Three Generations of Living the Life

The young, playing in the sand pile.

Two couples in love, 
Just married or
Getting ready to be married.

The older, life slows down in more ways than one.


Nathan Overholt and his crew were landscaping today

The finished results. It is beautiful and will be even more beautiful.

House For Sale

The entrance

View from the front door

Living room

Dining room

The kitchen area

Third bedroom with outside entrance.

New washer and dryer

Master bedroom

Sale is February 16th. If you have questions, please contact Dave Beachy.
The house after dark.

The Old and the Young

The old come to Pinecraft for fresh air and sunshine, plus the opportunity to be outside without slipping and sliding on ice and snow.

And they help each other.

And the young one, if she lives long enough will be an old one in the years to come.
This is life, generation after generation.

Little Children

Looking in the gift bag. The bag goes on the bus with the children. 

Yard Sales

A couple of months ago Louie and Sara decided they want about twenty babies. When the babies were available they needed someone to deliver them. So they asked their neighbor Harvey Miller if he could deliver their babies? Harvey thought he could although he wasn't all that experienced. After all he is a retired preacher and not a doctor. But nevertheless Harvey decided he could do such a thing and took off for Wal-Mart, picked up the baby dolls and delivered them safely into Louie and Sara's outstretched arms. The babies thrived and did well under Sara's loving care. And today they sat outside sunning themselves in a Yard Sale and watched the world go by. 

On Yoder Avenue Ivan Good is preparing for a Yard Sale in a week or so. This truck is made from twelve different kinds of wood. It is a beauty.

Violet had a good turnout with their Yard Sale.

Keeping Warm

According to the news this morning was the coldest we have had since 2010. So people gathered to absorb the heat of the sun where ever there was a south facing wall. 


These are all Pennsylvania folks from three different communities. They all have Ohio roots. Paul on the left and Roman on the right were born in Ohio. 

Women at the Park

It is only a couple of years ago that women gathered at the Pinecraft Park to play card games or Dominoes. Even the creative side of a woman to decorate shows through with this colorful table cloth. 

Heads Together

They've got their heads together.
Five Old Order Mennonite men.
One Old Order Amish man.

Friday's Photos

Sisters doing sisterly things. Sister on the right made the quilt and Polly is admiring it. I admired it from my porch.

Going on a ride.

The family on the left returned from the beach.

Orvie Zimmerman at Lapp's Bike Shop. 

Pinecraft Park's Doings

Today the last of Hurricane Irma's debris left the park. The Live Oak at the retention pond blew over. Today the stump and roots were dug up and departed. And like normal there is always a number of people standing by, watching the process.

Making his next move.

Mennonite women visiting.

2018 Everence Pinecraft Pie Contest

Pie contest is coming up for January 20, 2018.
If you want to enter the Pie Contest, contact their office. 

People and More People

Today five buses came in. It is Tuesday and some many different buses is the normal. The buses pick up passengers on Monday and arrive here on a Tuesday. The first one to come in was CrossRoads and they are usually here before many of the people are out of bed.

Journey Tours is mostly Daviess County Indiana and Arthur Illinois. They were scheduled to come in at 10:15am. 

The Elite from Lancaster PA was delayed by over two hours. But they drove in ice and snow and had they had to stop because of an accident ahead of them. And then they had another delay. To be exact they arrived at 11:55am.

A bit later the Pioneer buses were due to arrive. I didn't stay for those as I had other obligations. The streets are filling up with older people. 

Benefit Dinner at the Park

The adults wait in line at the Pinecraft Benefit Dinner while the boys enjoy each others company.

Greg, Ken and Luella enjoying their meal.

The boy on the left is from Illinois. The other one didn't know where he is from.

Just a small portion of the people tonight.

Checking the phone.

Grilling the hot dogs. 

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