New Byers

This house on Graber Avenue changed hands recently. It is the third house down from the Tourist Church's parking lot. The door on the left is an apartment. The little shed on the right goes with the house.  

The above house is connected to this one, which is on Miller Street. The two houses are sound proof with a thick heavy wall between the two. At least this is what I have been told.

A Fix-Upper

The little house behind the Laundromat is getting a fix upper and should be available to rent in the near future. 

Indiana Couple

Looking for the Alligator. 

This couple's roots are Berne Indiana, but they live in Salem Indiana.

Cleaning the Phillippi Creek

Late morning I biked to the Pinecraft Park and the parking lot was full and so I continued biking to find out what is going on.

Kayaks by the dozen were around, loading up and a few were still out in the water. Water dripping trash bags were carried to a truck. Food and drinks were available for the hungry crowd.

I asked and was told they cleaned out the creek of plastics and debris.
Thank you to the volunteers who donated their time and energy.   

What is This?

What is this? It was floating or swimming in the Phillippi Creek in the Pinecraft Park? 

Today, Thursday

If it is too cold to go to the beach, you can at least warm up on the cement drive. The little one is reading Charlotte's Web. 

I am guessing there are a dozen balls in this box. 

Pinecraft Boys

He was raking the sand.

These brothers belong to the Rudy Troyer Tribe of Holmes/Wayne County Ohio.  

Food for the Family

Today this guy almost missed the bus. The door was closed and the driver started easing out of the parking lot but stopped short. The door opened and the wife went looking for him. After a little wait they returned with about eight dinners from Yoder's Restaurant too feed the family on the long bus ride to Indiana. 

The Life of a Squirrel

Guarding the entrance

Tonight I gave these boys the opportunity to feed the squirrels. They fed them and then also tried to
catch them, but the squirrels were to quick. 

Watching the squirrels

Since the squirrel didn't come down from the tree,
he decided to take the peanut to the squirrel.
No such success. 

The Budget

On Thursdays it is Budget Day in Pinecraft. The Budget from Sugarcreek Ohio gets on the Pioneer Bus Wednesdays and arrives in Pinecraft the following day. Sam Troyer is in charge of the Budget.

Checking their purses for $1.25 to cover the cost of The Budget.  

Pinecraft Days

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week is
Pinecraft Days
Arts and Crafts Festival.  

Pennsylvania's "Good-Bye"

I have never been much of a hand shaker. It became a strong dislike when I moved to a community that it was required to shake hands with every female because I was a female every Sunday when we gathered for church services. Somehow our spiritual status was measured by our handshakes and holy kisses. This was just the way it was. With my short stature I had to wiggle my way through the crowds and make sure I don't miss anybody. I confess I hated it. 
I have watched many a Pennsylvania person when they are ready to board the bus make their rounds to relatives and close friends shake their hands as a part of saying "Good Bye". And I see it as a beautiful thing.    

Sunday Photos

Finished their game of basketball.


The Sea Gulls like my Great niece.

Visiting while the youth play volleyball.

Home For Sale

If you have more questions, contact the owners.
Their phone number is: 717-821-9372.

Melard Coach & Pioneer Trails Go North

This morning the Melard Coach loaded up and left for Pennsylvania. This week starts the beginning of the end for this winter season. By the end of March the Pennsylvania buses quit making their regular runs.


Pioneer Trails had only one bus going north, with a little bit room to spare, a few empty seats.

Making their "Good-byes" 

Price Reduction on the Post Office

This morning the former Pinecraft Post Office got reduced to $200,000. Price was $235,000. 

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