By the Busload

One bus left today.

Six other buses came in:
Journey Tours
Elite from Lancaster
Three Pioneer Trails

A Little Bit of Today

Scanning the bulletin board.

Two Pioneer buses left this afternoon for Ohio & Indiana. Earlier this morning Melard Coach left for Lancaster PA. 

Plastic bag of stuff is a good make-do backpack. 

The Amish couple is from Fredericktown Ohio. His grandpa Albert Keim was a preacher in the Dave Dreier district when our family moved into that Orrville neighborhood in 1969.  

Al and Alvin are in deep conversation. Emery and Manny are also having a conversation. 

Saturday with Gospel Express

People and food and music at the Pinecraft Park. 
Eduard Klassen from Canada is playing the Harp. Beautiful music.

Finding a place to sit and eat.

The safekeeping of his hat.

The middle man is Eugene from Kalona Iowa.

Sunday afternoon will be the closing of Gospel Express in Pinecraft.

Amish Caskets

Today two came down from Indiana via Pioneer Trails.

Loaded them on a trailer...

Hauled them away and put them in storage until needed. 

Mennonite Women's Bocce Ball

This afternoon was another game of all Mennonite women playing Bocce Ball. While the women played the men were their "Cheer Leaders". 

The red balls won the game. It was a close game as the score was 14 even and it just happened the Red Balls made the next score. This was the first time some of these women played. 

This is Pinecraft

A game of dominoes; two men, five women.
The man behind the hat is Amish.  
Others are helping him play
and he is accepting their help.
This is beautiful.

Both use the cane to walk.
He goes first, testing the ground.
She waits and when he is on level ground,
he motions her to follow him.
And so she does.

The last Bocce Ball game of the day.
Danny took his turn and
all eyes follow the ball.

The diversity of actives:
Bocce Ball

This is Pinecraft. The very heart of Pinecraft.


The Daddy, Momma, son and oldest daughter.

The three sisters.

I don't know who this beautiful family is.
They left on the Pioneer bus this afternoon.

Ben Lapp's Birthday Party

Ben was totally taken by surprise because his birthday is tomorrow.

Ice Cream, cake, Key Lime pie and all the trimmings. 

It must have been an Open House Birthday Party as people came in off the street and took part in celebrating Ben's 70th birthday.


There are many reunions during the Snowbird Season. 

Today was "The Second Marriage Reunion" for the Amish and Mennonite in the area. There were forty-one couples present today. 

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