The Pinecraft Thistle

A seed was dropped,
And sprouted.
And got nourishment from the soil.
And it looks like a healthy thistle,
Almost ready to bloom.
I hope it will continue to grow,
And be nourishment to the 
Bees and


 Carrots grown in Canada,

are a Product of Mexico and shipped to Florida.

These carrots are a rigamaroo, going from Canada, to Mexico, to the USA. 
I am okay with this rigamaroo as these are the best tasting carrots I have ever eaten in Florida. Every Canadian knows they raise good tasting carrots, due to the cold weather in the fall. Their sweetness comes from the cold soil just before the ground freezes. 

This is my second bag of Canadian/Mexican carrots from Yoder's Produce Market. 

The Up and Down of Pioneer Trails

Getting ready to head up north with a good sized load.

A taxi driver's front license plate.
Vit Mit is the Pennsylvania Dutch of saying "Want a ride?"

Lydia Mae Schwartz in the brown got on the bus. Fannie Schlabach gave  her a ride and Gertie McClure came to say, "Good Bye."

The two ladies visiting in the background are from Kentucky.

For sixteen weeks the Pioneer Trails made three trips up and three trips down. This week that schedule changes to two trips up and one trip down. it is that time of the year.  


This morning the Pinecraft Park was having a ball.

And tonight the day ended with popcorn clouds.

The Cycle of Life

Mike, Arlene and Uriah fed the squirrels last evening. Because of the welcome rains tonight I didn't get to the park tonight. 

Looks like the squirrels eat balanced meals. This one is sucking or eating Hibiscus petals that are finished blooming. 

The cycle of life is amazing, be it plants, animals or humans.

Boarded Up

This morning the Postal Service people came and took the old antique post office boxes and boarded up the wall with plywood. Wonder how long this former post office will be Pinecraft's eyesore?  

New Homes in the Making

The black plastic is an indication of demolishing. 
Mervin Weaver's home on the corner of Fry & Graber. 

I think this is Jesse King's house, on the corner of Fry and Miller. 

This home will get it's turn sooner or later. 

Baby Alligator

This morning an alligator was seen in the Phillippi Creek in Pinecraft, hanging out at the sandbar. I didn't see him tonight so maybe he went home to his Mamma. 

Coffee Spoon

This morning was the first time I saw a Coffee Spoon like this and used it. I like the bent in the handle to hang over the edge of the coffee cup. 

The Joy of Feeding Squirrels

Anna joined me twice in feeding the squirrels within the last week or so.
This photo was taken three days ago.

Tonight they reached the park ahead of me and the squirrels came running toward Anna for peanuts.
This squirrel desperately wants Uriah's peanut, but he won't take it until Uriah dropped it. 
I am amazed how quickly the squirrels recognized Anna.

Welcome Rain

Most of this afternoon we had high winds and rain and a little bit of thunder and tonight it is down to 66 degree. We needed every drop of rain we got as it was very dry.

The Pinecraft Thistle

A seed was dropped, And sprouted. And got nourishment from the soil. And it looks like a healthy thistle, Almost ready to bloom. ...