Construction on Carter Street

Hauling in the fill after the footers are in.

There are always so many small details laying around at construction sites.

Pre-Snowbird Season

Omar and Laura Beiler returned to Pinecraft mid morning, with three other couples. They have plans to stay a week or so and then pick up their passengers and return to Lancaster County PA. These couples plan to do repair work on their properties or clean inside and outside. It is that time of the year again. I look forward to the next months when people return to Pinecraft.

The Phillippi Creek

 The boat ramp on Saturday afternoon.

 The same boat ramp Sunday afternoon.

The bend in the Phillippi Creek on Saturday afternoon.

The same bend on Sunday afternoon. The creek was much fuller earlier this morning. 

We have lots of water but as far as I know no flooding in this area.  

It Rained

This afternoon we had a gully washer, although we don't have any gullies. We had enough thunder and lightening in Pinecraft to knock out the power in Lester & Betty's house. My power went off for only a second or so. Long enough to shut down the WiFi.

After the rain quit I went biking. There is some water in the Detention Pond at the Pinecraft Park. This is the only bird taking advantage of the free food. Also the Dragon flies were skimming the surface for small insects.

This yard had probably the most water in it, at least on the south side of Bahia Vista. 

People at the Park

Tonight the Pinecraft Park was busy. 

This is Jacob but I like how his Daddy calls him by his Amish name "Jeck." 

Tonight I gave her a partial bag of peanuts. She takes feeding the squirrels seriously. When she sees a squirrel on the ground looking for a peanut, she runs toward the squirrel and then throws a peanut at their feet. They always pick up the peanut and run.  

Looks like Albert is going to shoot for the stars with this pointed black thing. But it is an umbrella saftely stuck in a Pvc pipe, so it stays put on his bike. 

Pinecraft Pictures.

There was not much going on today, except the solar eclipse, and that was like 60-80% total. I was at the Pinecraft Park during that time. After a while I biked to Big Olaf and someone had brought a few glasses to watch the eclipse and so I had a few turns watching it. So that was about the extend of my eclipse watching.  

Earlier in the morning I biked through the park wanting to see how the wild creatures are acting. My first round through the park, nothing was stiring,  not even one bird and no squirrels. 

Laying blocks for a new dwelling on Carter Avenue.

The sunset

Sunday Evening

Daniel Yoder meets Dan Byler, both formerly from Ohio. 

Watching the basketball in progress. 

Tomorrow I have plans to fly up to Ashville North Carolina for a week. I have no plans to take my computer along, so doubt I will be posting on this blog while I am gone. I probably will post on Facebook and Insatgram now and then. 

Rain Clouds

These are the real clouds with thunder and lightening in them. There is no rain yet and if it clears up, I plan to head back out again and finish my bike ride. 

A Bag of Peanuts

On the average it takes me two days to go through a bag of peanuts. 

Tonight I had plenty of help to do my chores of feeding the squirrels. These children were my first helpers.

Most times I make two passes through the park. Usually the second pass the young squirrels are also waiting for their after supper snack. Tonight, siblings Jeck and Sylvia help me with the second feeding.   

Tonight I finally found the wayward rabbit, after two weeks of looking for him. His wild cousin was nowhere in sight and since there was no peer pressure, he came right up and put his paws on my bike. I gave him a peanut in the shell but he only sniffed at it, turned his back on me and walked away. So I cracked a peanut and he accepted that offering.  

Misc Photos

This was yesterday's sunset down by the Phillippi Creek.

Spanish Moss and the Resurrection Fern use a Southern Life Oak Tree as a host. 

The Pinecraft Post Office now has a price tag.

The Rake and The Vine

The rake has not been doing a thing except lean against the shed all summer long. So the vines decided to put it to use by climbing up to the roof. 

Beauty in Everything

We average rain about four times a week and so the Air Potato vine grows by leaps and bounds. 

Red blooms meet Red Bike Shop.

Sunset at the Pinecraft Park. 

Saturday Evening

 Tonight there are plenty of people in Pinecraft. Magdalena and Joe Graber formerly from here are back for the weekend. We did some catching up tonight.

I guess this suitcase and the contents are free for the taking.

Anna with her scooter and her Daddy and her baby brother.

Having Summer vacation. I recognized some faces but don't have their names.

The gathering place at Big Olaf. Another gathering place was at the Pinecraft Park. After all is is Saturday evening. 

Birds and Squirrels

Pileated Woodpecker at the Pinecraft Park. 

This squirrel dropped his salad of grass when he saw me come into the park. He knows he has to get the raw peanuts when they are available.

Today's Photos

Wagler Construction is busy on Carter Avenue between Rita Farmwald and the former Mose Gingerich home. 

This For Sale sign is at Miller's Trailer Court on Kaufman Avenue. Phil Graber is the Realtor, phone number is 941-921-5351.

Pioneer Bus Going North

Family vacation in Sarasota is over and the time has come to head back home.

Katie and Ada

For Sale: Pinecraft Post Office

On the front door are two signs. One says "For Sale" and the other sign says "For Rent."

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