Pinecraft Park Maintenance

The County does well in keeping the Pinecraft Park clean and well kept. They do have their limits, as they can't touch the Phillippi Creek as that is an International Waterway.  

They are mowing and cleaning up west of the Phillippi reek.

Shuffleboard Game Tonight

The women's game was Ellen & Mary Miller. I still can't remember which name belongs to which person. Martha Stutzman, Christy wife and Katie Beiler are in the background.

Vera Miller and Fannie Kay Yoder on the opposite side.

Tim and Albert Miller, with Jonas Miller in the background. I didn't get a photo of the other two men.

Watching from the outside.

And more watching.

North of Bahia Vista

Wagler construction is getting ready to build a new house on Gardenia Street.

Blood Mobile was parked at Hostetler's trailer court this morning.

Tonight I went looking for him and found him on the gravel at Miller's Trailer Court. I threw him a few peanuts and here he is munching on one. Now that his heart has soften toward me, I plan to bring him apple slices or carrots.

Vera is taking a brisk walk tonight. I don't know how far she walks but she takes her energy snacks with her. This does her good.

The sun also sets north of Bahia Vista. 


The squirrels needed their peanuts.

I went scouting the neighborhood north of Bahia Vista looking for this wayward rabbit. Tonight he was alone. His wild cousin was nowhere in sight. He looks fat, full and fluffy.

Looking for bedtime snacks in the shallow water of the Phillippi Creek.

The Red Dragon Fly sucking on nectar.

The perfect ending of a beautiful evening.

Plant Life

Every vegetation is lush green and grows like weeds. I was sitting down by the creek and inhaled the sweet perfume of these Trumpet Vines.

How many different kinds of wildlife can live in one Oak tree?

This vine with heart shaped leaves are Air Potatoes. They are non-native invasive plants and have been put on the Noxious Weed list in 1999. A couple of years ago local volunteers went through the woods at the Pinecraft Park and got rid of about 500 pounds of vines. The vines behind my house have free range.   

Pioneer Bus Leaves

 Ella Miller Graber with granddaughter. Ella and her husband Hank left for Ohio. The granddaughter lives in Largo and decided to wear her Amish dress. Afterall she appreciates her Amish Roots.

The bus leaves for the north.

Here and There

Albert serviced my bike this afternoon. The one wheel had a loud click-clack and I could be heard coming from a distance. Also my brakes squealed to a loud stop whenever I braked. A little bit of grease cured that.

The baby squirrels are fending for themselves, so the population has boomed at the park. I have noticed squirrels are territorial and have a pecking order.

At the Pinecraft Park. I don't know their story. 

Old Building on Fry Street

Today I saw this building again. It is not that I don't see it every time I bike to the park but I took a second look and saw again these two sets of double doors. Was this a garage and if so how did the vehicles get in? Or was it living quarters at one time? 

Dave Stauffer

Tonight there is one less homeless sleeping outside. Dave moved into his apartment at Miller's Trailer Court. I try to imagine sleeping in a bed after all these years...  

This used to be his spot at the park. If he has taken all his things, then what is left here likely belongs to other homeless. The guy sitting here is not homeless. He is a friend of Dave.  


Yellow outside the former post office

Yellow Glow

Yellow Sunset 

Tonight's Photos

Cleaning and doing some fixing on Graber Street. 

Elvie Frey is getting a garage on the backside of the house.

Maybe our cloudy days are coming to an end. I don't know but we had a beautiful sunset. These were the clouds in the west while the east was having a double rainbow, at least my street had a double rainbow.

The sunset between Eli Smucker and Dave Beachy's rental on Kaufman Street.

The Old

 An older home on Miller Avenue. 
For a number of years Monroe and Alta Hochstetler rent here during Snowbird Season. Monroe passed on within this past year so it was only Alta. 

About seven-eight years ago I took a snapshot of this open window and its curtain. The curtain still hangs with a bit less material than back then. 

I love old buildings and old people. 

Recent Photos

The backside of what was formerly the winter home of Jake and Peggy Freed. I played quite a few marble games in this home along with Elias and Don Wagler's in-laws from Hartville. I can't remember their names. 

Vera Overholt taking her evening walk. 

Dog Sitter

Erma is dog sitting Goldie. According to human evaluation Goldie is around 90 years old and she is showing her age. 

Full Moon

Tomorrow night is Full Moon. Tonight I took about two dozen pictures of the moon and I decided I like this one the best. 

Do what you Have to Do

 On the fourth day of rain, you got to do what you got to do.

Between the showers you mow the yard and get caught in the next rain.

Plant shrubs and get caught in the rain.

The rain quits, the sun peeps out, the thunder is in the distance. 
More clouds roll in and you got to do what you got to do. 
Actually the clouds roll in from the north to meet the southern clouds. 
The WiFi goes off and the storm is here. Wind, thunder and rain...

I looked to the north and there was Erma,
I looked to the east and there was Ernie,
in the rain.

A Bit of Today

Today we had showers of rain. some came with thunder and full force of rain, while other showers just came and went. But as soon as it quit raining many of us took to the streets, not knowing when the next rain will come. 

I headed for the park. Most times there is no shuffleboard games on a rainy day, but Wayne in his kindness took the mop and cleaned up one board for these two men. The one of them, maybe both had never shuffled before and since the one is going north tomorrow he wanted to learn how to play and what the rules are. 

Laundry on the line. sooner or later it will dry. It didn't start raining until early afternoon so I am guessing laundry was hung out this morning.

A light shinning out a window is always a cozy feeling. 

Unruly Behavior

This fine looking rabbit with the white collar got excommunicated from the Hostetler Trailer Park because of disorderly conduct. And so he was driven out by the owner. He went to live with his wild cousins. I don't know how much influence these wild ones have on him, but what other option does he have? The humans think he might be sleeping in the culvert.  

Plant Life

There was hardly anybody on the streets tonight, and so I biked some of the dead end streets. This one is taken in the park. It reminds me of a sorghum plant. Maybe there were seeds dropped from a bird feeder. 

I have often admired this palm bush. 

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