Crossing Bahia Vista & Kaufman

 Tonight Birky Square hosted the Chuck Wagon Gang and at the was another song fest. I attended neither one as it was too cold for me to sit out. So I sat at the crossing of Bahia Vista and Kaufman. There were people everywhere. 
 Crossing Kaufman first and then Bahia Vista to get to Birky.

 Rosie, Lydia and Ron coming up from Kaufman and crossed Bahia Vista.

 Crossing Kaufman

 Ready to push the light to cross Bahia Vista

 Waiting on his buddy and I think they went to the park.

And a chair hangs head first over the scooter basket, crossing Bahia Vista.

Benefit Supper fior Meals on Wheels

Tonight there was a Hay Stack benefit supper at the park for Meals on Wheels. 

 Waiting in line. tonight the line of people wasn't so long as it had been last week, but there were also quite a few other activities going on.
 While waiting on the food it was times out for toilet needs. This boy is a waiting and so is the man in the following picture.

I met this little guy down by the creek. I asked him what his name is? He said he won't tell me. I asked how old he is and his answer was four years old. I asked him what his Daddy's name is and he thought for a bit before telling me he won't tell me what his name is. I highly suspect he didn't know his Dad's name.

Book Signing at Yoder's Gift Shop

 Sherry Gore and Cindy Woodsmall had the book signing for their books.

 Cindy Woodsmall meets Chris Bontrager from Montana.

 I love these hands. One of Chris' index fingers is only a stub, but at least it is still big enough to point at me from across the table.

 Chris is settling up with Lena, who does Sherry's book work. 
 Katie, who came with her grandmother from Tampa to the book signing.

 Sarah & Lester Gingerich looking through the next issue of Cooking and Such, which is the spring issue.

And some more visitors or guests or whatever you call them.

Another Sunday in Pinecraft

Giving her dolly a swing ride.
 I watched this little boy call for his Mom and then stretched his arms to the monkey bars and up he went.

 This afternoon there was a gathering of people who had or have their second marriage. One thing I noticed, it looks like all the cars have to be a shade of silver.

 Two men playing Chess with one little on-looker.

 You get around better with a golf cart and a cane.
 Meeting up with Levi Hochstetler.
 Zoom- zoom- brumm-brumm on the fence.

 Peachey meets Peachey

This is the little tomboy girl is growing up to be a good volley ball player. She whacked that ball over the net like a little pro.

Benefit Supper and Singing

Tonight there was a Benefit supper at the park again. It seems every week thee are a number of Benefit Suppers and music. It is a good time to have these gatherings, for Pinecraft is loaded down with people, and they have to eat. And there are always expenses to cover. I think the money tonight went toward the upkeep of the park. The top picture is the front side of people standing in line to pick up their plates.

This is just a small portion of the backside. Tonight was probably the biggest turn-out so far for this season.  

Father & daughter

I don't know if this couple is Amish or not.

Scooting down the bike trail.

Two of a kind in more ways than one...

Beck's Johnny's grandchildren all facing the sun in the sand.

Happy at play. For years Johnny and his wife have been coming down for the winter. This time he decided to get a chartered bus, find lodging and pay for two meals a day for his four children, their spouses and all his grandchildren. The total was 30+ people. They are enjoying their vacation. These children are all cousins or siblings.

Another Daddy and his children.

These men did the chicken, a total of 1100 pieces. I an under the impression it reached around with nothing to spare.

Ura Detweiler from gator Boys' Camp is visiting with a young man from Lancaster County.

Bikes were locked up on both side of the street going into the park. It was a huge crowd and a beautiful evening to be out.

The ingredients for successful Benefit Suppers are: lots of people, enough food, music and beautiful balmy evenings 

Pinecraft Park Shots

My cousin Mannie and his grand-daughter Amy. Mannie is from Montana and Amy from South Dakota.

This is as close as a ball can get to winning the Bocce Ball game, just stay in touch with the little yellow ball.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so one Mother gave her son a heart of candy. He ate some then here he is sharing with another little fellow.

John Fisher visiting with some boys from Plain City Ohio.

Amish love to talk modern technology and maybe buy a few pieces.

The Amish Lapp brothers who are on YouTube.

I had taken a this photo because he was in bare feet, but when I edited this picture I like his smile better than his bare feet.

Amish still hold hands. Love it.

It looks like these two toddlers are helping each other up the steps.

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