Sunday Shots

 This morning I woke up hearing thunder in the distance. With time we had a good shower, brightening up the day. A few hours later I went for a bike ride. Everything looked clean and washed. This house had a beautiful blue look.
 At Yoder's Deli parking lot this fan was twirling around with the wind.
 One of the new houses on Clarinda St.
 A tiny wild spot close to the foot bridge.
 And the culvert on the north side of the foot bridge .
 Tonight it was feeding time for the squirrels. A few of them decided to grab two peanuts and run. But there was no way any of them can carry two peanuts in their little mouth. The only option was to take one and leave the other one for the next squirrel.
Happy Squirrel Life

The Pinecraft Park

 I took a bike ride in the heat of the day to the park. I just wanted a good bike ride and I don't mind doing some sweating. I guess it opens up my pores. So I biked along the Phillippi  Creek.
 The north end of the park is more or less left to itself. This part is well kept where the squirrels look at me like I am a foreign object. They don't dare get close, not even when I offer them peanuts.
 Some branches are loaded with Spanish Moss.

The Pioneer Bus Leaves

 Yesterday the Pioneer bus left with an almost full load. During this summer months most of the passengers are not Amish.
 Although yesterday the Amish and Mennonites probably made up half of the passengers.
 Sisters, one came to visit the other one a week ago. And now it is time to board the bus for home.
 Mel Erb visiting with Sara Beachy before getting on the bus.
 Patriotic luggage with a lot of wear and tear.
The bus is ready to leave after the drivers wiped off their sweat, for it was a dripping hot 100 degree day.  The temperature just showed the average of 91 but the feel was 100.

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