Niki's High Walk

 Yesterday morning Nancy Ebersol Good and I went downtown to watch Nik Wallenda walk the wire. We got there early, same as most people did. 

 We sat or stood around and visited until ...

 he was taken up the crane.

And crawled out onto the wire,

started walking very carefully.

 We all watched and shot photos.

Kneeling on the wire for a split second or two.

 He almost ran the last few steps. Total walk was around ten minutes, more or less.

 And the masses of people left the area. We were in no hurry and so we waited until toward the last.

 On our way out we saw this group of people probably deciding what now?

We met again at the crossing of Tamiami Trail onto Bahia Vista. They probably had about a four mile bike ride.

Bike Saftey Day at the Park

 Yesterday was a busy day at the park with the county workers coming out for a Bike & Street Safety Day, followed by a Benefit Supper  and music. 

 They fitted people for free helmets.

 And free bike lights. Ellen and Mary are examining their lights.

 Laban is being fitted for a helmet.

 And the police were here with their horse to answer questions or whatever. Most every Amish man is a horse lover of sorts. 

One little girl with her safety helmet.
 About 500 bikes were engraved with an identity markings. 

 Stirring the kettle of chili for the Hay Stack Supper.

Ready to serve the hundreds' of people.

 Bikes were parked on both sides of the street in the park.

 Just a few of the people enjoying the meal.

Steve and Katie had a mobility scooter race. Steve won the race.

There were lots of Amish at the park but only one buggy.

All in all it was a very good day with the county and the Pinecraft people working together. After all we all want the best for Pinecraft.

The Conclusion of the Day

 Leonard Yoder is visiting with the police officers while Dennis sits at a distance.

 Dennis edges a little bit closer.

When Leonard leaves, Dennis moves in.

I think these three pictures pretty well sums up the conclusion of today. It was a very good day with the county commissioners and the police officers mingling with the  Pinecraft People. The ending of the day was a "Hay Stack" benefit supper with a song fest. All the proceeds of the supper are to be used in the upkeep of Pinecraft. 

I have many more pictures. I took over 200 shots and I want to post more later, but I need to sort through and decide which to use. That will come after a night's sleep.

Quality Custom Turnings - Pens

Dennis Swartzentruber, Bradon Miller's brother-in-law showed these pens to me today. I asked him if I may have pictures of them to put on my blog.

 This selection is on special, selling for $30.00 a piece. 

 The three pens on the left are carved from corn cobs, the red, blue and brown.

 The black ones on the left are carved from Water Buffalo horns.

He also does custom engraving. 

Dennis is in Pinecraft for two weeks, and all of these are for sale. One pen was auctioned off at the Haiti Benefit Auction for $450.00, auctioned off by T. Weaver Auctioneering.

Pinecraft Pie Contest - 2013

 Pies started coming in...

 Ina tagged them.

 Everence bank employees covering tables.

More pie came in.

 Reporter from The Herald Tribune

 Across the street at Miller's Trailer Park someone needed to get to the hospital.

 Larry Yoder came around with his buggy.

 Henry Detwiler and Perry Troyer

 Fritz Clara and her mother Lovina

Ready to look, taste and judge the 13 pies that entered the contest.

Pie tasting is serious business.

 Various reporters, photographers, journalists...

 The crowds

Time to pray for the noon meal of Chili, pie and ice cream.

 Some peep,
 while others bow their heads. 

The food line.

 These next three pictures need no words.

 They tell their own story.

 Names of the winners for each category of pies judged.

 First prize in all three is Pat.

Sue Mullet

 Ada Troyer

 Kate Schmid

 Thelma. Thrid prize for the cream pie was Fannie Kay Yoder but she wasn't in with the crowd, so she gets her prize later.

It was a good day. To save space I am making the pictures small. click on them to enlarge.

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