Our Days in Pinecraft

 Our days are filled with:
Bike Rides,

 Eating ice cream,

 and eating ice cream.

 Watching buses come and go. This bus came up from Miami with returning passengers from Sing and Sail Christian Cruise. They had to unload out on the street as the parking lot was loading three Pioneer Trail buses going north.

 We stand around and visit, for this is part of Pinecraft life.

The Bocce Ball games are over for today.

A Slice of My Day

 Larry Yoder is bringing Carol Van Fossen Brown from CL Tours and Don Wagler to the park with three Orange Cream Pies. They are Esther Overholt's famous Orange Pies that won second place at the Annual Pie Contest on January 24, 2014 hosted by Everence Bank  in Pinecraft. I met the buggy at the corner of Graber and Fry and followed them into the park. I had a few pieces of Esther's famous pie before, so I felt safe following them with hopes of getting a piece of pie.

 I told the group a little bit about myself. There really is not much to say and passed around a few calendars to see and buy.

 After my mini speech I was offered the first piece of pie.

 After the pie this small group scattered and did their own thing which was browsing Yoder's Deli and other places as a few people came back with Whoopie Pies.
Carol VanFossen Brown, a very delightful lady is telling this man about the tour. Actually she is the owner of CL Tours fromWipple Ohio. 

Carol with Donny Wagler and Tom Mullet. 

While the group went their own way Carol watched the Shuffleboard games, something she had never seen before. 

Carol walked with me to the Tourist Church's parking lot where two Pioneer Trails were going to arrive. Bit by bit the group gathered again and did what everyone else was doing - waiting for the buses to come in.
Most of this group, in not all were from West Virginia. I enjoyed visiting and answering their questions.

And the buses came in.

Pioneer Trail Goes North

This is the beginning of the season when the scale tips and more people go north than come south.
It happens every year at the end of February or beginning of March. Today two Pioneer Trail buses left, plus the Elite went back to Lancaster PA. 

 Both of these men attended Pleasant Hill School but not at the same time. I am just guessing Wayne Mast is ten years older than John Keim.

 My cousin's grandson is waving good-bye to his uncles who are on this bus, going north.

 Mary Ellen Troyer

 Does anybody know who the couple is on he left? 


After the buses leave people linger and visit. I love watching the interaction.

Pinecraft Perservation Project

 Today is Monday, which means a Pinecraft Meeting at 2 PM. These first few pictures are interaction before the meeting was called to order. Norm, Fred and Christy Miller.

 Larry Hostetler and Norm


 Norm and Orley Miller

 David Swartzentruber, Fred Hershberger & Amos Lapp

Hans Weaver and Emma Ruth gave the presentation. Niles wasn't here.

Fred opened the meeting
The names of The Steering Committee. Not all were present.

 The Sub-committees: Setbacks & Zoning
    Park Management

 Sub-committees: Safety & Transportation,
Commercial Operations

The Goshen Team

We were each given a sheet like this to fill out with one of these answers. These answers combined will determine what the Pinecraft people want. Tomorrow the Steering Committee will meet with the Sarasota County Officials. 
 Hans Weaver and Emma Ruth did an excellent job of carefully going over and explaining each of the above 25 proposals. 
 Open for discussion and questions with Amos Lapp and Fred Hershberger,

Children at the Park

Somebody donated this four wheeler to the park to be used by children. 
 Legs and feet.

 Fun times



Lapp Cousins and Siblings

Going Home

 I saw this group of people sort of through the bushes, so I sort pulled up behind them. This shot was taken just seconds before I was spotted.

 I knew this family doesn't care how many pictures I take, so I took my time. They were ready and waiting on the van that was going to take them home. Like normal, you pack up and be ready ahead of schedule so you can savor that last hour with family and friends who come by to say their "Good-byes". 
 Olin, sitting with his grandparents.

 And then the van came. The youngest one carries the hat.

 The older of the two little boys is loaded down with a backpack and a booster seat.

 Stepping up and in.

 Packing and repacking to get everything in this container/

 More "Goodbyes".

And the final "Good-Byes".

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