Memorial Day Picnic

 Tonight at least three groups of people cooked or brought dinner from home to share at the park. One party was out under the tree and two were in the pavilion.

 Chet and Anna Mary furnished the hamburgers and trimmings.

 Left to right: Paul, Owen, Chet, Leroy. 

Anna Mary is recording Owen singing, "Now I see the Light." A week ago he was sick, so sick he thought he is going to die. Tonight at times he is happy, happy, happy. Next he is in tears when he realizes how wretched he is. Such is the hard life...  

Packing the Luggage

Yesterday was not the best day to make a quick exit out of Pinecraft for the passengers going north. There was too much luggage per passenger. People who wanted to send cargo along were denied because after all when the compartments are filled to the fullest, they are full.

Maybe four or five of these empty containers went back north. Tuesday they came down loaded.

Noah Chupp doing his driver's work. 

Plastic containers being packed.

Some weeks ago a couple of families brought their own bikes down. Yesterday was the day to return home and so the bikes found their nesting place.

Plastic containers, bikes and suitcases.

Sam giving everything an extra shove in order to fit in.

But it wouldn't close nor latch.

Now what?


Still wouldn't close.

  More repacking until finally all the compartments latched and were locked. And they were on their way north. It was hot, sweaty work but satisfying. 

At the Park

It takes only two couples to get a shuffleboard game going. Such was the case this morning Mervin and Fred with their wives. 

These two boys had a game going too or else they were practice shooting. 

Other than these six people the park was pretty well empty, which is normal for this time of the day.

Pioneer Trails Came in Today

 The Pioneer bus came in today with fourteen passengers.

 Two bus drivers, which is the normal.

 Three empty coffins, which is normal during Summer months. These are picked up in Indiana from an Amish coffin maker and are stored at the Amish church until needed.

 The first thing they did when they exited the bus was get rid of their jackets. 

And assemble their bikes and enjoy their vacation. 

This group looked like two couples with school age children and an older couple.

The Blessings of Rain

 This afternoon after four inches of rain, I went for a bike ride to the park. I wanted to see how the Phillippi Creek looks. This is at the boat dock.

 Big patches of water plants flow with the current. Either they will get stuck on the banks or else flow all the way to the gulf.

 The basket ball on ts way to the gulf.

 Soaking wet and ready for grass.

 This afternoon while I was out it started raining again, so I headed for shelter. Tonight I took anther ride around the park. It was clearing off. Everything smells fresh and is green and no pollen in the air.

 A mini waterfalls from Saralakes Trailer Court pouring into the creek.

 The sunset's reflection on the water.

This is the direction the wind is blowing: NW, 19 miles per hour. Temperature is 70 degree. 

Walkway on Siesta Beach

 This morning I read in the news about this walkway on siesta Beach and posted the link on my Facebook. A bit later Kendra Cross messaged me and wanted to know if we want to try it out? I was eager to go and so I contacted David Borntrager if we could borrow a wheelchair from the Tourist Church and so we were off.

 It doesn't run all the way out to the water's edge but it is a vast improvement.  Toward the end these six mats are places to park to get off from the main mat.

 One Sea Gull came and grabbed my cheese stick. We tried to lure him in with a cracker to get a shot, but he was too quick.

 For a while we didn't know if we are going to get a sunset.

 But the clouds parted for a short time.

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