The Arrival of more Snow Birds

 It seems right now the most important event of the week is the buses coming in. It is too hot to play Shuffleboard all day long, although they do play in the evenings. So during the day time the streets are still sort of empty and not much going on until a bus comes in. This morning the CrossRoads came in from Indiana with a good amount of people and the Pioneer was full when it started off but dropped about half a dozen passengers on their way down.

Leanna is motioning the bus driver into the parking lot. She does well in things like this.

 Right now we local ones are so glad to see Snow Birds coming in. We all greet them and act like we haven't seen each other in ages. Well, we didn't since March when they went back north again. 

 Laura Beiler is taking Orla and Mary Miller to their home on Estrada. Omar and Laura recently bought this golf cart which comes in might handy in transporting passengers and luggage when needed.

I don't know who these women are but are from Holmes County Ohio.

The drivers are Marvin Mast and Donny Wagler. A few more Snow Birds were Dan & Mattie Yoder. We call them Dave Dannie & Mattie. Crist and Betty Miller, who is Corn Crist, Jr. I think Crist Sr sold seed corn years ago and the name just got handed down to the next generation. 

Bulletin Board Notices

 Detwiler's is hiring.

 Lawn Business For Sale

 House Cleaning

 Truck For Sale

 Trike For Sale

Camper For Sale

All of these and much more is posted at the Pinecraft Post Office's bulletin board.

A Bucket, Soap, Rag and Water.

 This is work and this is service. His name is Owen and he comes out to clean your vehicles. 

 While I was taking pictures a few more guys crawled out of a van and I overheard Owen saying he has been cleaning vehicles for a wedding.

I guess what impresses me is that there seems to be no limit to the small businesses a person can hatch up if they have what it takes to get it going. A personality for business like this is of more value than money. All you need to get started is just a bucket, soap, a rag and water.

A Busy Afternoon

 Life is getting better day by day as far as people coming and going in Pinecraft. While the bus was loading passengers to go north, some were visiting because that is what you do in Pinecraft. 

 Driver Dave Stoltzfus and Plumber Dan. Dan has been a plumber for years in Pinecraft. They come down early and he is busy all winter doing leaky faucets, dripping line and much worse stuff like fixing toilets.
 A first time Mother with a first time Baby and a first time Grandmother all under the umbrella. I love this because it speaks of family.

Erik Wesner author of Amish American and his girl friend visited Pinecraft today. This picture tells the story. A lot of visiting was done.
 A beautiful couple.

 Gracefully biking with Sherry Gore's bike.

Linda Yoder on the left was their tour guide.

Baby Karen Rides Pioneer Trail Bus

 The Pioneer bus came in today. I don't know how full the bus was but it took a long time for all to get off. There were a few old saints on the bus and maybe it took longer to unload. But anyway they all arrived safe and sound, even Baby Karen.

 Baby Karen's Momma is probably three years old, and cute as a button.

I first noticed Karen's little head in the diaper bag.

 I couldn't quit taking pictures of that little Momma.

 This Baby Karen is named after a real life Baby Karen.

Quitting Time

 I don't know if this is a daily routine or a Saturday night job. But tonight as I came out of the Deli I saw them coming out of the warehouse with old used ice cubes.

 They dump out the ice cubes...

 wash and sanitize the tray.

And then throw the remaining water to rinse the tray. And while they were busy I spend a few minutes visiting...

Three Cameras

An old lady whose photographer husband died some time ago gave these three cameras to friends who don't have or own cameras. Her only request was to sell these cameras and donate the money to a charity that helps the poor.

I don't know how or where to sell a camera, so I am asking for help in where to go with these cameras or how to sell them. Thanks in advance.



 I checked a bit on eBay. The first one the owner was asking $750.00, but the highest bid was $200+.
The second camera with all the extra lenses, it looks like selling parts is better than selling the whole works, although everything is complete with a nice camera case.

This HP camera is more like a Yard Sale item.


 John Yoder has very limited walking so he takes his seat with him. About every morning you can find him resting under a bit of shade.

 I usually stop under this Oak tree to feel the cool air, especially this time of the year where it is cool under a shade tree.

 The Pioneer Bus left with a number of people.

 Someone always has to be the last person on the bus and today she was the last one. 

This beautiful quite gets an airing out tonight.

My Black Shoes

 I hate these shoes and finally after almost thirty years of being their owner, they will be thrown into the garbage today. They were a very comfortable shoe, which was a rare thing for me. Probably 99% of my shoes during my Amish years pinched my toes or rubbed my heals raw.  But not this pair.

  In the late 1980's I bought this pair of Peaks shoes, soon after they came on the market.
I was living at Aylmer Ontario at that time. I moved to Aylmer because they were very consistently strict Amish with high moral standards. The shoes had to be black all over, so I took shoe black and blackened the little red "PEAKS" trademark. I guarded these shoes carefully. I never told anybody I had them because they were not quite the normal shoe most everybody wore. I couldn't wear normal adult shoes, so I never wore the normal shoe. I would spend up to two years looking for a shoe I can wear that fits without pinching and rubbing. I kept quiet and wore my shoes until the preachers or church forbade us to wear sports shoes. We had to get rid of them in no uncertain terms. Period! 

The reason was because some boys from one family made a great show of wearing Reebok shoes. Their Reebok shoes, the way they wore them showed signs of pride and rebellion. So the easiest solution was to tell the congregation to get rid of all such shoes. There were a few like myself who quietly wore these shoes and without notice. One man wore them because it fixed his back pain. I wore them because they were comfortable and black, they had four holes and didn't pinch my toes or rub my heals. 

I burned in resentment at this stupid church rule because of those prideful, rebellious boys. I quit wearing the shoes but I didn't get rid of them. I decided to keep them hidden until I find another pair of shoes I can comfortably wear. 

When I moved from Aylmer to Cookeville I had the liberty to wear them again. But whenever I wore them I felt guilt and condemnation. I moved from Cookeville and went Charity/Mennonite and took these stupid shoes with me because they were not worn out and maybe someday I will need them. 

They, the shoes followed me to Florida. Today found them while cleaning out another corner. I looked at them and all that hidden anger and resentment surfaced again. I vented, as that is the best and quickest way to rid myself of past hurts.

Good-bye shoes and the dirt stuck in the sole/soul.

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