Summer Rains

 Tonight I looked out my window and saw dark rolling clouds coming in from the east. I looked out the opposite window and saw that the wind is from the west. I thought this can be quite interesting watching the wind and the storm clouds meet and I wanted to be outside just out of reach of the rain. So I got on my biked and biked up Kaufman Ave wondering if I can make it to Yoder's Deli and sit under the roof. But I never got that far, only went as far as Beachy's carport. I backed into the far corner well protected from the rain and watched the wind and the rain.

 After the rain I continued up to Yoder's Deli. I saw this beautiful glimmering huge puddle of gray water and then I saw these reflections in the puddle. As I turned around I got tangled into the traffic. They were kind enough to stop and let me have the whole street for a few minutes. But then they looked at me like I am crazy and I probably was, but I don't get to see a puddle like this very often.

 This morning I took a picture of these huge blooming flowers in their prime...

Tonight after the rain I went back for another look and here the very same flowers are.

A Note from Jessica Bailey

 I received this note from Jessica Bailey. Does anybody have more information?

Dear Katie Troyer - My name is Jessica Bailey, and I live in Ohio. I found you online via the New York Times article, and I am writing in hopes that you might have any information about someone from the Ohio (Wooster) Amish and Mennonite community that lives or used to live in the Sarasota area. My grandmother recently passed, and while going through her possessions, we found a box of letters that she had exchanged in the 1950's and 1960's with Clara Schlabach (and later, after a marriage, Clara Siford). From reading Clara's letters, it seems that she was originally from the Wooster area of Ohio, but moved to Sarasota and then later to Naples. A man named Wayne is mentioned in a 1958 and 1960 letter, and Clara says that Wayne is Elsie's sister, and that he got remarried and had a baby boy on October 13th. I know this is a long-shot, considering the names are likely very common and the community in Sarasota is large, but I felt that I owed it to myself to at least write you. Any information you might have would be very interesting to me, as I am curious to learn about these people and their friendships. I do have specific addresses and additional information if it is something that you are interested in pursuing. Thank you for your time and consideration. Warm regards, Jessica Bailey


 Tonight I did a very close up shot of one of my flowers.

 Tonight Louis and Mary Wagler have their quilt airing out on the wash line. They are down here for a week or so.

Tonight nobody is sitting on my neighbor's lawn chairs.

Family Time with Daddy

 Less than a month ago Roman and Sarah Schlabach had made plans to return to their Upper Michigan home for the summer months. But one of the preparations before leaving was for Roman to see their family doctor down here just to make sure everything is okay before making that long trip back home. This time not everything was okay, so they had a last minute change of plans. Instead Roman went in for more tests concerning his heart and all their children came down. He was scheduled for an operation concerning his heart, which was done two weeks ago. 

Tonight these were out for exercise; Roman on a three-wheel bike, the son on a unicycle and the daughter walking at a brisk pace. She had no other option if she wanted to keep up with the menfolks.

Tuesday Shots

 This morning I biked to the bus stop at Graber and Bahia Vista. While waiting on the bus I looked around and took these first three shots.
 This afternoon I went out for another bike ride for exercise. I have never seen the park as empty as I did then. It was in the middle of the afternoon, so only a daddy and a daughter were fishing and another biker came in eating a candy bar. These last two pictures were taken this afternoon.

Tonight was the Pinecraft Village Meeting and in my opinion it was a good meeting, the best meeting so far. We were in small groups of 6-8 people each and this gave each of us an opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions on a number of given subjects.

Pinecraft Village Meeting

This is the third such meeting. There is only going to be a small group there as the snow birds have left for the north except for a few late stragglers. But it will give the local year-round people the opportunity to speak their minds or whatever we want to do.


 Today it rained. We had been expecting a stormy weekend according to the weather forecast. But an old-time Pinecraft guy said a few days ago that storm predictions are not reliable this time of the year. He basically said it is not going to storm. Well, it didn't storm, at least not yet but we had some well needed rain. 

 Aloe Vera's rain drops.

 More rain drops in a basket of flowers.

And more rain drops...

Around Pinecraft

I wasn't out much today and there is not much going on so I have only a few pictures I took today, actually tonight after the skies cleared.

 The remodeling of an old worn out house. Everything is gone except this portion of the wall. They will rebuilt around the wall.

 Flowers at Yoder's Deli get prettier by the day.

Old Atlee Miller is enjoying two or three scoops of Big Olaf ice cream one more time before they fly north tomorrow morning. The women Viola and Dorene went in to buy the ice cream while the men waited on the outside.

Today's Misc Shots

 Leon is changing a tire while Kylie watches the action.

 Omer Beiler is finishing his trailer and getting it ready to head back north next week. 

 The Pioneer Trails Bus left this afternoon, loaded to the brim. I caught this Mother/Son shot.

 Two men boarding the bus. I love the fancy twisted cane.

Last minute visiting before John on the right boards the bus.

Shuffleboard Observations

 Tonight the park was almost empty of people when I entered except for Owen who is homeless when he drinks and has a home and a wife whenever he quits drinking and sobers up. He was sitting under the pavilion with a bottle. Anyway I continued biking down on the bike trail until I saw these people at the shuffleboard and so I watched for a while and took some pictures.

I didn't notice the facial expressions until I cropped these pictures and I confess I am so pleased at how pleased they look. I especially notice the woman's face and feet and the way she holds that pole on the left at the top photo and Mary's face on the bottom right.

 I know John & Mary Fisher, the couple on the right. The other two couples look like I'd want to get to know them too.

 Mary making her shot.

 This is on the opposite end of the court. I don't know which man belongs to which woman, but this man who is determining his next shot with great care, is taking the long way around scratching his bald head. I think whenever he scratches his head, he can think more clearly.

And he makes his shot...

Glen Mullet's Music Fest

 Tuning up. Not every singer was here yet. All told there were about nine instrument players, while another one sat in the audience. Visable here are left to right: Glen Mullet, Dave Miller setting the tone, Glens' daughter in law Shelia, Lengacher, John Miller & Shelia's dad Mel.
 Glen, his youngest son and Shelia, Nathan's wife.

 Front row: Mary & John Troyer, locals.
Back: Herman & Elsie Mullet, locals.

 Glens' son, then father & daughter singing.

 I wasn't the only photographer.

 Anna & Levi Beachy  who are winter birds from Arthur Illinois are using natural shades to protect their eyes.

 Edna & Robert Detweiler, local whose roots are from Geauga County Ohio.

 I posted a similar photo on Project 365 late last night. I love the looks on each faces, an expressions from the heart as we took in the music.

 Glen Mullet & Dave Miller. Dave had returned here the previous evening after spending time with his Mother who was in the hospital due to cancer.

 After dark shot. I love my camera as this is the first one that I can take decent shots in the dark.

These are just a few shots I could take within my range. There were many more people here. Most of them made up the local Pinecraft population. These people fade into the woodwork during the winter months, unless they are serving food at the Benefit Suppers at the Park.

Gardenia's Music Fest

 These first four pictures are a part of the audience. 

 This shot looks best in black/white. It was such a tiny spot on the edge of the bigger shot.

 This past winter Steve Marner was more dead than alive. God healed him and he looks better every time I see him out and about.

 I don't know who this guy is but he basically stayed in the background.

 John Miller, a Lengacher, Lee Swartzentruber, Glen Mullet and Darrell.

 John Graber playing the accordions. He is also a harmonica player.

 Dave & Doreen or is it spelled Dorene? Or do I have the names wrong altogether?

 John is gone with the music. Sometimes he gets so tuned up he almost dances. I think it must be the Indian blood running in him for his great or great-great grandma was a little Indian girl in Holmes County. (PS, I am not sure anymore if John's lineage was Gypsy instead of Indian)

 Martha Hostetler was send home to get her accordions and got no rest until she played a few songs.

Last but not least Homer Lambright was dragged up out of the crowd and brought in to Yodel. I decided to take most of the color out of this photo to protect him, as if he needs protection. 

There were many more people singing and making music during this two hour music fest that I chose not to post. This is the last such fest on Gardenia Street until November because summer is here and there are not many people left in Pinecraft.

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