Random Shots in Pinecraft

 The cigarette on the windowsill. You can't take it into the public store, so it has to stay outside.
 Whenever I past this house I have to stop and admire the texture of the stucco.
 I love the sight of Spanish Moss.It is so much a part of the deep South.

 Yoder's Fresh Market a few minutes before closing time. 

 Across the street is the Golf Shop.

Out in front of the Yoder's Deli are the Geraniums. They are just starting another round of buds and blooms.

The Beauty of a Storm

I saw this storm coming before I even left the house tonight, but I was determined to get out of the house and go biking in the cool of the evening, although it hadn't cooled off yet. Today the temperature was 91 degree, but the feel was 109. So common sense people who don't have jobs stay inside as much as possible during the heat of the day. 

So I went out and watched the storm coming in from Big Olaf. Once it started sprinkling I crossed the street and settled under the roof of the Deli.

 Somewhere in this roiling clouds I saw a faint rainbow. So I knew God remembers His promise never to destroy the earth again with a flood. 

Also being my father's daughter I love watching summer storms from the safety of an open porch. I remember many a times we quit working or playing and gather on the open porch to watch these storms. 

 Out of the storm clouds the wind came along with the rain before the sun had time to set..

 And so the sun just continued to shine in spite of the pouring rains. It was absolutely the most beautiful sight. I sat under the safety of the roof in awe.

 Then the sun hid behind the rain. 

 A few people on foot were caught in the rain. This might be a homeless man and wondered where he is going to spend the night? Sleeping under the bridges in Pinecraft is out of the question. 

I thought the rains won't last long, but I was mistaken for every now and then the wind kept changing directions. The rain first came out of the east. In this photo the wind is coming from the west and brought the rain and all the thunder and lightening straight back over Pinecraft. Some of the lightening bolts were near, but I reminded myself that as long as I can see the lightening and hear the thunder I haven't been struck by lightening. And then the storm came from the south for the wind had turned. I was not wet but I was cold. I could almost see it whip around from the north and get cold, maybe even hail. 

But then the rain slacked off to a drizzle while the thundering got louder and lightening flashed again and I thought it is now or never so I took off for home as fast as my pedals could turn the wheels. I made it into the house before the last mini shower finished up the rain.

But I have no regrets sitting under the Deli's roof for an hour in this storm.

The Ringling Museum of Art

 I am guessing for the last eight years I have been wanting to visit The Ringling Museum of Art. Today we finally went. A few years ago I visited Mable's Rose Garden with Barbara Beiler. The roses were in bloom and it was truly beautiful. 

 We took an inviting path through a wooden area because it was too inviting not to meander onto those paths.
 Flowers at the base of the Banyan trees.

 All along the foot path were various statues. This was my favorite, most cheerful one.

 Real Bull riding

 Inside the Art Museum. This piece of art was one of the first that caught our eye. It was also one of the oldest pieces.

 Picking a splinted out of his foot. He has been at it for hundreds' of years.

 This writing belongs to the following painting.
 Getting Lot out of Sodom.

 The bust of a powerful man. He reminds me of someone that I can't place my finger on. 

 The side view. He represents power, manipulative power. He is not the first man with this kind of power, nor will he be the last man...

This is the entrance and the exit.

Nokomis Beach

 Instructions before entering the beach.

 We were hoping for a beautiful sun set in front of us and the super moon behind us. We got neither but it was a beautiful evening spend on Nokomis Beach.
 The Jetty off to the left where people were fishing or whatever. Jerry saw a Manatee or two. We also saw Dolphins.
 Janet started singing, "Peter, James and John had a little sailboat..." Sights trigger memories.

 Janet Oberholtzer

 Watching the clouds change formation put us in a state of dream world...

 Jerry Oberholtzer dreaming...

 Nancy Ebersol Good patiently waiting for that bolt of lightening with her video camera.

 The rain coming in from the west. It was time to pick up and leave for everybody had left the beach except one other person.

One last look backward through the high grass.

Just a Few Shots of My Day

 This morning I did some biking for it was time to do some biking. I love this place out of the way even if it is on Bahia Vista.

 Some new hydro poles were replaced on Kaufman Ave. 

 What big ears you have. I think these are on the backside of Amish Henry & Sarah' place.

 The Strait Street, its Graber Ave.

 This dress is going home tomorrow. 

Getting close to Full Moon. I think it is on the 23rd and is supposed to be one of a kind Full Moon. I didn't read up on it yet.

A Visit at "Live Ready Now"

It is amazing what all can be found within an hour's drive of Sarasota to whet my "Back Woodsy Roots". Piddling around with plants, with seeds, with natural homemade fertilizers, in looking around of what is available and what can I do with the things that are within my reach. But these chapters of my life came to an end when I chose to move out of Cookeville TN in 1996.

I now live in Sarasota Florida and I am at home here, but I do enjoy visiting places like Crowley Museum  . Yesterday afternoon I visited another very interesting place, "Live Ready Now" with Nancy Ebersole Good. Below are a few pictures of what I captured during our visit.
 The master called the horses and they quit whatever they were doing and walked back into the barnyard.

 This is their best watchdog except it is a fowl. This bird also escorted us out the drive. (And I am telling the truth.)

 Picking a mixture of salad greens in their herb garden for their Sunday meal. Unless they ate the salad Saturday evening.

 Triple tier planter from old galvanized tubs and buckets.

 Pumping fresh water from the shallow well they drilled. 

 My view into the barnyard.

 Little Farmer Boy hauling water to irrigate the trees or shrubs recently planted.
 Took one last shot of the wheelbarrow and bale of hay before we were escorted out the drive by the Guinea fowl.
 I did some longhorn bull shooting with my camera on the way back to the city.

 I can't imagine walking around with such big horns growing out of my head. Are these horns for protection or just for the looks of who can grow the greats horns? Stupid question.

 We scared off four deer. 

 Another bull on which carries his own water tank.

 A family of Sandhill Cranes walking in the direction of Sarasota.

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