An Old Bike, Still Going Strong

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This morning I met up with this biker on my street. He works or owns an RV place down on Clark Street and the RV parked on the same lot I am situated was having problems, and so obviously they contacted this guy and he decided to use this bike or trike. His Dad had built this bike in 1940, which is 71 years ago. The bike still has the original motor on it, which you start the old fashioned way by winding the little rope around a pulley and pull the rope with quick motions. He had to try a few times before the motor came alive. This gave me time to dash back into the house to get my camera.

I told Erma, who was with me to stop him if he bikes pass my place before I have my camera. But the motor stopped on him, so I enough time.

He had to climb over the bars to get to the seat.

This bike has more than 10,000 miles on it.

Alvin Zook's BBQ Ribs

I am not doing a lot of writing about Alvin Zook, as that is coming later in The Pinecraft Pauper. I was only sent to take shots, so here are the best of the shots.

Alvin is opening the lid of the grill to load the ribs.

One rib at a time gets placed on the grill.

The portable grills

I love these little fire doors, where he burns the charcoal and the wet apple wood and smokes and grills each rib to perfection.

Sherry Gore interviewing Alvin

Examining the ribs after the interview

I left for home and returned about an hour later to find the ribs done and all wrapped up waiting for the customers.

Finger licking good. Here is the evidence.

Nothing left but the bone.

I didn't want a whole rib, so Alvin cut off a bit and I took it home to pick apart. And it was finger lickin good.
More of the story will be in the Pinecraft Pauper in two weeks or so.

Tunnel Vision

This photo is no reflection on Emanuel or Sherry or anyone else. Instead I need this reminder, that none of us see the whole perspective or picture of any given subject. We only see through a tunnel. The first picture here is the center of the focus. It looks like husband and wife had a verbal fight and they have turned their backs toward each other. It also looks like Emanuel is crying and Sherry is writing down stuff, less she forgets.

But the bottom picture is the true perspective, the over all of what is actually happening. The Graber man is on the phone, Emanuel was asking me a question and Sherry is interviewing Alvin Zook. She is writing down the details of his secret BBQ recipe.

Again this is a reminder for me not pass judgement or presume I see the whole picture.
And I apologize to Emanuel and his family for using him when he doesn't look his best...
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To Be a Child

Turn backward, turn backward,
O, time in your flight,
Make me a child
just for tonight...

Ring around a Rosie, a pocket full of posies...

One, two, three and we all fall down.

Game is over, let's play something else

Practicing the balancing act

Time to swing

Swing High,

Swing Low...
Watching these girls at play, made me long to be a little girl again for just one day.

Siesta Beach with Family

I am not a Beach Bun or Bum but I enjoyed going to Siesta Beach with my nieces and Sister Clara. Clara is the mother of the young mother and the grandmother of the three little girls.

I am starting to enjoy playing around with black/white photo editing, or rather almost black&white. I left a little bit of color in these photos.

Kylie playing with the sticks Leila poked into the sand.

Kylie in sunglasses. To her sunglasses are sunglasses. It doesn't matter which way you put them on your face. They can be upside down or right side up, as long as they stay in place.

Shooting Horses

Yesterday as I was biking on Kaufman my phone rang and it was Linda Yoder, telling me that there are horses clip-clopping through Pinecraft giving people rides. I didn't know it as I spent a few hours at siesta Beach with my nieces and sister. So I thanked her for informing me and I will be on the lookout for them. I was almost at the place where Estrada meets Kaufman. although I have the right-of-way I always look for oncoming traffic, so when I looked down Estrada the only traffic I saw was the horses coming my way. So I turned around and waited at the corner for them and when the driver saw me waiting with my camera he stopped the horses until I was finished shooting pictures. Then I called Linda and proudly announced, "I shot the horses." Her first thinking was that I literally shot the horses with a shot gun. Even now it strikes me funny imagining myself biking around Pinecraft with a loaded shot gun...

Park Pictures

Lost objects are hung on the fence, like sweaters, pink flip-flops, a pair of pants. I don't know how that happened, loosing a pair of pants. Also hanging on the fence is a bike lock and a stocking cap.

Most evenings the fishermen dump their fish waste in the creek or on the banks. The birds have come to depend on their fishy supper.

Even the vultures can't wait to feast.
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Lancaster Ladies

These are two shots I took of Lancaster girls. These three are sisters all dressed alike. They have two more sisters and one little brother.

These three girls are also from Lancaster, minus their black aprons.

Sunday Afternoon at the Park

Two boys out walking and snapping photos with their cell phones.

A couple getting ready to go downstream.

One little Amish boy is learning to hit the ball. He did well with some coaching from the pitcher and catcher, with advice from the sideline.

At the Basketball Court.

One Daddy with five young bikers.

Youth waiting at the Volley Ball Court. Once more arrived they played a game or two.

Daddy's Girl

This little girl is waiting for her Daddy. Just by what I was seeing,  I think her Mom and two children came down to Florida to spend time with parents, with Daddy coming later. As soon as the bus came to a stop the little girl was up at the bus entrance eagerly waiting for her Daddy. And I think he was the first one to get off the bus. She crawled all over him in her delight to be with Daddy again.


These other two pictures don't need and words.

Pinecraft on a Sunday Afternoon

It seems that Sunday afternoon is the time to take a walk or ride through and around Pinecraft. The men's shuffleboard is locked and stays locked on Sunday. But the Volley Ball and Basket Ball courts stay open, for it gives the youth or singles something to do. The old people just stand around and visit or watch the games until around 4:30 or so. Then the park clears out again as it is time to get ready for Sunday evening, whatever you plan on doing.

Group bikers. Many of them were dressed in red, although it is a bit hard to see from a distance.

This shot was taken before or after a Volley Ball game.

The lady on the bike is sort of blurry, but that is the way she came biking in.

Misc. Pictures of the Last few Days

On Tuesday morning as I biked home from shopping I came upon this man coming up Hines and turned onto Clarinda with a walking cane he didn't need, as you can see. He was swinging the cane instead of using it as a prop. So I took a second look at the walking cane and sped up my bike pedals in order to catch up with him, asking him if I can have a picture of his cane, which he most gladly obliged. His cane is his own artistic doings.

Lavina Kauffman biking with their grandchildren.

Kenny Borkholder from Centreville Michigan had the right-of-way when he crossed Beneva at the Bahia Vista light, and the car that whipped around the corner was in the wrong. The result is a triangle bike wheel. Even if bikers have the right-of-way, we still need to keep our eyes open on the backside of our heads.

Today when I went to take a shot at Kenny's bike, I spotted a private shuffleboard in the quietest part of Pinecraft and so I biked closer and watched for a while. This is the better place to get good pictures of shufflers as they are not fenced in by a fence, nor crowded in by a crowd of people. I love the looks of this shuffler, the carefulness of lining up and aiming just right. He must be a perfectionist.

And then I returned home to find my landlord painting his house. I have never seen him carry a shuffleboard stick or a Boche Ball. Instead I see him with carpenter tools.

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