The Family Circle

 I don't know if these are all biological family, but nevertheless they are family. This warms my heart and brings back memories when we were little children and also later when my siblings were young parents. 

 It takes three girls to take a look at the baby.

And the baby is just fine.

Wednesday Post

 The Elite Bus made its last run for this season north today. At the end of every season I have mixed feelings. I will miss the people and the activities and yet I am ready for some quiet time. It happens every year. It will continue to happen every year. It is a part of Pinecraft life for those who live here year round.

 The Pioneer Trails also left this afternoon with 47 passengers.

 Every Wednesday evening there is a Shuffleboard Tournament at the park. These women are all seated to watch the games. 

 while the older ones are at the Shuffleboard, the younger ones are playing basketball...

 or Volleyball and kicking up sand.

Elizabeth is settling down to watch the younger ones at their games.

Lock and Key Food

Today I tried out a new eating place called "Lock and Key" in Englewood, less than an hour's drive south of Sarasota. 

 Like normal the meals are to much for me, but I know I can always take the left overs home and enjoy them for another meal or two. I had a sample plate of Skin, Ribs and Wings. It was good eating.
 We had gone to visit Julie Hertz, who lived in Pinecraft for nine years before her move to Englewood. 

The Restaurant and Pub is close to the beach.

Little Children

 A young Daddy taking his children on a walk.

 Enjoying the playground.

 On the left is Eva. She will be four years old in May which is a long ways off yet. On the right is Tarah Hochstetler, a grand daughter of Casper Hochstetler. 
 I don't know who this chap is. I sort of saw him in connection with Joe & Ada Weaver from Holmes County.

Swinging hi and lo.

Photo Shots of Today

 Ervin Mullet came riding into the park and bumped into me. After all he was on the phone with his daughter Esther.

 Having fun.

 Playing corn Hole

 Bocce Ball- Brother Henry is on the left. He just threw the green ball that is rolling.

 A Tayla Water Meeting under the pavilion. Paul Miller comes equipped with a tape recorder, which is a wise thing if you want to remember what was discussed. 

Two former Geauga County Ohio men. Both have chosen to make Sarasota their home, Lester Byler and Joe Fisher.

All on a Sunday Afternoon

 A few men went fishing.

 A few men are visiting.

 A few girls are enjoying their time at the Phillippi Creek.

A few are biking.

Music at Birky Square

 Tonight was the last time Birky Square is having an evening of music. This is just a small part of the crowd.

Tonight it was John Schmid, his wife Lydia...

 John Miller from Dover Ohio and

Paul Marner were singing and playing at times, whenever...

 When John Schmid played the Auctioneer Song, somebody had to take the bids. 

 I don't know who this guy is but he has an ear and a heart for music.

A random shot at the far end of the crowd.

We Go a Fishing

A large, white, bald-headed wading bird of the southeastern swamps, the Wood Stork is the only stork breeding in the United States. Its late winter breeding season is timed to the Florida dry season when its fish prey become concentrated in shrinking pools.
According to this description is why the fishing goes well today.

 Emma Schlabach and her fishing partner have caught almost a five gallon bucket of fish in the Phillippi Creek, while the Wood Storks do their courting/mating dance upstream. 

 I am not sure what this odd circle is except probably Emma's fish line whizzing through the air. Anyway I think it makes a neat photo.

 Three generations go fishing; Gross Gene Moses' Vernon is the great grandpa, David Mary is the grandma and the young boy is a grandson to Mary. This is a beautiful family outing.

 The granddaughter sits on the fence.

The Little Children

 I almost didn't go out tonight, and if I wouldn't have gone out I would have missed these children. I was hungry for a little bit of ice cream, so I decided to get some. A local friend, her daughter-in-law and grandchildren were sitting enjoying some ice cream. 

I love these girls' deep observations. Obviously they had never seen a Little Person, or at least not very often. If I meet up with them often enough the next few days I might get them talking, which is my way of collecting family secrets.

Pinecraft Makes Old Men Young

 Instead of growing old we get younger.
 First man climbs up with a little bit of groaning.
 And the second man travails a little bit.

But with women at the wheel, they hang on and get younger in the process.

Women in Pinecraft

 This morning I just happened to come upon this princess. She is all dressed up, has her bunny and a handful of wild flowers, plus a took big and heavy backpack on her back. I stopped to visit a bit and then her Mommy came out of the house and we visited some more. We did make connections like you always do in Pinecraft. She is from Garnett Kansas. This princess is from the Tribe of Raymond Yutzy because her Daddy is or has Yutzy blood. The Mother is well acquainted with the Yutzy/Wagler people. 

 These four are Mennonite of some sort. I don't know the difference in the Mennonite groups like I do with the Amish, for the simple reason I was Amish and sort of still am Amish.

Fannie Miller is one of the spry old people in Pinecraft. She is getting way up in age, but still walks around Pinecraft like a 60 year old. 

Time to Go Home

Three Pioneer Trails buses left today, a total of 145 people more or less. The bus on the left is going straight to Berlin Ohio, as everyone on that bus will get off at Berlin.

Here is a partial list of who is on the Berlin bus. Number 19 and 20 is my sister and her husband.

 The second bus is also all Ohio with different locations to drop off. The Geauga County people are on that bus. The third bus has Indiana and a few drop offs in Ohio. 
 These ice cream buckets are the best thing to store women's coverings. They can't get crushed or dirty. I assume they all have their containers tagged as I would hate to get home with the wrong covering. I do think they probably take them on the bus and tuck them under their seat.
 Waiting to have their baggage stowed in the luggage compartment.

 And then you stand around and visit. I love the expression of the woman talking to my Sister Clara.

 I think the three women in this pic are Ed Sadie, Paul Mabel and Jon Iva.

 Time to get on the bus.

 People everywhere.

The all Berlin bus leaves first. The last bus to go was the Indiana bus because they had to wait on the last passenger. It was not that the last passenger was late, it is just that each bus leaves as soon as it has all its passengers.

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