Brush Fire

 I don't know the name of this man but a few times a day I see him walk through Pinecraft. He looks like he is a security guard or whatever. Tonight he took his walk through the park and obviously spotted this fire west of the Phillippi Creek. 

 When I zoomed in there was not a single person in sight, yet there had to be someone around for fires don't start on their own without a reason.

About an hour later.  

Time to go Home

At least five buses left today for the north, three from Pioneer, One Davies County Indiana and an Illinois bus.

Three Pioneer Trails lined up.

 The Illinois bus left at 6 o'clock. 

Photos From Here and There

A bit here and there in Pinecraft.

 You can rent these motorcycles for $90 the first twenty-four hours. If you want one longer than the first 24 hours the price drops. Phone number is: 941-961-5916.

 Deep in a phone conversation.

 Buying a 2017 Pinecraft Calendar while waiting on the Pioneer Bus to come in.

 Only one bus came in which was loaded.

Outside Emma's Pizza Shop. 

Daniel Hershberger giving me a demonstration of casting a net.  

Bus Lineup

Eight Pioneer Trail buses lined up. This morning there were nine buses, but one left for the north this afternoon. Next week will be the mass Exodus out of Pinecraft.  

Siesta Beach Bus & Grace's Birthday Celebration

 This afternoon biked to the Amish church where the Scat bus picks up and drops off people bound for Siesta Beach. Both buses arrived at the same time. 

I was introduced to Menno's grandchildren as they waited to get on the bus. Very friendly, talkative children.

 Loading up at the 3 o'clock run. 

Returning to Pinecraft on the incoming bus. 
And it was also my great niece Grace's Birthday, so I was invited to her celebration.

 My gift to her was a Canvas Wrap from their visit to Pinecraft a year ago. 

Grace cutting her cake while Peter looks on with great delight. 

At the Park in the Dark

 Tonight I played around a bit with my camera's setting after dark and with a bit of editing I am pleased with these photos.

 These two were with Atlee Coblentz, so I assume they are his grandchildren.

 Shaking the sand out of his shoes.

 Delbert and Elsie

I think Lee Swartzentruber's wife is on the right behind the fence.

Christmas in Pinecraft

 I did not take many pictures of the Pinecraft Christmas Parade, because I was in the parade. I shared on my page Ernest Bontrager's video of the parade. The following photos were taken throughout the day.

In the quiet of this morning these children had all the sand at the Volleyball court to play with. 

 Glowing gold at sunset.

 Trusting her Daddy with her hands in his back pockets.

Group biking

A gathering place for young men.

The old people enjoying the younger generation.

Walking the dog.

Nettie Chupp has most of her family in Pinecraft for Christmas. Each of these balloons had some money in it. Each participant shot three darts and if they busted a balloon, the money was theirs. 

Little Girls/Future Women

 Little Girls:
Hanging In.

Little Girl:
Walking with a purpose.
Every step counts.

Little Girls:
Inquisitive Minds.
Asking many questions,
Everything they could think of asking.

Odds and Ends

 One of my little friends. I asked her what she is going to do today and she said, "Go to the beach."

 The Popcorn Stand is on Kaufman, next to Yoder's Deli.

 A steel wheel bike. 

 Piggyback on Daddy's back.

Coming back from the beach.

Truck drivers turned into Segway riders.

Freeman Byler

A Hawk's Eye Over Pinecraft.

 Ernest Yoder helping Al repair the Martin Houses and cleaning them out. Al always has the most Purple Martin in Pinecraft. 

 Every winter the first bike I ever owned gives children rides. I had it for about 18 years and then put it on a consignment sale where Nelson Beachy bought it.

Walter Raber and Noah Chupp

Walter is a trucker, making food run from Florida to Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. although I am not sure about Pennsylvania.  Noah is a bus driver for Pioneer Trails.   

Tuesday Before Christmas

 Journey Tours from southern Indiana came in this morning. They pick up Illinois passengers and whoever else along the way to Florida. These Lancaster dressed people are from Indiana, somewhere along I-70.

The Pioneer Trails unloaded at the Pinecraft park today as the Tourist Mennonite Church had calling hours today for Ray Nisley.

 Walking in the park.

 The Checker game came on the table today.

 Hanging over the fence to visit and watch the game. Fritz is finished hanging on the fence, at least for the time being.

 Either you are in the game or else you sit and visit or watch.

The Parrots are destroying Gertie's Oranges.  

A family with three little girls enjoyed Siesta Beach today. 

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