Amish Church Food

Tonight we were with my sister Dena for the evening. Their daughter had church services today and so Dena came home with Church bread. Church bread is homemade bread made especially for church services. 
Their peanut butter is different and tastes much better than it did 30 years ago. Nowadays they mix Rich's Whipped Topping and pancake syrup into the peanut butter.  

I spread a layer of peanut butter, a piece of cheese, a slice of ham and six Bread & Butter pickles on my church bread. It was a delicious sandwich that was finished off with a cup of coffee. 

Out and About

This afternoon was spent with Sister Clara and of her daughters.
Then we were invited to Syl Schlabach & Milan Wengerd's home for a camp fire supper, but it rained so we had it inside. 

 Young and old sitting around visiting.

My sister and her husband enjoying their corn.

A place for the corn cobs.

Aubrey needing to go outside, well trying to go outside.

A corn cutting demonstration.

Aubrey and I got the ride to the grandpa house. Syl and his son Joe did the pushing and the pulling to get us to where we wanted to ne. 

Loading up and going home.
It was a good day.

Apple Creek and Mt Eaton

These first two photos are in Apple Creek Ohio.

This is a village in Wayne County. It is basically self-sustaining, for everyday living.

We went through Mt Eaton. I attended this school in third grade. 

Rush hour in Mt Eaton. 

Pinecraft Home For Sale

Front view on Clarinda Street

Back Yard

This home has five bedrooms
Four and a half baths
2,778 Square feet
Price: $419,000

Click on link for more information and pictures of this home. 
Cindy Wiegand

          2200 Cattlemen Rd 
        Sarasota, FL 34232
     Direct 941.926.0959
           Office 941.923.6024 
           Fax    888.850.4011

Click the following link to view the Listing: 

Sunday's Photos in Wayne & Holmes County Ohio

Getting ready to play Volleyball, somewhere in Wayne County Ohio.

Johnson's School grounds. During the summer months animals are kept in the playground to keep the grass down. Rather than having the big animals get caught in the swings, the swings are hanging over the top bar. 

Playing "Pitch and Catch."

Produce Farming

Goose Bottom Creek. The red barn in the distance was where my great-grandfather Honsa Mony lived as a young married man. Later before any of his children were married he moved north of Mt Hope. Within the last two years the farm was sold and many changes are being made. It is a reminder how generations come and go. And with time changes take place. This valley was the Indians hunting ground. They were driven out and the area was open for settlers, which brought Amish from Pennsylvania, including my ancestors. 

Circle of Life

Five of my nieces. They were babies, 
then little girls, 
then teens,
now wives and now also mothers.
One generation comes while another one goes.     

Growing Old

When you grow old in Pinecraft, you are well taken care of.
 Especially so if you are an old dog with a kind master.  

The Wayward Rabbit

I finally found these two again. It has been weeks since I saw them. I had even bought an apple for the excommunicated one, but I ended up eating the apple because he wasn't around. 

Tonight I tried to entice them with a few peanuts but when Sam, who did the excommunicating came driving by in his red pickup, they took off and ran behind a house.  

Misc Photography

The Pink House lets its light shine by day and by night. 

Today was the first time I saw this huge circle vine down on the ground. It might have been there forever and I never noticed it.

The eastern sky over the Amish church house, taken at 8:30 tonight.

The western sky, photo taken four minutes later. 

Thursday Evening

Process on Gardenia Street

Closing Yoder's Market 

My best sunset view tonight. 
I was on Schrock Street and these Palm trees are on Bimini.

Photos from 2010

I am going through my pictures of 8-10 years ago and these jumped out at me.

This one is dated January 18, 2010 at the Pinecraft Park. I don't think we have as many Wood Storks as we did back then. 

These next two are basically the same people. It was taken January 19, 2010 in the pavilion at the park. It looks like a mini sale in the making. I can name only two people in this photo and that is Esther Hochstetler from Centreville MI or Indiana and Morris Gingerich from Illinois.

I remember seeing this older gentleman but don't know if I ever knew his name. Does anybody know who he is? 

Misc Post

I bought this from Jean Bender, even if I have no idea what it is. I like little things.

I was biking on Hacienda Street when I saw these cactus pots. Beautiful. 

Pioneer Bus Leaves

The Pioneer Bus left this afternoon, loaded to the gill. On Saturday when this bus arrived it was considered loaded, but today it was even more loaded. Even so everyone got a seat.  

Random Pictures

Well hidden among the weeds.

These clouds tonight looked a storm coming in the worse way. It always looks like this when the western sky is clear and the sun shines on the clouds coming from the southeast.

Half an hour later the western sky looked like this. 

These girls are walking in that yellow sunset glow we have been having the last while.

2018 Pinecraft Calendar

Our Pinecraft - 2018 Calendar
has arrived today. 
A bit later the calendar will be available online but until further notice it is available now at Yoder's Gift Shop from the back of my bike. 

Price is: $17.00
The backside of the calendar. 

The theme of the calendar is "The the things we do in Pinecraft". 

The Sunset

Every evening before I pull my curtains, I take a look at the sky.  

On the Wild Side

Osprey overlooking the Phillippi Creek down by the Pinecraft Park. 

These are in bloom down by the creek. I have no clue what they are called. 

Sandals at the base of a Palm Tree.

The humble, lowly gentle Mourning Dove.

Tonight he accepted the carrot after I dropped it on the pavement. Maybe next time he will take it from my hand. I don't know where his wild cousin is. I haven't seen the wild one for a couple of weeks. 

I also offered a young Blue Jay a peanut and he took it and flew up into the tree with his treasure.  

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