Random Shots of Loading the Bus

 Today the Pioneer Bus went up north full, maybe a little bit more than full. Micah and his Mom. Grandpa Dan Stutzman and Micah's sister boarded the bus. 
 Ivan and Sarah Ann Miller also got on the bus. They are going home after a couple weeks of vacation and work extra hard and fast so they can take off for another Pinecraft vacation in March or so. 

 The man on the left talks with his hands while Wayne Mast on the right listens with his ears. 

Cute little girls, and everybody else thought so too.

The Day BeforeThanksgiving

 I don't know what the story is on this bike. But this morning it was abandoned and this afternoon the bike was gone.  I was on my way to photo Yoder's Pie Day. They had 6,500 pies to sell, five hundred more that a year ago.

 This is the second Thanksgiving since Amanda Yoder's passing. she always sat outside on a rocker and greeted many of the customers, but no more. Instead here is the memorial of Amanda.

Channel 8 from Tampa is getting the feel of the day. I wasn't sure about the two men sitting but they were traffic directors on break. 

 This employee was kept busy running with empty crates back to the bakery for more pies.

 Children watching the crowd.

 We are never too old to live our lives to the fullest. Love seeing this lady in a convertible, picking up her pies.

 The police department people also eat pie on Thanksgiving Day.

 From Channel 8 putting up a camera.

 At the "Cream Pie" pick up window.
 The little camera captured from ground level. I wondered what the camera's perspective is from that angle.

 I am on my way out of Yoder's. Leanna is on her way to watch the Pioneer bus come in. she is two hours early. but so be it...

 There wasn't enough parking in Pinecraft today. The employees had to park at the edge of the village like down at the Dance Hall on Bahia Vista.

 Waiting for the Pioneer bus to come in. It was late today which is no surprise, knowing how the weather is further north.

 The men wait on the bus too.

I think this is David R's Dad.

Pre Thanksgiving at Yoder's Restaurant

 Yoder's Restaurant  is making preparations to bake 6500 pies for Thanksgiving Day. 
 Tonight they were hauling in sugar

 pie filling or whatever is liquid and comes in five gallon buckets.

When I stopped in at the Gift Shop a customer wanted to see this Sun Catcher and so Janet held it up where the last rays of daylight brought out the beauty of it.

Pinecraft Musings

 I have wondered how Pinecraft compares with single folks and married couples. I honestly think single adults outnumber married couples. 

Anyway here are three of them... Al Miller, Ed & Les Detweiler.

And this is their view. It is a good place to sit and visit especially in the evening. The park is more or less the daylight hours' place to be. The crossing of Bahia Vista and Kaufman is the hub of Pinecraft. This is where Big Olaf and Emma's Pizza are and across the street is Yoder's Fresh Market, with the deli, the fresh produce and restaurant all lined up. And if you still want to browse you head for the gift shop. If you run out of cash just cross Bahia Vista and ask the bankers for money. I have never been turned down when I asked for money.

Pizza Night

During my growing up years Saturday night was almost always a soup night, which was about the only time we had soup for a meal. During the week we always had a full dinner because we ate out of our lunch buckets at noon and Mom always saw to it we get one hearty meal a day. On Saturdays we had a full meal at noon and so only had soup Saturday night. 

 This bike was waiting outside Emma's Pizza.
 This couple, AJ and his wife are waiting on the pizza they ordered for supper.

 Wayne Mast waits on his pizza. It is easy to visit and wait, or wait and visit.

 After Wayne picked up his pizza this man left the Pizza place and found Ray Schlabach to visit with.
 Mose Yoder left with a pizza on the back of his bike.

 Katie had supper too but not at the Pizza shop. David & Susie shared their meal with Katie. I love getting Katie to talk because she is so expressive and her hands communicate just as much as her mouth does.

Full Load Going North

 The Pioneer Bus had a full load today in going up North.

 It looks like everybody just stands around, and that is true in a way. People getting on the bus stow their luggage and find their seat. Then many of then just stand around on the outside before re boarding the bus for a 20 hour bus ride.

 I lost track of how many weeks these cousins were here with their grandparents cleaning houses. The count is they cleaned fifteen houses more or less. Cleaning house is a thing Amish do well with church services in homes. Most of the people if not all of them clean their house from top to bottom
just before it is their turn to host church service. 
 Saying "Good bye" to Leanna and Barbara Miller. I am glad Leanna gets to ride the bus now and then. She is the most faithful greeter whenever the bus comes into Pinecraft.

 Ohio Ladies
 Louie Beachy and Ora Yoder

This boy has the bluest eyes.

Breaking Up a House

 This morning when I turned onto Clarinda Street a lot of people had dropped whatever they were doing and were sitting and standing around all looking at the same thing.

 Katie Borntrager

 David & Susie Borntrager and ...

 Even Paul Schlabach from Bedford PA, who quickly patted down his remaining few hair and tucked in his shirt when he saw my camera. The other guy is Emanuel Miller, who is a walking Genealogy Encyclopedia. 

 The attraction was the demolition of a house.

 Coming from the East to watch was Rube Smucker and Luke Gingerich.

 Rube Smucker and Paul Schlabach.

 And then the Port-a-John came.

 And sort of rolled off the truck, walked a few feet and...

 immediately got ready to be occupied.

 Before the truck left it was covered with netting so the garbage wouldn't fly all over Sarasota.

 One tree needed to go, so the caterpillar bit off the head and wiggled the tree like you do a loose tooth  and then yanked.
 He gave the tree a few hard shakes to loosen the dirt.

 Then dropped the tree.

 Picked it up...

 and gave it some more good hard shakings,

before pitching the tree on in the truck bed.

Tonight almost everything is cleaned away and no sign of ever being a house on that spot.

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