The Backbone of Pinecraft

 Sangita formerly from India is multitasking - talking on the phone, holding the baby and hanging out the laundry.

 Sam delivering Big Olaf ice cream to Big Olaf Creamery.
 Getting ready to cement a driveway on Kaufman. 

 Ready to unload fresh produce at Yoder's. 

 Allen carrying in a bag on onions.

 Joe carrying in the second bag of onions.

And putting them on the shelf.

Watching these people busy at work made me realize we have some very hard working people in Pinecraft. These men and others are the backbone of Pinecraft. It is because of them that makes it possible for Pinecraft to be a vacation spot, a winter resort for the Plain People and many others.

Changes at the Park

 Since the three day rain earlier this week Phillippi Lake was birthed at the Pinecraft Park.

 This picnic spot was lost to the Phillippi Lake. On hot summer days we can sit and spit at the table ans cooling out hot feet in the water. 
 The south end of the Lake has some Mud Flats.

 The Phillippi Creek is now the Phillippi River. It is wide and deep enough for speed boats to roar up and down.

 We now have a new pond, going by the name of Bocce Ball Pond, as that is the exact place where the new pond is.

Ducks and other shore birds take advantage of the lake. Tonight there was a Roseate Spoonbill feeding on this body of water. I didn't get a picture of it as it was up and gone before I got close enough to get a good shot.

Tonight I went back to the park again just to enjoy the beautiful evening. Shuffleboard was in session.
 I tried to get some action shots tonight. I don't know who this man is, but he aimed and shot with great care.

 Crist Petersheim

Henry Wagler and Andy Byler. 

It was a good day. After three days of rain I couldn't get enough of the beautiful day.

Looking to the Father

I was biking home after spending a few hours out and about. I shot six photos in the following order. There is no need for an explanation after each photo for I didn't hear their conversation. This is what I saw.

Parrots' Paradise

 Tuesday evening I set my alarm to get up early Wednesday morning to go to Parrots' Paradise. Actually I didn't know it was Paradise. I just knew Laura Beiler was taking me to her sister's place to see the parrots feasting on their breakfast. 

This bird watches from the neighbor's roof. Mattie's birds have to eat in shifts, so this one waits until the parrots had their breakfast and then Mattie brings out breakfast for him.

 This is one of the feeders,
 and here are the other two for the parrots. Laura tried to count the parrots but she quit counting when she came to number 31 as the started flying around. 

These parrots devour about 40 pounds of Sunflower seeds in 2-3 days.

 I like watching the body language between these two parrots. I am pretty sure they were both reaching for the same seed, the biggest, fattest kernel.

"Why did you take my sunflower seed?"

 And then they would gt scared and fly off...
and sit and wait and cuddle, whisper to each other.

 A citrus tree.

 A person needs to pull weeds even in Paradise.

 A water fountain and an angel take up one corner.

There is beauty in every corner and I didn't see all of it. I hope there is a next time.
A little piece of heaven.

Biking Pinecraft

 I have been sort of avoiding biking in the park. Since they are working on the Phillippi Creek the bike trail and the north entrance is blocked off. So I bike elsewhere. These are some of the shots I got tonight. I started out with my little home, next to my landlord's house. I appreciate the yard work that is being done every two weeks this summer. 

 I visited a bit with Laura Miller Beiler. She was transplanting Mums. Everything she touches turns into an object of beauty. 

 The Golden Spoon hangs on the privacy fence.

 Some progress is being done here.

 The new Musser home, the view from Miller Ave.

 This is the Graber view. The grounds are ready to be paved into driveways and patios or whatever.
 Even the dumpster and garbage cans look neat and clean. 

At Big Olaf. On the other side of this Yukon stands the barefooted driver feeding his dog ice cream from a Styrofoam cup. Most dogs have a good life down here.

Elizabeth High's Birthday

Today is Elizabeth's 80th birthday, although we celebrated on Tuesday evening at the Pinecraft park.

I can't remember many names, so I can't tell who made the cake. But the first layer is shaped like a butterfly.

These are some of the first guests to arrive. All of the above live in Pinecraft except Laura Yoder. So they are basically Elizabeth's neighbors. 

 Norm and Barb Borntrager are from the same church Elizabeth attends. Quite a number of her church people were at the party.

 Elizabeth with her swertz cousin, which is a cousin once removed.

 Making the Money Tree bloom.

 Lizzie Hochstetler and Barbara Miller.

 Sisters: Laura Yoder and Fannie Beachy

 The men in the distance. I think the lady in purple from Georgia is a cousin to Elizabeth.

 Elizabeth's niece Tena.

 Ricky who has been a friend to Levi & Elizabeth for a number of years.

 A shadow can move and walk if the real person moves and walks. 

 Quite a bit of singing of hymns.

 The brooms stood and waited...

 A few young guests watch Elizabeth unwrap her gifts.

 This picture is all blurry but it doesn't take the cuteness away.

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