Pinecraft Bike Shops

This post is about the three main Bike Shops in Pinecraft. There are a few other bike shops around on a smaller scale tucked in here and there.

 Bill's Bike Shop is located on Kruppa Street, close to the Pinecraft Park.

 Lapp's Bike Shop is on Estrada Street. He already has a third of his bikes reserved for Christmas Vacation.
 Just by eavesdropping, I think he is ordering parts for bikes or something to that extend.

 These are the children's bikes neatly lined up.

 Miller's Bike Shop is on Kaufman, north of Bahia Vista.


  1. Hi Katie, I was just enjoying all the pictures on your blog--then saw all the bikes and bike shops and had to say hello. Those bikes made my heart beat faster!

    I am on the board of the Friends of the Legacy Trail. We are working to get The Legacy Trail extended from where it ends, just south of Clark Road, another 8 miles into downtown Sarasota. It will be built on the old railroad bed, crossing Clark, Bee Ridge, and Bahia Vista. Finally it will turn west and cross Beneva branching to Payne Park and Fruitville Road.

    We have raised half of the cost of the feasibility study as required by the County. The study is awaiting a hearing by the County Commissioners, which we hope will happen in the next several months. A big part of getting The Trail approved by the Commissioners will depend upon the support by the people in the area.

    Because walking and bicycling are so important to the Amish Community, I wonder if you think they would be interested in hearing more about this. If so, we would be pleased to be invited to speak to groups there or just set up an information table where we have brochures and maps.

    If you, or someone you know, wants more information, please email me at:
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    You can also see the informational video at our website

    I Wish You Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

    Carla Martin
    Marketing and Promotions
    Friends of The Legacy Trail.


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