishing. The Resurrection Fern and Spanish Moss are about the greenest green.

While I sat under a carport waiting for the quick rain to stop, I took notice of this cute little house. According to the Sarasota County records it was built in 1950. 

Freeman Byler

Freeman Byler, age 81 died Thursday morning. Earlier this summer he had a stroke but I don't know if that was the cause of his death. Funeral is on Monday. 

This is all the information I have. 

The Pioneer Bus Leaves

Yesterday the Pioneer Bus arrived with a good number of passengers, considering it is summertime. Today the bus loaded up even more passengers than they had yesterday and went north again. More and more people travel to Florida in the summer months than they did five years ago. Pinecraft, in the summer isn't as dead as it used to be.

If I am not mistaken these came down by train on Saturday and left by bus today. I don't know who these are but an older couple is from Fredericktown Ohio. 

This photo represents Pinecraft/Sarasota. 
Lester Gingerich, Beachy-Mennonite or some say Beachy-Amish.
Mary Yoder, who works at Yoder's restaurant.
Amish from Allen County Indiana.
Amish from Pennsylvania roots.
Bus driver Roy's wife.

The bus leaves. 

Pioneer Bus Arrives

The Pioneer bus came in today. A few were coming home. Others are Snowbirds who want to spend two weeks here, while others want a two week vacation.   

Sunday Evening

It started to rain late afternoon and continues until after 7PM. After the rain quit I took my trash out and went to the Pinecraft Park with my peanuts. It was the quietest evening I remember ever having here. There was no vehicle or another bike on the streets. Nor was anyone at the park. I was totally alone until Jonas Miller biked into the park. For the longest time we sat in the silence of a peaceful hush while I fed the squirrels and one Flicker.
This photo was taken from the bike trail at the park.

Overlooking Kruppa

The sunset reflections in the puddle. 

Taxi Work

This afternoon the Pioneer Bus came in with some passengers and lots of luggage. This is the time of the year when more luggage than pass...