Ben Lapp

Ben takes his obligations seriously. Lapp's Bike Shop is closed until Labor Day. But Ben is on call whenever someone needs anything in the Bike Shop. Rachel Esh needed a bike and so Ben opened the shop and served her.   

In the meantime I needed a new inner tube, so I dropped in. 

My tire had a pin hole leak. Every few days it was low in air.

He also greased the bike.

And checked all the tires for air pressure. 
After making a few more adjustments my bike runs good as new. 
Thanks to Ben Lapp. 

Pioneer Trails and Crossroad Buses Arrive

Today two buses came in. The Pioneer Trails came because it was a regular Summer run. 

Getting their contact number and making a call to be picked up.

A Crossroad bus came in from Indiana, with family, relatives and neighbors of Gladys Miller. Tomorrow is her funeral at the Tourist Mennonite Church.

Sold! The Post Office

The former post office is sold. 
Ann Michelle is the new owner.
Her plans are to turn this into a Coffee/Sandwich Shop.  

Phyllis Hornback Myers

Phyllis and I had been Facebook friends for a few years. We know some of the same people and both lived the Plain Life. Phyllis as a conservative German Baptist and I was born Amish. We had an interesting visit this afternoon. 

The Evening Clouds

The evening clouds from Good Avenue.

The sunset from the Pinecraft Park. 
This photo was taken about 45 minutes later.


Out for the evening.

Every now and then I meet up with this father/daughter bike riding. 

A Day's Work

Pinecraft was a busy place. This tree on Yoder Avenue behind Eli Smucker's house came down bit by bit, one branch at a time until nothing was left.

Pushing dirt at Mervin Weaver's.

Making a patio at Linda Herschberger's apartment on the corner of Miller and Fry.

And the day ended with the soft evening clouds. We had lots of dark stormy looking clouds this afternoon but no rain.

The Beauty of Summer

This morning the Pinecraft Park had a beautiful carpet of tiny flowers.

A Palm Tree at the north end of the Pinecraft Park. Here I watched a young Blue Jay get flying lessons from an adult. I love the quietness of the park this time of the year.

These are in full bloom.

The sunset tonight.

The Little Children

Nathan, with Anna and Johnny going on a walk. 

Siblings, Alex and Sophia on the swings. 

The Pioneer Trails Bus

Today was the day Pioneer Trails came in. 

Martha came home and was the first passenger off the bus. 

Ervin and Clara Raber came earlier via train. Today grandchildren and their parents joined Ervin and Clara.

Cute little two year old.

Duck Life

I was surprised to meet up with these ducks on my street. 

These look like the mature ones. They look or act like they have some stability in life.

These two waddled almost up to my bike to take a good look, turned and ran across the street, through Anna Marie's yard and disappeared behind Marvin's house. 

Here and There

Notice on the bulletin board.

The Dance Studio on Bahia Vista is for sale again. It seems this propriety is up for sale more often than anything else in Pinecraft.

The Dance Studio

Vacation is Over

Ten days ago the Melard Coach from Lancaster Pennsylvania arrived in Pinecraft with a full bus of vacationers. Today they loaded up and are on their way home.

These girls each bought ice cream at Big Olaf before boarding the bus.

But the rule is "No ice cream on the bus." This reminds me of years ago when Mel Kurtz was a taxi driver in the Apple Creek/Orrville Ohio area. One day Mart Lisbet had Mel Kurtz take her and some grandchildren to go some place. On the way home she asked Mel Kurtz to stop at Fred's Cheese, where she took all the grandchildren with her into the shop and bought them each an ice cream cone. When they got back into Mel's station wagon he got upset as he didn't want ice cream cones in his vehicle, but what could he do? Anyway he gunned the motor and every ice cream cone hit the roof of his vehicle.

Only five people were present to bid them "Good-bye".

Ben Lapp

Ben takes his obligations seriously. Lapp's Bike Shop is closed until Labor Day. But Ben is on call whenever someone needs anything i...