Glick's Doch-Vegley

 Doch-Vegley literally means "Covered Wagon." Lancaster Amish call their buggy a "Doch-Vegley", whereas other Amish not related to Lancaster Amish call their one-seater a "Buggy" and a two seater a "Surry". This is just the way it is and always will be. As of today Pinecraft has a Lancaster Doch-Vegley, besides the Illinois Amish Solar Buggy. One of these days both will be parading up and down the streets, giving people rides.

  According to my understanding the Doch-Vegley is a Christmas gift to Elmer Glick from his children. It came down last night and was kept in hiding until this morning. This is the first glimpse of it coming down Fry Street.

 Jason adjusting the mirror before turning into the park.

 Parked, and Elmer's great-grandchildren getting ready for another ride.

 Like everything else new or different in Pinecraft, it drew speculators.
 After Elmer was given the keys, he took the wheel and went for a ride.

Family members waiting for his return.

Elmer and Jason, his grandson-in-law if there is such a thing. Elmer promised me a ride. I can't wait to see this Doch-Vegley and the Solar Buggy giving rides through Pinecraft.

Daniel Ebersole was the designer and maker of this Doch-Vegley.

A Day in Pinecraft

 Going for a ride with Daddy and the puppy.

 Freeman Beachy has a number of rental houses and so he is cleaning sofa bed for one of the houses.

 Asking an Amish man questions about...

 Laundry Day

 A pile of bikes locked together, less some of them disappear.

 Julianna taking care of her younger brother.

Sisters from Kentucky visiting Pinecraft and also their grandparents.

Christmas in Pinecraft

 Today Pioneer Trails came down with six bus loads of people, five from Indiana, one from Ohio. This is the normal for Christmas Vacation, five times more Indiana people are here in comparison to Ohio. I think this is because Indiana Amish tend work in factories and get a two week vacation over the Christmas holidays, whereas Ohio has more small home businesses. Ohioans tend to take their two week vacation in February and March. Anyway this is just the way it is. 

Today the Pioneer Trails managers were smart. They posted on the wall of this mini barn when each bus is scheduled to come in and the names of all the passengers on that specific bus. This way the parking lot wasn't jammed packed full of people waiting to meet and greet their family members coming in, not knowing on which bus they will be. I tried to get close enough to get a shot of the list of people, but I couldn't get to the list and so I took a backside shot.
 In my opinion this is the cutest picture of the day, these two children intensively watching the passengers get off the bus. 
 Well, these little children each carrying a water jug are just as cute. When I asked the boy what his name is, he gave me three fingers. I still don't know what his name is.

 Another shot of them.

 This girl looks exhausted and ready for a shower and a nap. After all she was on the bus all night long.

 Young families with children. I am going to have fun with my camera while they are here.
 Perry waiting for their family members.

 After Pioneer Trails unloaded five buses, two Indiana buses from Indiana pulled in.

And at the heels of the Indiana buses the last Pioneer with the Ohioans came in. They had no option except unload on the street, which wasn't a problem because it is not a heavy traveled street. 

I think a couple more buses came in later in the day. Let the fun begin. 

Santa Claus

 Last night I met this Santa Claus at the Drum Circle on Nokomis Beach. The first and last time I talked to a Santa Claus was when I was in first grade in Fredericksburg Ohio. That was more than fifty years ago. I sat on his lap and he asked me what I want for Christmas? I was a little Amish girl too scared to open my mouth, so all I got was a bag of candy.

But last night he had been drumming when we arrived. Soon he quit drumming and made his way around the circle. After visiting a bit I opened up my mouth and started sharing with him. I don't know what prompted me but I just talked and he listened. When he talked, we had much in common. We both went into a very religious setting seeking for Truth. We didn't find what we were seeking for and so we both left. Later we both found the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

My bottom line is I am amazed again at who and what I find in questionable places and settings.  Last night I processed all that transpired between Santa Claus and I, on Nokomis Beach, in a Drum Circle. I don't know if the processing is finished but my conclusion for now is: I won't judge.

Sarasota County Time Capsule

 Today was the ceremony of the Sarasota Time Capsule. Back in early Summer, in July or so Teresa Mast a County Commissioner asked me if I want to take part and represent Pinecraft by donating some of my photos and whatever for the Time Capsule? I went through my photos and choose a number of them that show Pinecraft as it is in this present time. Some of these photos were chosen for the Time Capsule and so I got an invitation to attend, although this ceremony was open to the public.

 The ceremony opened with music, Scottish Bagpipes and drums.

 Just one was tapping. I don't know much about bagpipes but I am assuming he was doing the taps.

 These girls are the two youngest members of the historical committee. They will probably be the only two alive in 2071 when the Time Capsule will be opened. The man on the left was the moderator and the other one packed the Time Capsule.
 These two ladies served the refreshments.

 The unveiling...
 One is a high school student and the other is eight years old.

This is a bit hard to read with the glare of the sun.

 My first Pinecraft calendar went into the Time Capsule.

 And this photo book went in too.

 I doubt I will be alive and well in 58 years from now when they have a ceremony to open the capsule but I hope some of the great-grandchildren of these Pinecraft photos will attend. My pictures that are not chosen for the capsule are preserved in the Sarasota Historical Library.


People Watching People

 I love watching people watch people. This is how it is done. 

 These two had known each other way back in their teenage years. Les was from Hartville and Al from Geauga County Ohio. 

 People watching people get off the Pioneer bus.

 Once again people watching people...

  Audre King reading The Budget. 

 Fannie Yutzy

...and her husband Adin are back in Pinecraft for a couple of months. Adin is giving the High-Five while Freeman does a salute. Although I think Freeman is shielding his eyes from the sun.
Traffic Jam

Katie's Corner at Yoder's Gift Shop

 Two weeks ago I signed my Pinecraft photos, either in book form, or postcards, or a 2014 Pinecraft calendar at Yoder's Gift Shop. Nancy Ebersol Good and Janet Oberholtzer did the photo shooting. These are the pictures Nancy took with my camera. 

In looking through these photos I am seeing myself through the eyes of other people, which in all honesty is good for me.
 I greatly enjoyed meeting people.

This gentleman needed a place to sit while the rest of his group browsed the Gift Shop. This gave us the opportunity to visit.

Ivan & Sarah Ann Miller from Charm Ohio.

 Janet Oberholtzer and Nancy Ebersol Good and myself.

 Visiting with a Huber couple from Ontario. The Ira Huber I knew years ago was this man's uncle.

 Brian Emrich, the Yoder's Restaurant manager found a photo of his daughters in one of the photo books. Of course he bought the book.

 One of the photo books has the cover of Paul Miller and Reuben Troyer.

 More of the books. I got new photo books published a few weeks ago. 

Marvin & Carol Yoder

 Butch Chupp's wife who bought postcards of her grand daughter.

 I signed a calendar Stella Kauffman had previously bought.

 Two of Yoder's employees.

 I got to shake hands with one cute little girl.

And pet her brother's dog.

 Janet & Laura

 Visiting with Julie

 Mary Hershberger from Berlin Ohio

Janet Holtz

 Rachel Nisly Kemp 

 Anne Erb

 Martha Stutzman

This is a bit blurry, taken after dark of more locals. Neighbor Erma on the far left, Glen Yoders and Herman Mullets.

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