The Backside of Life

 The backside of the three Checker games

 The backside of the large crowd  watching the Bocce Ball game. 

 The backside of Geauga County Ohio people.

The backside of Arthur Illinois men, Larry Yoder and Marvin Miller.

From My Journal

I am sharing what I wrote in my journal this morning. This is probably the first time I ever quoted from my journal, first time to let the public even have a glimpse of it. But here goes...

"My intensive time with the PBS producers is history and I slept in this morning, but am still not finished unwinding. I so much enjoyed working with Callie, Tim and John. They were relaxed and easy going which of course made me be the same.

The whole thing or happening is a fresh reminder that I straddle more than one culture, that of the Plain People and of the media. This puts me on the edge of cultures, which is a bit unnerving and insecure. But it is also exciting and am looking forward to what else God has for me. My life is so short for I am not young anymore, but this is the time God choosen to use me to bring forth His glory whether by person; one-on-one or by the media. 

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to share my search for the Truth and my hunger after God. The emptiness of my heart for thirty years. The filling of my heart in the New Birth, by the New Birth. A little bit of Pinecraft life was included in the video because Pinecraft is a part of my life, a big part of my life. These two days of filming was not about Pinecraft. It was about me.

So I beg Pinecraft not to judge, not to chase out and condemn everybody that comes with a video camera. If God sends them to be used for His glory who are we to decide they are evil?"

Inventors' Paradise

 Pinecraft is an Inventor's Paradise. It is a place where deep thinkers meet. This is Daniel Ebersol with his new truck. On Tuesday afternoon he is planning to display more of his inventions or whatever they are call at the Pinecraft Park. 

 And Larry Yoder with his solar buggy comes and goes to the park. He always picks up people for rides. 

Leon Moyer with his low riding pedal bike. He didn't invent the bike but he invented means to pack all his belongings on the bike.

Girls' Turn

 In the Plain Peoples' world the men take the lead, based upon the Biblical principal that the man is the head of the home, he is the provider, the protector and whatever else goes with that role. I remember well when I lived in the Aylmer Ontario Amish community that one family especially always walked down the road with the husband/father in the lead, walking from five to ten steps ahead of the wife and children. I don't remember if the wife walked next and then followed by the six children or if the wife walked with the children. I do remember well the husband always walking five-ten steps ahead. It never varied, was always the same. He was the head of the home without a shadow of doubt and took the lead.

Down here in Pinecraft, most of the time the older men go their way and the women go the other way. They do their own thing. At the park the men are first when it comes to Shuffle Board, Bocce Ball and Corn Hole games. The men have seven Shuffleboards, whereas the women have one board. There are only a few women that play Bocce Ball and that is always if their husband is also playing. I have never seen women play Corn Hole until tonight. I don't know when the men left to do something else as I was down by the creek, but when I returned to the pavilion the men were gone and four of these girls were playing corn Hole. One was sitting on the sideline, after all only four can play at one time. 

This is just the way it has always been.

My Day

 Early this morning, early for a Troyer my windows were covered one by one. I was still inside eating my breakfast when suddenly I had enough of this suffocating feeling. so I stuck my breakfast of fresh fruit in the fridge, brushed my teeth, grabbed my camera and headed out. This is the way my house looked from the outside.

 I went to the park and watched the fishing...

 and the Corn Hole games.


 After enjoying a soft pretzel with a friend, I headed back home and the undercoat was applied. 

 Amos did the second coat this afternoon by spray painting a bit at a time and brushing it in. I left for another round in Pinecraft.

And when I returned late afternoon my house looks like this. There is still the trim to be painted and the lattes skirting around the house. When everything is finished I am going to have a good looking little house.

Elite and Pioneer Trails Buses

 I did it again, I watched the Elite bus load to go up north this morning. Last Spring after Pinecraft settled down for a long lazy summer, I reflected on the past winter and realized I hardly know the Lancaster people, nor their culture. I never will know the depth of their culture because I have never lived in Lancaster, nor am I one of them so to speak. I had a sneaking suspicious I am missing out on something worth learning to know. So I purposed that this coming winter I will hang around more when their bus comes and goes, etc. 

 Beautiful Mother and daughter.

 What you do before the bus leaves...

 This afternoon two Pioneer buses left. Sam Wickey and his wife came to see friends or relatives off. I love this couple. Sam had put a wanted ad somewhere out to the public letting the world know he wants a wife. She responded to his ad, they got married and live happily ever after. 

 This is Myron Hershberger's clan - his daughter-in-law Treva, a daughter, his wife Mary Ann and daughter Marlene, plus four grandchildren. I look forward to more visits with this family unit. 

While the two Pioneer buses were loading another of their buses came and unloaded many a person from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They had gone down to visit Gator Boys' Camp in Punda Gorda. Last week a bus load also went down for a tour.

Hot Snakes in the Park

 Abe and Rebecca on the swings.

 Shooting from the van.

I didn't ask questions but by what I saw they were blocked by a few men from coming up into the pavilion where Moon Light Bluegrass was singing to one of the largest crowds of the season. They packed up and left. 

My Day of Fellowship and Food

 Today about everything I did was unexpected and not in my plans, but I greatly enjoyed my day. I was going to do laundry and did half of it. Then I got a call from my niece Leah Schrock Miller wanting to know if I want to meet and eat at Der Dutchman's? And so I spend the noon meal with Leah and Seth.

 Seth needs his nap and he probably got it on the Scat bus traveling back to Siesta Beach. She is a brave Mom in never having traveled via Scat. But after asking a few questions about how use the bus, she boarded in front of Der Dutchman's left. 

Later in the day I was invited to dinner at John & Mary Fisher's place, along with their daughter Ruthie and family.
 I think the youngest' name is Lena.

 I love the ways he wears her Crocs.

This is half of their family. 

In between these two meals I snapped at Larry and his guests.
I wish I would have taken notice if all seven were riding in the buggy at the same time.

Gator Boys' Camp Benefit Supper

Tonight was the Gator Boys' Camp Benefit Supper at the Pinecraft Park. Gator Boys' Camp is located about an hour's drive south of Sarasota close to Punda Gorda. Two, three times a year they have Benefit Suppers in Pinecraft to help raise funds.

 The biggest attraction was the Horses and getting a ride.

 Another Load goes for a tide.

 Shaking hands is contagious and has a meaning underneath the shake. 

And another shake.

The food was dished out into trays. It was a fast, quick way to feed hundreds' of people.

 Waiting for the music to begin.

 The singers went by the name of Shenk.

The visiting goes on all evening. We visit. We love to ask each other, "Who are you? Where are you from? What are you doing?" We are a social group of people.

Ohio Reunion in Pinecraft

 Every year, every winter there are reunions at the Pinecraft Park. There are Ohio Reunions, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa and some more reunions if there are enough people to make a reunion. The only Reunion that never gets planned and take place is the Reunion for the people who don't go to reunions.  Tonight it was the Ohio Reunion. It was for everyone who lives or has lived in the state of Ohio. Tonight was the first time I ever attended in the ten years I am down here. 

Here a couple is locking up their bikes. Everybody is to bring a covered dish.

 You come in and find a seat and visit until it is time to start eating the food. Every year they have a committee who plans who are the speakers and keeps things well organized. 

 There were 125 names signed in the guest book. I am roughly guessing less than 50 were singles who lost their spouse or were never married. 

Tonight I met up with this couple again. Every time they return to Pinecraft I remind them of the first time we met down here. He Nookie said, when they come down they look as white as Leghorn Hens which is almost the truth. But by the time they leave they look like Rhode Island Reds and that is also true. They came down on Friday, so they are still white like Leghorn Hens.

Sunday Song Fest at the Park

 Today I was in my glory in picture taking. It was Sunday afternoon and there was a Song Fest at the park. And the people were almost all dressed in their Sunday best. So I helped myself to photo taking. (Click on photos to enlarge)

Top picture is setting up the system and reserving a by hanging your vest on the chair.

 Three Sisters

 Family walking into the park, Sam & Lydia Troyer and their oldest son and his wife from Dover DE.

 And finding your seats.

 This boy is from Indiana. He struck up a conversation with me, asking about my parents and where I am from. He is a polite young man.

 This spot is a favorite lean to...

 And the swings were in full use most of the day.


 Walking and wandering around.

 "Really! You don't say?"
 "What do you think now?" (I am trying to imagine the flow of the conversation.)

Mervin Ebersol and his wife.

 Young couple with (I assume) their first baby.

 Time for a nap.


 Young couple with two daughters. I tried to get a shot of the baby in the Daddy's arms.

 Husband and wife.

 When the people prayed after the song fest, hats went off.


An Amish man questioning/visiting the camera guys. These two, Ken and Dave are not from Hot Snakes doing another "Breaking Amish" or "Amish Mafia". They just want the bright side of Pinecraft, the best of Pinecraft.

It appears these boys were playing "Follow the Leader".

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