Saturday Evening

Progress on Gardenia Street. 

A pair of hard working shoes

The Sunset 
I was surprised how many groups of two and three were sitting in the darkness watching the sun set tonight. It was queit, peaceful and relaxing. The only movement was the bats getting their share of insects.

Cutting the Tree

Cutting up the tree that fell into the retaining pond when Hurricane Irma came through here.

It did have trunk issues.

Hostetler Trailer Park

Must be Sam is a "Jack of all Trades." Tonight he is fixing a cement mixer. Fred is out tonight, the first time in a long time. 

Albert is taking a mini break. He is doing work on Dave and Ida Mae's home, getting it done before they arrive for the Snowbird Season.

Shuffleboard Tournament

No buts about it...

Tonight there was a Shuffleboard Tournament, the first one for this season.
Jim Miller, Henry Wagler, Paul Swartzentruber. The fourth one I am not sure.

Junior Fisher, Homer Lambright, Bill, Ura Miller

Re-roofing in Pinecraft

The former Pinecraft post office is getting a new roof. Some shingles blew off when Hurricane Irma's high winds went through this area. 

Monday Evening

Kandel Cousins

Ben is doing a mail delivery. But then I followed him to Lapp's Bike Shop where he greased my bike and tightened a few nuts.

Palm tree bowing to the moon.

Nature's Beauties at the Pinecraft Park

The Spanish Moss and the Resurrection Fern thrive in our rainy season. There is something refreshing and peaceful sitting in the shade of such an old Live Oak tree. 

This morning I stopped at the retaining pond looking if any alligator moved inn instead I spotted two turtles sitting on a fallen trunk. The smaller one slipped into the water but the big one stayed giving me "the look."

The orginal and the reflection of the trunk.

The sunset in the west.

The sunset in the east. 
Both taken at the same spot in the Pinecraft Park.

Rain, Lightening and Thunder

The storm clouds coming from the north-east. The sun was still shining and that makes the clouds look fierce.

And the rain came in sheets, in waves pushed by strong winds. And the lightening flashed and the thunder crashed, and I was outside in a corner of a sheltered carport on Good Avenue. I had plenty of time to make it home before the storm came but I wanted to watch this storm being outside. I didn't get wet, at least not soaking wet. The harder the wind blew, lightening flashed and thunder crashed I stayed in my corner. The frogs came hoping onto higher ground. A cat with long skinny legs almost flew up the street. I do think it was just a common barn cat and not a Bobcat.  

This is blurry, but the rains were still strong. Finally the last strokes of lightening and thunder came and went. The rains basically quit and I went home going just below the speed limit for a for a bike. 

Wedding Anniversary

Yoder couple from Oakland Maryland. Five years ago they were here on their honeymoon. They decided to celebrate their fifth year of marriage at the same place they spent honeymoon. 

I never got his first name but he is a nephew to Noah Brenneman from Sarasota.

Storm Damage

Tonight I met up with this group of men and their vehicles. Tomorrow they are coming back to clean up the Pinecraft Park. Some work has been done this week like mowing the grass but the park is still a mess. 

Six Palm trees fell, four of them like dominoes at the north end of Kaufman.

This pine fell across the fence behind Everence bank and slightly damaged the corner of a building.

Life in the Pinecraft Park.

Every time I go to the Pinecraft Park, I bike past the retention pond to see what birds are there. Tonight I saw the reflections of this bird in the water before I located him in the tree. We watched each other for a while before he sought a tree a bit further from me.  

These three are the best of friends.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all?"

Tonight's sunset was more yellow than orange. 

Feeding the Squirrels

There were only about four squirrels around tonight feeding on peanuts. I don't know if the others perished in this storm or if they gave up on me bringing them peanuts. Tonight for the very first time one of the squirrels (not this one) caught a peanut in midair and took off with it, just like men catch a football. 

Pinecraft After Irma

Here are some of the photos I took last evening as I biked around. I am not aware that Pinecraft lost its power. Plus no major damage. I did notice this morning that three mailboxes got hit on Graber Ave between Bahia Vista and Fry. The one sitting in a bucket of cement rolled over without damage. Carl & Gertie McClure got broken off and also one in that neighborhood is down on the ground. 

This is the canal or whatever it is called on the east side of Beneve. After going through a tunnel under Beneve is enters Pinecraft and flows on the backside of my house and flows onward west into the Phillippi Creek. Anyway here it has lots of water flowing into it. By the time it gets behind my house it has been reduced in size and flow.  

This is at the foot bridge going from Schroock to Hines.

Levi Schwartz' place on the corner of Hines and Schrock.

Sam Kauffman's roof on Bimini, behind Katie Beiler. Chip is taking care of the roof.
On Hacienda Street

The Overholt home on the corner of Kaufman and Bahia Vista. Only the tarp got whipped.

The west side of this sign got a beating up and is dangling.

A good way to clear off the bulletin board at the former post office.

The Phillippi Creek at the boat dock. 

Water where the Bocce Ball games are played.

The sunset was beautiful.

The Oak tree at the retention pond. 

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