Farewell to Pinecraft

 Time to say "Good-bye".

 The Elite from Lancaster is making it's last run up north for this season. They were loading right behind the Tourist Mennonite Church this morning.

 While the CrossRoads from Indiana was loading in the backside of the parking lot. They left with a loaded bus with many of my Indiana friends that I learned to know over the last couple of years.

 This little girl came down with her Mom and had an enjoyable time but she was more than ready this morning to get on the bus and head home to her Daddy.

  Ervin Mullet and Katie Graber said their good-byes. 

 Then this afternoon the Pioneer Trails also left packed to the brim.

 I just had to capture this little straw hat.

 And it is time for a stretch...
It took all the pushing these men had to get everything into the luggage compartments. People are leaving by the droves but I guess they came down here in droves too. If it wouldn't be for Spring Break in northern Indiana Pinecraft would be almost deserted, but the CrossRoads is going to make another run down here, picking up parents and children after work on Friday and arriving here on Saturday. So next week will be a week of children...  and I am glad for people are leaving almost too fast.

Inventor's Parade in Pinecraft

 A week ago I was at the park when a mini parade came through Pinecraft. That was the time I got the solar buggy ride. It was also the time when I was invited to be in the parade tonight. Dave Swartzentruber had a special hitch made to fit my bike in and so I trailed behind Pioneer Trails cart. This is Milt Yoder and his passengers.
                                            Mahlon and his grandson waiting to get into the parade.

                                                        This is my bike all ready to go.

                             And then the recliner came rolling in on it's own power to join the parade.

The parade gathered and started in the parking lot at the backside of Yoder's Deli on Kaufman and made it's way to the park and back to Kaufman, and made a few more turns and twists. Then we crossed Bahia Vista at the light and toured the north side of Pinecraft.

I think all of these men have always been mechanically minded and are inventors. As young boys they probably were always tinkering with their Dad's tools and coming up with some surprises toys etc. It is like Daniel Ebersole's wife told me last winter, "If you don't have a hobby when you are young you will have nothing to do when you are old." This quote has stuck with me and tonight was evidence of  young mechanically minds growing old.        

Am I Seeing Double?

I am assuming these are brothers unless they are one and the same person. They are dressed alike but the one jumping the fence was younger or looked younger than the one on roller blades. Watching them or him tonight I am amazed at the skills I saw of roller skating and jumping fences and catching balls. I think he said his middle name is Jacob and last name is Schlabach but can't remember his first name. He said he is three years old.

A Keim is a Keim, is a Keim

 It looked like the two in the next picture were having a playful tussle. Then it turned into a not quite so playful and about the time one man wondered out loud if it is time to interfere, the Keim boy in the top picture gave up brushed himself off and sat on the turtle. 

And off they go again in peace, with determination. I think that is the make-up of a Keim and I am a Keim too. My great-grandma was a Joel Keim's Barbara, married to Honsamony. Honsamony is the German for John-Emanuel.

Sunday Afternoon at the Park

 There was enough going on at the park for a short period of time. But before I went out it rained mini showers and while I was out it started to rain a bit again according to the last picture I posted. I was barely at home until it started pouring.

Ray & Laura Nisley's Public Auction

 There were two food run stands by the Sunnyside Church.
 Bought a few shovels

 Atlee Miller says he charges ten dollars to have his picture taken, but I refused to pay him and so he went home without his wife. 

 Selling the old galvanized tubs. I remember well when we used one of those to bathe in. 

 Selling the chamber pots

 Beings I didn't have far to go, I came and went. At 3 PM they were selling the last of the items.

If you are not bidding on thing, you sit around and visit. There is a lot of socializing at such auctions.

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