Yard Sale on Saturday

Tomorrow morning, starting at 7 am Omar and Laura Beiler are having a very good Yard Sale, on Kaufman Street. After you are finished shopping there is good eating at Big Olaf, Emma's Pizza and Yoder's Deli all within sight of this Yard Sale.

 Below are some of the things listed:

 Ice Cream freezer

 Kitchen Aid Mixed with two bowls

 Ice Cream maker and a two part cake pan to make pumpkin shaped cake.

 Spices, all kinds of spices, plus the woven baskets

 Copper kettle



Old window frames, good for wall decor

It is all very good stuff, plus much more than shown here.

Table, chairs etc.

Celebrating Marriage

 The first couple, Roy & Freda Miller from Berlin Ohio are here to celebrate their 20th year of marriage. They are young grandparents with two granddaughters. 

This couple from Indiana has celebrated their 10th year of marriage.  This is a Snow Bird couple and are always one of the first ones down here. 

Today's Shots

 Early afternoon it was low-tide and so I got to watch this turtle walking over the sandbars. 

 I never tire of watching Spanish Moss with the sunshine and shadows, with the birds picking out insects or seeds. 

 A view on Carter Street.

 I don't know what this flowering plant is but in my opinion it is beautiful and ugly at the same time.

 Sunset at the park

 And a slice of the moon.

Fry Street after dark. 

Animal Kingdom (or whatever)

 Tonight this squirrel had her tail gracefully curled up.

 One came flying in and one had to leave.

 The Great Blue Heron and his shadow.

 The dog was being claimed by a new owner, so it came down from Ohio to Florida.

 I kept my distance, but also if I leave them alone, they leave me alone. 

This lizard watched me take photos of the wasps.

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