The Arrival of the First Snow Birds

 First of all I apologize for watermarking my pictures, but last night I received a phone call informing me that my pictures are being taken without permission and posted elsewhere. I don't know who all is doing it, but if you take them from henceforth my name will be on the picture and the whole world will know they have been stolen. If you ask for them, I will take the watermark off  and email them to you, especially so if the picture you want is family. I hope you all understand and if you don't understand, then ask for wisdom and knowledge and understanding.

Today was my kind of day for I was back into doing what I love best about Pinecraft. The Pioneer Bus came in and I took some pictures.

 Robert and Nora waiting for the bus to come in which was due in at 12:15 but it came a little bit earlier.

 The Drivers: Dave Stoltzfus and Donny Wagler.

 The first of the Snow Birds that are here to stay came in...

 Henry & Sarah Detweiler from Indiana.

 And every passenger on the bus brought down luggage.
 Mabel, Dave Stoltzfus' wife came along down but she had stayed on the bus until she saw Sherry Gore in the crowd and so she exited the bus...

 to meet and greet Sherry. Sherry had stayed in their home when she was up in Ohio for her book signing.

 Yup Marie (Marie Beachy) returned after being gone gone for a month or so. 

 Marie is a friend to everybody.

I got better shots of Donny but I like this one the best. I was actually aiming for his shirt tail but he turned and bend over before the camera was focused, so...

Henry Detweiler made Sherry Gore a small quilt frame and brought it along down on the bus.

Mr Gecko's New Coat

 This morning I looked out my window and saw Mr Gecko in distress. I grabbed my camera and shot through the window pane, because there was no way in the world I would open my door for better pictures for I knew I wouldn't get any pictures at all. 

 Instead I left him alone, so he can do what he needs to do. I watched as he pulled off this layer of whatever. I think God sent a tiny wind to help him and bit by bit this membrane loosened and he pulled on it sort of rolled it up and stuck it in his mouth, as you can see. He swallowed and nearly choked. I saw his lungs and stomach area push air while his mouth hung wide open, gasping for air.  Finally it was down and he could breathe normal again.

 And then he rolled up another wad up over his head and ate it.

Finally he had everything off and devoured  except a little bit on his hind leg. Then the phone rang and when I came back to the window he was gone.

An Amish Church Service

A week ago I was in Lancaster County for five days. On Sunday morning the people across the road from where I was staying were having church services at their home. I snapped pictures and clicked the camera as fast as I could. Below is the order of the beginning of every Sunday morning's Amish church service in Lancaster. It has been this way for generations and will continue unless the freedom of worship is taken from us in America.

The Bishop in the suit coat is waiting for the precise moment to the lead the flock into the shed where church services is going to be. The other two preachers follow the Bishop and the deacon brings up the end. Then it is time for the older men to line up and walk into the shed.
More people walk in services for they live within the neighborhood.
 Young girls arrive. One has a suitcase and takes it to the house. Either she is going some place else after services or at least needs a change of dress.
 The contrast. I wasn't aiming for the biker but am glad I got him.
 The young married men with small children follow...
 while more people keep coming.
 I think this little girl is at home here, because she acts like this is her home place.
 Little boys, but big and too old to sit with their Daddy. It varies within communities at what age their children start sitting with the boys and girls.
 After the little boys went into the shed, the girls came out from behind the house and walk single file into the shed.
 The tail end of the girls. They all more or less file in by age.
 After the all the married men walked in, this whole group of boys came from where ever the buggy's were parked and went into the barn.
 Up until now this section of the barn was full of married men and their little sons, but once they left for the shed the boys came and did what they needed to do before lining up and walking single file into the shed.
 And then when everybody is seated, the bishop announces that church service will now begin in the Name of the Lord. In some places the men will now take off their hats. At other places the men take off their hats as soon as they enter the shed. 

Then the Bishop, the preachers and the deacon get up and walk solemnly, single file into the house where a room is prepared for them to do whatever they do, generation upon generation.
 These three boys have a desire to be baptized, so for nine times they follow the ministers into the room that has been prepared for them to receive instructions on what it takes to become a Christian and how to be an up-building Amish person. Usually on the ninth Sunday of church services they are baptized. They are watched closely all summer long for any signs or evidence they are not ready to be baptized or become a member of the church.
And then the "Haus-doddy" or home owner sweeps up a bit, with the help of his little daughter.
After everyone was in and the barn swept, I sat on the outside and turned up my hearing-aids and listen to their singing. And time turned back in remembering... 

I have no regrets leaving all this behind, but I treasure it for it is my heritage...

The Security Guard

 He is on the night shift.

 I asked him how many keys he carries with him? He didn't know so he counted them. He counted fifty-one.

He also showed me his badge just in case I want those keys... He also has a pair of hand-cuffs handy, and a little key to lock the hand-cuffs. Don't mess with him.

Arson at the Amish Church

The Fire Marshall has determined the explosion and fire a week ago at the Amish Church started from arson. 

 While waiting for the Pioneer Trails Bus to come in, I visited with John Henry on the left. He said he is waiting on a coffin that the bus is bringing down to replace one of the three coffins that has to be trashed due to the fire and explosion. Their way of determining which coffins  need to be trashed was to ask themselves whether they would want to bury their wife in a damaged one? I think that was the wisest deciding factor of which ones to trash.

 Later in the day I biked to the church house just to take a look. It blows my mind wondering why someone would deliberately destroy property that is not their own, especially a church building. This shot is the dumpster with plastic stacking chairs on top.

 I am assuming this building is where the coffins were stored in.
 The broom with a melted handle.

Two more similar incidents have happened recently, so we are warned to keep our eyes open for suspicious looking whoever.

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