Dr David from India


This post doesn't need many words from me, for it is self-explanatory. I also scanned in his handwriting rather than retyping.If you want to support Dr David in any way, please contact him via email.

He is a delight to visit with and get to know him.
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Thank you.

New Signs at the Park

 I don't know when these signs were put in place but here they are. This section is for school age children, age from 6 - 12 years old.

 This part is for ages 2 - 5 year old.

And this sign is at the swings. I appreciate what all the county is doing for the village of Pinecraft.

Park Pictures

 One person fixing to go home and the others are going shuffling.

 I guarded these hats while I shot photos. These Lancaster County people are too trusting, not knowing that in Sarasota a person keeps an eye on everything of value or gets stolen. 

No more deodorant because the container is empty, so this was left setting on a picnic table.

Random Shots

Whatever... Glen talks with his hands, which adds to the conversation.

Fishing without success, at least for this time. Although earlier she caught a good sized Catfish.

David Borntrager reaches for something he can't reach. I know just how it is...

Mini Pinecraft Gathering

 Last evening I there was a mini Pinecraft gathering at Martha Hostetler's place, across the street from my place. Years ago in their Rumspringa years these two, Glen Mullet and Martha Hostetler used to play their musical instruments together. Both of them laid their musical gift aside when they became members of the Amish church.

Years later they are again making music together because they both belong to churches that allow musical instruments. Both of them are singing to the Glory of God.

More people were invited and I snapped this and cropped it; Homer Lambright and Thomas Peachey. Both of these men have an ear for music. Homer yodels and Thomas sings.

I like this. I feel for Roman for he looks up to Marvin even when Marvin looks down to Roman. Years ago I rendered an Indiana Amish Bishop speechless when he told me everybody bows down to me. I shot back, "No! I look up to everybody!" He had nothing more to say.

Daily Chores on the Farm

 I am blessed and privileged that I was more than welcome to spend an evening with this family during their chore time and a wiener roast afterwards. Thank you to this family and the link that made this time possible.

 The first of the twenty-five cows to come in for their milking.

 The little children watching from a safe distance.

 Utter cleaning. Sometimes they were a bit camera shy, but he couldn't get away without shrinking his utter cleaning.

 Putting the milkers on the cow. I think they were using only two milkers.

 The Mr cleaning up while the cows were being milked.

 Pouring the milk into the bucket to carry it to the cooler.

 Getting ready to feed the calves.

 The smallest calf was bottle fed.

 The farm dog got his portion too.

 Licking your nose is just a cow thing.

 The twins observing the chickens...

 And stroking the rabbits.

The chores are done for another day. Now comes the wiener roast and the fellowship. I took many more pictures and am making a photo book for the family.

This time at the farm was one of the highlights of my trip to Ohio. I was in Ohio for only a week and this was one of my over-all best trips.

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