My Morning Bike Ride

 Last night I went to bed early because I was exhausted. After having a good solid night's sleep I woke up at 4 AM, ready to start the day. So with this early morning start I decided to go for a bike ride to the park. 
These photos are the only activities at the park except a few children.

Today's Happenings

 Gravel will turn into grass and Harvey and Leanna Miller will have a green front yard.

 Omar Stoltzfus is running the cat.

 Taping the corners of a roof in the Hostetler Trailer Court.

 Planning to go Golfing.

 Three passengers were on the bus coming in. They started out with twice as many but they were dropped off before arriving in Sarasota. A full bus load goes up tomorrow. 

We had a beautiful sun set tonight. It was the most perfect evening to be out. The temperature was neither hot nor cold, just right.

From the Old to the New

 This was yesterday's photo, on Estrada Street.

 This is the first photo I got this morning. 

 The next door neighbor. Changes are hard even if it is the house next door.

 This swivel rocker did lots of rocking in its better days.

 Going after the bigger storage shed.

 Getting the smaller storage shed. 

 Picking up the laundry drier, maybe it is the washer.

 The crowd of onlookers was small today in comparison to the middle of winter.

 Martha, Mattie, Katie, Joe
 Time for a break.

Tonight's shot. 

It is hard to see these old houses go, but this ha always been a part of life, the coming and going from the new to the old. The new owner was going to remodel but it was too far gone.


The slow time of the year I observe the non-human things in life. Here are a few of what I captured today.

 The Little Blue Heron walked the rail before he jumped into the weeds.

 The Flicker kept hammering away.

 Blooming where you are planted.

The Evening Star and the moon. I read this morning that this moon is supposed to shine green when it is full, but when I checked around a bit it is not true. So I guess I will wait and see.

Kropf Hobby Farm

 Dropping in on people is more or less a thing of the past. But today we did it. Nancy and I were east of I-75, driving around looking for Kodak moments, when we saw Lena tending their flowers. Her husband Daniel does landscaping for a living and so every bush and shrub is down pat for a beautiful home. 
Lena took us on a tour of her Hobby Farm. The goose greeted us with her honking.

 One cluck hatched out a brood of chicks.

 Busy laying their daily, organic, free range egg. Some were eating at the feeders, while others were scratching outside. 
 This is a beauty. I marvel at the design of each feather.

 Lena said she was told if chickens have black legs they will lay blue or green eggs. With time she will know if this is true. She recently bought these chickens and they are not laying yet.

 Admiring their beauty.

The Farm dog. 

Mower, Trimmer and Blower

 There were eight of these men walking down Bahia Vista on both sides of the street this afternoon.

Sunday Evening Outing

 A couple of years ago Nancy and I found this very private spot on Ken Thompson Parkway. Last evening we needed a ride, so we found this spot again. The first thing we saw was a dozen or more Pelicans settling down for the night.

 The view across the bay.

 Cleaning up and preening feathers.

 The little bit of a beach.

 We had the sun on our backs, for we were facing east, so we had the best of light for photography.

 The view at our feet.

 There is beauty everywhere if we look for it.

 The Splash

Twisted Necks

 Whenever the Pelicans went diving for fish the Sea Gulls followed and joined them. 
 The sun's reflection on the high rises across the bay.

 Nancy relaxing

 The boys, the girls had their own and came in first.

 The first time these boat docks were not here. 

 A few last shots on our way out.

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