Daviess County Bus

The Daviess County bus from Indiana left today. There are always the "Good-byes".  

Activities Throughout the Day

 Waiting in line at Yoder's Restaurant for their Thanksgiving pies.

 Merle Stoltzfus and son out on a bike ride.

The Pioneer Trails bus came in.

 We celebrated Nancy Ebersol Good's 60th birthday a bit early.
Photo credit: Carol Atwell.

 The sun went down in the west, just like normal.

 Wednesday night Shuffleboard Tournament

And Volleyball games until the light went off. 

Tomorrow morning I plan to fly to Ohio to be with family for Thanksgiving. 

Shopping at Yoder's Amish Village

Sitting on the corner of Bahia Vista and Kaufman in the late afternoon is rewarding, as everybody is going somewhere.

When I saw this mother come out of Yoder's Deli, I just figured she has a baby in the stroller. But when I loaded this photo on the computer, I saw how wrong I was. The watermelon gets to ride because he doesn't have legs while the little boy does the walking. 

Work and Play

 We work and we play. I think this is the popcorn man from Indiana. He raises a specific kind of popcorn to sell. After the harvest they become Snow Birds in Sarasota.

Freeman Beachy is a hard working man in Pinecraft. They take care of a number of rentals and are most always cleaning up somewhere, something. I do think in the summertime up north, he takes life a bit easier. They did some traveling this past summer with the highlight being Colorado. 

All told, we work and we play and we enjoy life. This is the way it ought to be.

At The Pinecraft Park

 Taking a look at her surroundings in the mirror.

 Anna protecting her dolls.

 At the Shuffleboard

Levi Shrock

Pioneer Trails Bus Run

The Pioneer Trails came in with more people. This is their last run south before Thanksgiving, although tomorrow they return north with passengers.

iPhone Photography

 Tonight after sunset I practiced iPhone photography. These photos are the end result of the best ones I took.

 I thought Mary and Leanna made a good silhouette while visiting over the fence.

The first photo shot came out great. The second one they lost their composure at the thought of Mennonite women hovering over the "No Smoking" sign.

These two women keep the park life lively.

Park Cleanup

Today they cleaned up the west bank of the Phillippi Creek. The equipment is still parked at the park, so maybe they will do the east bank tomorrow. It looks good although the Little Blue Heron protested while they were destroying its habitat. 

Super Moon

Monday is Full Moon, which is a super moon. It is suppose to be 14-16% bigger and 30% brighter. This photo doesn't show much of the moon as it is partly hidden behind a cloud and also Erma's tree. But I like the effects of the clouds and the tree.

Old Age Rumspringa

Old Age Rumspringa, all the way from Montana to Florida. 
Lydia Fisher and her husband, Omar & Sadie Stoltzfus.
In the shadow of the vehicle is Perry & Edna Troyer. 

San Diego Tacos

Today I had lunch at San Diego Tacos with Janet Oberholtzer. Janet was in Sarasota looking after things in her Mother's house. Since she had to stay around until the workers were finished, it gave us the opportunity to try Mexican Food. 

Disk Sanding

I probably posted a picture of Sam Troyer sanding down the shuffleboard disks last winter, but this is a year later. 

The Backside

 Going home from church.

Watching a rowboat rowing down the Phillippi Creek.

Sick & Rumspringa

 This is a Mother/Daughter picture. They are here to doctor for health reasons from Annville Kentucky. Annville is a fairly new settlement with about eighteen families.

These two were Rumspringa buddies more than 45 years ago. My Brother Eli and Fred Hershberger. 

Snowbird Season

 Today the Pioneer Trails bus came in with quite a number of people. This was the first group of people waiting for the bus to arrive.

 And then the golf cards came in, Omar Beiler with Ben Lapp, Mattie Miller and Paul Miller

 Today was the first time The Budget from Sugarcreek Ohio came down via the bus. Sam Troyer is in charge of distributing The Budget. The price went up by 25 cents, which makes the cost $1.25.

Looks like the baby grabbed a beard. 

 Omar with Sovilla and Ben from north of Mt Hope. They have a winter home here.

Siblings, Mervin lives here year round, Mary Ellen and her husband are Snowbirds. In the background is another snowbird, Crist & Betty. 

Shuffleboard Tournament

 I was amazed at the amount of people at tonight's Shuffleboard tournament. They had four games going, plus lots of people watching the games. 

This is also the time to sit and visit and catch up with the people that arrive almost daily. I am surprised at the amount of people coming in the last ten days or so. 

Albert Miller and Henry Wagler 

Cristy Hochstetler and John Henry Whetstone are seated. I don't know the man behind them.

Home Again

 These beauties are down by the Phillippi Creek. 
 I didn't take a computer with me on my trip to North Carolina, so I only posted some photos I had taken with my phone. Those got on Facebook and Instagram. But I am back home after a very relaxing stay with cousins and am ready to take my best camera with me whenever I leave the house. 

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