Joel Wengerd

These pictures of Joel need no explanation. Friday evening I attended a family Birthday Party with a number of children present. Rather than join the visiting of the old people, although most of them are younger than I am, I sat in an out-of-way-place where I could take pictures without being noticed. After I downloaded the pictures the parents & grandparents enjoyed the pictures I had taken of their grandkids. 

Pamper is Full

Picking up the phone to text Momma...

"Let's see, what did Momma teach me to write?"
                                                "Oh yes, my pamper needs to be changed."
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Eastern Tennessee

Yesterday I attended church services in this little old church building somewhere in Tennessee.

A slab giving the history of this church or spot. (Click to enlarge)

Modern day moon shining under the ramp.

Job is buried in this cemetery.

And other people too. The tombstones around the church building date back to the mid-1800's through early 1900's.

Anna and Laura

Here are a few more pictures of Anna and Laura after the group pictures were taken.

Just waiting for whatever next.

Starting up a conversation...

with Lester Hostetler, whom we can't see.

The conversation is about the group picture on his camera.
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Elmer's Perspective

This is Elmer Beachy's perspective of the senior group in the previous post. I always look up and he obviously looks down. But then I am not a six-footer either.
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Senoir Supper at the Park

Last night I was invited to join a senior group for a picnic at the park. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Lester & Sara Hostetler

Elmer Beachy and his wife

Boys will always be boys. It doesn't matter how old they are.

Time for a hand shake with the ladies. Well, most people shake hands with each other and I keep forgetting it. I never was a hand shaker.

Rising to pray the blessing before eating the meal.

Listening carefully to Lester tell some sort of story.

And the group picture
Seated are Anna & Laura Yoder. I think they are sisters and had both married Yoders and are both widow ladies. On the far left is Erma LaRaviere, Lester & Sara Hostetler, Wilmer Miller & wife, Samuel Bender & wife, Sam & Martha Hostetler & Elmer Beachy & wife. (If I don't know the wife's name then I just wrote "wife". Sometimes I remember their names and other times I don't.

If I can't remember names it is not due to old age. If you live in Pinecraft for more than two years, you forget names, but remember faces. It blows a person's mind to remember 1000 names a day during the winter months. 

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